Watch: Maldini sends a clear message to Kessie at Milanello – “A prestigious group”

By Oliver Fisher -

Earlier today at Milanello Franck Kessie was awarded for reaching 200 appearances with AC Milan, and Paolo Maldini was happy to remind him what that means.

Not long ago Milan published a video on social media in which they showed the presentation of Kessie’s award in front of the rest of the squad, and Maldini made a speech to the group. First he gave his compliments to Kessie, but he also reminded the Ivorian of his status.

“In the next match you will have 201 appearances, reaching players like Rijkaard, Van Basten and Daniele Bonera. In short, a prestigious group,” he said, before hugging Kessie. Given the uncertainty about his future, it could very well be a message to show how great a legacy he could have.

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    1. We need Kessie. He has skills and experience that we need right now. Pobega is there for the future and he’s not a natural CDM. For Pioli’s play Kessie is a good bet. Although he’s not playing even close to his best.

    1. true LEGEND indeed; one of the very few in the modern era of football.
      Hope Kessie and the rest are truly inspired by him and try to reach his heights.
      It would be good to see him renewing at the end (not for anything close to his 8-9M target though)

  1. Easy to explain: Rijkaard and MVB came to Milan because Milan then was the richest club in the world.

    Sheva, Kaka, others left for money as well. Do not be naive.

    The REAL question is: why was the contract signed for 3 years only, after we spent millons buying him.

    1. but when they left at least the club made huge money. They didn’t seek for themselves alone. If it’s all about money then Kaka would have left to man city but he rejected the offer.. They are not like current players who want to leave the club for free after the club has done everything for them, they valued the team and they are men of great character. That is the reason they are loved by the fans thou they left and they still love the club.. They are legends of the club

  2. If a player leave the club for free means he devalued the club, a true legend he is not after money, rijikhad, mvt and vonera,kaka and others,all became a legends without after money, upcos I love Frank because he has a talented but please stay where you are.

  3. You bunch of idiots comparing Kaka and Sheva leaving with this Cashie are need to think again, both Sheva and kaka already gaves so much and not to mention both are leaving not for free and gaves Milan a transfer fee for that, while this Cashie only gave like 2 good seasons and now demanding a 9 millions salary, people who are defending him arent a Milan fans!! all of you can go svck Cashie D for that.

    1. Calm down kid. Agree about Kaka, Shevas wife wanted to move to london. Hardly honorable reason.

      2 good years…this bad year? Assist in most important match so far and being good in almost every game?
      Maybe u only watch vs Inter ‘fan’.
      Real problem is, who resigned Kessie only for 3 when we bought him finally in ’19

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