Kessie explains main difference between playing for Milan and Barcelona

By Isak Möller -

Franck Kessie left AC Milan on a free transfer ahead of this season after a three-year stint at the club. In an interview published this morning, the midfielder has discussed the difference between Milan and Barcelona. 

The midfielder was a key player for Milan but his salary demands were simply too high for the club. As such, he left on a free transfer and decided to join Barcelona, where he has had some difficulties finding his spot in the team.

In a long interview with Sport this morning, as cited by MilanNews, Kessie was asked about the difference between Milan and Barcelona. He stated that the goal is the same, winning that is, but the rest is very different.

“I would say they are two very different ways of playing and understanding football. Here it’s much more technical. The same is winning, yes, but not in every way. You have to do it by playing well, maintaining an identity, taking care of the ball. At Milan it was different, everything was more direct. The main thing was the result. What doesn’t change is that at both clubs you have to win, of course,” he stated.

Barcelona are currently first in the La Liga standings and after initially struggling a bit, Kessie has grown into his position. A return to Milano (joining Inter) is no longer very likely, therefore.

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  1. There is a huge case blossoming in spain that could be descriibed as the spanish calciopoli where barca apparently has paid millions of euros to the president of the Spanish football’s refereeing association, Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira.
    They have been charged and this could be have great ramifications for the spanish club.
    Lets see how long kessie will enjoy playing in segunda division or lower leagues not that i would want him back in the fold.

      1. Let them have him but i would actually expect him to join an epl team instead in the event of barca getting punished with relegation.

        1. Should be joining us to achieve scudetto and better defense. Along with vrankxxx and tonali benacer. Since baka will be heading out nest season

          1. I wouldnt even want him back for free and to be honest i’d much rather see him long term injured than in an ac milan shirt again. Kessie, donnarumma, hakan has none sympathy from my side and nothing will change that. I cant think of 3 other former milan players that i dislike as much as i do with them.
            Luckily maldini has already said that kessie is a closed chapter hinting he will never return to the club.

    1. I do wish Kessie had stayed. However its a closed chapter now.
      I don’t think its right to wish an injury on him. He was a good servant to the club.

      Its clear his agent really messed up, pushing him out and joining a team like Barca that are well stocked in his position and dont suit his style of play.

      I wouldn’t put him in the same bracket as Gigio and certainly not Hakan the snake (his is the worst sin by a mile) .

      1. Well i was always supporting him from day one till he fooled us. and eventually left
        In regard of wishing him bad well usually i would agree and not stoop down to that either but he is a traitor in my book and if i really said what i think about him id propably get perma banned on sempremilan but my view of him is the same i feell about the other two,

        Kessies previous agent had 2 players in his fold,1 a goal keeper in his late 20ies in africa and kessie so there might have been some allegiance and loyalty towards the agent to get his payday rather than towards us. Anyways i dont buy excuses that its the players agents faults when players leave. The agents works for the players not the other way around and kessie is an adult and spoke with 2 tongues.

        Gigio hurt the most because he could have become a club legend. wouldnt want him back either. I was was actually ok with hakan leaving us as i didnt like him much to begin with, His constant yapping about milan is more iritating to me than he ended up with inter. Still hate them all.

        1. Sorry buy players are not “traitors” because they chose to move on to another club for more $$ than we can afford lol. It’s every person right to make as much money as they can. Such thinking is antiquated in todays world let alone sports. Football like anything else is a job/business and 95% of players (and clubs) view it that way. A player is a “traitor” because he said he would stay then left for more money BUT a club isn’t viewed the same way when it says they want to keep the player forever then sells to cash in when they get a high offer to balance the books?? Both are acting in their best interests. It’s a Double standard. First we don’t know what Kessie was promised or what wasn’t that summer when he said those words. Doesn’t really matter. Things change and a person has the right to change their minds and do what is best for them and their families. We all would do the same. Blaming just the player ignores the naivety of management for taking a player at their word and waiting till their contract ran down losing any leverage to sell for $$. This isn’t the 80-90’s. No player will stay for life. Just doesn’t happen anymore especially when they play in a league that cannot pay what other leagues can pay. Does anyone really think Theo will stay with Milan for life when another club will likely offer him 8-10M this summer or next? Is he then a “traitor” if he accepts and we can only offer 6? Same with Mike. Be prepared because these decisions will be coming. All I know instant when Kessie was here he gave his all on the pitch and without him we wouldn’t have won the title last season. He is sorely missed, but life goes on. If he came back (under the right conditions) I would welcome it and if he didn’t that’s fine too. But I hardly think the guy is a “a traitor” a just because he wanted to make more money

