TMW: Milan star stands firm on €8m/yr demands as PSG, Man Utd and Barcelona observe

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are struggling to extend Franck Kessie’s contract with a number of top European clubs looking to try their luck.

TMW have given an update on the situation by claiming that – despite the Rossoneri’s efforts and the duration of the negotiations – there is not much optimism filtering regarding a potential meeting point being struck.

Over the past few weeks the Milan management have been making Kessie aware of how important he is within the team from a tactical and a leadership point of view, even offering him a significant pay rise, but the situation has not unblocked.

Milan offered €6.5m net per season including bonuses which is a huge figure compared to his current €2.2m net and compared to the other salaries of key players in the squad (Zlatan Ibrahimovic aside).

Kessie’s response has been clear: he wants €8m net per year or talks cannot accelerate. Barcelona are thinking about a move while Manchester United could accelerate because Van de Beek and Pogba could leave, and then there is PSG too.

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    1. Man Utd have a 30-50m asset there and Kessie has a few months left on his contract. I don’t think they would be very happy with that deal!

      1. Yes, but Milan do want him and reducing his price by 15-20M could be possible as Man Utd could think getting Kessie for 15-20M is better than not getting him because PSG offered a much higher salary. And getting an unhappy player out along the way. They paid 47M for him, including add-ons which he won’t’ fullfil, so closer to 40. I don’t think they can ask for over 30M after 1 and a half season of not playing.

        1. But why would Kessie go to Man Utd rather than wait a few months and get a much higher wage as a free agent?

          He’s not moving in January, sorry to say – especially with him being at AFCON it makes no sense.

    1. Except bennacer and tonali you see quality? Champions leauge Quality? Who we play tjhere? We should accept kessie is good, beter than ibra in help of the team. İbra Forces others with the money he gets but the effort he gives. Buying cars. So kessie is true to want more but doesnt worth 8millon, because he doesnt have social media followers as much as ibra and his advertisement and sponsorship not worth that. He should be aware.

      1. What a bunch of nonesense. Kessie is pulling the team so hard that they were in the CL every season since he came, not only when Ibra showed them what a leader that pulls the whole team is. Kessie was horrible before Ibra came, they wanted to sell him to Monaco before last season.

      2. I also doubt that they called him the president like he claimed, seems like started thinking a bit too much of himself after 1 good season in Milan. Only 1. And talking about quality, I did not see it in Kessie before last season, who says Bakayoko wouldn’t be good in that position? He was amazing last time in Milan? Who says Pobega won’t grow into a much better player. And I think Kamara from Marseille already is better, hopefully they get him on free and get rid of the “president”.

      3. Did you see Milan with Kessie before Ibra come? Kessie is not leader like Ibra, he doesn’t has experience like Ibra. Ibra is true champion with his character. The result that speaks.

      4. You’re serious?
        Before Ibra came how many years we have “year zero”? you remember 2019? half season without him we’re terrible, he’s the main reason we can get something out of 2019 and it keep snowballing till now, the team have more confidence, emerging leaders from the younglings (I can see tonali slapping someone 2-3 years from now), because of what? because Ibra is there! have you seen how he helps? he even scold the captain for overcelebrate a goal while he was injured! the thing we’re missing the most was never technical or potential, its the heart.
        He single handedly saved our team by injecting pride and champions attitude.
        I doubt Pioli could ever succeed without him back thn, yes he’s old, but IMO we still need his presence to cement these glorious attitude, at least until 1 of the younger boys stepping up

        1. Spot on, people underestimate just how important Ibra is. He changed the entire mindset of this team. Pioli is ok but would never have made CL without Ibra. 100%

  1. Let let him play all season and dont care if he is injured or not. Quality in depth. We gain all we can from him. And just paying 2.2millon.(Milan will sucuk one day with this salaries) Sooner or later he will leave. Then lets hope he wont succeed where he goes, as dollaruma. So we are Happy, he is not, others will see to leave Milan is not a good idea.

  2. Some of these players don’t even understand what is happening in football and agents are never helping only after their money.
    How can you play a season and want the salary that even Maldini is not earning?
    Milan offered €6.5m net per season including bonuses in opinion this is even too much

  3. Pls, the ADS on this site is really annoying….with the videos playing constantly automatically. Pls, do something about it. Thanks.

  4. Kessie has been our Strongest midfielder for the past 3 seasons.
    Bakayoko is good just as tonali, but they ain’t at Kessie’s level of Consistency and quality for 90+ minutes.
    Bennacer is compact but injury prone.
    ( For the renewal, Maldini and Massara has been doing not too good job, Kessie request started from €6.5m, Milan offered €5m, now Milan is offering the €6.5m,but he now wants €8m. Good for Massara and Maldini) for not acting fast and firm.

    1. Nope. Kessie has been great for 1.5 season and shit for the rest. That said, he was played too advanced for the other years and is much better as a more pure DM. Also, you definitely have a specific bias don’t you? Hmmm…. then again, we all have biases and you’re allowed yours.

  5. If you are feeling upset about this as a supporter, please remember what a contract means. Milan hired a player to perform a job over X years, and Kessie is doing just that. The fact that after the contract expires someone else is willing to pay more doesn’t mean that Milan are getting the short stick. The get exactly what they paid for. And best of luck to Kessie and his agent if he decides to play elsewhere. It’s his career and his life. We’ll find a capable replacement at less then 8M/year that’ll support our domestic and CL goals. Like we don’t care if Maignan is objectively equal to Gigio, he’s more than good for the job, and it’s all that matters. Milan are a joy to watch, and seeing one or two players leave won’t change that.

  6. Hope Milan administration don’t waste time hanging on to Kessie. If he wants more more get rid of him quickly and let him bankrupt other clubs with his greed. Let’s face it. …. he is nowhere as good as what some clubs are claiming. Milan can have better midfielders then Kessie. Don’t beg from someone who is crazy about earning big money. Milan will survive without Kessie. Let him go asap.

  7. Kessie was not a world class when he joined Milan which means players can grow and become world class. Players like Donnarumma, Calhanoglu have already been replaced and Milan are only getting better. All thanks to Ibra, Pioli and the Milan management who have made this happen. Before this management arrived with Maldini as technical director, Milan were nothing more than a mid table team who were afraid of facing even the low table teams. That has changed so trust in the management and in this new MILAN…. Forza Milan

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