      2. Yup, definitely a different case with that Turkish guy. For Kessie, everything changed when he got a phone call from Xavi. Sometimes this kind of thing happens in football. Still he professionally kept his performance right ’till the end, and a valuable player on our last Scudetto.

        Franck never says anything bad about Milan. The last time I checked, that Turkish guy even unfollowed Milan (the only ex clubs he didn’t follow). And that’s before the infamous after party chant. So he really has something wrong deep down with us.

  2. The difference between playing for Barca and Milan these days is about 8-12million per season 😂😂😂
    I did notice that he’s been getting more game time recently so kudos for him, I suppose

      1. Exactly. The main difference is he’s a lot more familiar with the Barca bench

        At least his bank account is doing well, perhaps enough that he’s happy with his choice.

  3. People badly underestimate the importance of Kessié for the Scudetto campaign. He was a box-to-box player and added solidity to the defense as an excellent defensive midfielder who would track back runners and prevent them from even reaching the defense. Our January collapse would likely not happen or happen in a lesser way if we still had him. He was never replaced with comparable talent. I still lament seeing him go and I don’t hate him. He is a professional and went with an offer that gave him more money, and he never said bad things about Milan. I don’t want him at Inter but if he stays away from our main rivals Inter and Juve, I wish him well. I do hate Donnarumma and Hakan, but not Kessié.

  4. Kessie is always welcomed.
    Would take him back in a heart beat.
    Some people show their true characters in the comments, wishing someone that they don’t even know a long term injury and hating him just because he left to work somewhere else for better pay.
    Very mature. Grow up. It’s not that serious.
    Also be careful what you wish for when it comes to being OK with Kessie going to Inter. He will go back to bullying the league, especially Tonali and Bennacer like he did in training the last 3 years.
    Mature people, using common sense, logic and reason should make the decisions, not people who are led by their emotions.
    If there is even a slight opportunity for Milan to get Kessie back, Milan should absolutely do it, without question.

    1. He spoke with 2 tongues that is enough for me. Its not because he left the club which is right but the fact that he helld us for fools in the process and i actually did like him before he he started to behave as a clown towards the club. By the way there is no reason to feel sorry for profesional players when we look at what they earn and milan did offer him a great increase in his salary.
      By the way ive suported the club for over 30 years and no players stick out as disloyal as the 3 players mentioned by me further up.

      1. Oh i wasn’t feeling sorry for Kessie, i feel more sorry for the people that use the time of their life to hate him and wish him long term injury even though he did nothing to them.
        Also in what way was he acting like a clown towards the club?
        By basically playing every minute over the last 5 years and giving 100%?
        By helping Milan get out one of the worst periods in its history?
        By helping Milan win the title?
        In not one moment he has said anything bad about the club. BTW same goes for Gigio and Romagnoli.
        He said he would stay, but things changed. You weren’t part of the negotiations. You don’t know what happened, what was offered. Yet he still played the rest of the season like a true profesional and gave his all for Milan to win that scudetto.
        And people talk about loyalty. Everyone is as loyal in business as the options he has.
        Fans like to talk about loyalty but when its them being disloyal, then its OK. When “fans” were insulting Castillejo to a point that he shut down his social media and brought him to tears after helping Milan win vs Verona, then loyalty means nothing. Or how about the club being disloyal towards Bonaventura by not even offering him a contract, how about Romagnoli?
        It’s a dirty business. There is a lack of loyalty on both sides. No need to wish someone an injury or hate him because he left the club. Club that BTW couldn’t care less about you except for your hard earned money. That’s any club not just Milan.
        It aint that serious.

        1. First of all it was said in the context that i would rather see him long term njured than wearing the ac milan shirt again. Quite the difference.
          He basically played on two horses by his 2 tongued comments about wanting to stay with us while at the olympic tournament and then backtracking on his words demanding more and more according to reports.
          I havent said anything about him not being important player in fact i recognise his contributions over his time with us.
          I have no issues with romagnoli as it was well known that he would eventually play for lazio and he had lost his starting spot with us and his salary was quite high at 6.5 mil a year so it was in the cards that he would leave.
          Kessie was paid to do a job and that was what he did so i see no reason why we should be greatfull and honored by his pressence,
          I can guarantee i havent been part of bashing current players as you mention and that is a simple fact and i would gladly have kept bonaventura as i was in fact very happy about us signing him. The same goes for romagnoli.
          Anyways no need to feel sorry for menand i stand by everything ive said.

        2. Still kind of annoyed to think about Bonaventura. More or less the same with Pirlo’s case. Felt quite the same way when we sold Cutrone too. But it turned out to be one of the best selling decisions in Maldini’s era. That’s football. You win some, loose some.

          1. Yes Patrick Cutrone.
            The kid that is a fan of the club, youth product, dreamed to play for the club and loves the club to this day.
            Where was the loyalty when the club was only looking to sell him for profit. Sent him to the premier league and in a way derailed his promising career for profit.
            I don’t except loyalty from players, coaches or the club, but some people only like to talk about loyalty when it comes to the players but when the club is showing lack of loyalty then that’s acceptable.
            Let’s be fair.
            The club does what’s in its best interest and the players should also be allowed to do what’s in their best interest.

      2. Oh ffs… I wonder if you hold yourself to such impossible standars in your life too?

        Dude said once that he wants to stay (or that he will sign, or whatever), so what? Obvious assumption is that does not mean that he is willing to be underpaid (in his eyes).
        And ofcoure he is not allowed to change his mind either.

        Give it a f**** rest already.

        Yeah he could have acted like Skriniar and announce his intentions in advance, but mabe he was still waiting for Milan to match his salary demands.

        1. He said it under the olympics and had said it several times before so yeah i think he should have backed up his words.
          The rest would be speculations but it certainly would have made sense if he had been clear about his intentions if they were in fact to leave at the end of the season.

  5. Well, for me I can tell you that AC Milan is a loyal club, but due to economic reasons and other reasons like personal issues, players may leave the club, that doesn’t mean AC Milan isn’t a loyal club, we are a deeply traditional and a family club, players who have played for AC Milan have always testified this, even when we had all the money, the player’s attachment to Milan was always beyond money, this is a club that players reduce their pay just to play here, players forfeit their salary when injured just because of the love showed by AC Milan.

    Somebody said AC Milan wasn’t loyal to Cutrone, a player who now plays for Serie B?

    Milan have shown loyalty to academy players who have proven to be good enough.
    In fact, I believe it is because of loyalty we have not sold Calabria (he is an academy product, and captain). Milan was loyal to Donnarumma until he decided to leave for money and whatever. Milan wanted to keep Locateli, but he didn’t want to be behind Biglia and Montolivo.

    Milan had Abate, Antonelli, Calabria, Locatelli, Donnarumma, Cutrone in the first team, all academy products, how many top team in world football could boast of that?

    Look, truth is Cutrone has strength to run down defense, aggressively score goals, but lacks positional intelligence, first touch, technical abilities and is not a lethal finisher. He scored some goals, had a good form and the management wanted to cash in because form is temporary, but class is permanent. Remember we had A. Silva, Piatek, Higuain ahead of him.

    No club shows loyalty to a player cos he’s an academy product, clubs will show loyalty to your exceptional qualities and that’s where milan fits in.

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