GdS: Background on Kessie negotiations and the main reason Milan walked away

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s ownership decided not to match Franck Kessie’s requests knowing they would lose another player of value for free, and their choices have been explained.

La Gazzetta dello Sport report that Kessie should sign a deal with Barcelona that includes a fixed base of €6.5m plus bonuses potentially reaching €8m in total, which is not actually too far off the most recent offer that the Rossoneri made.

In a tough negotiation like the one with Kessie, offering an extra €500k per season might have been enough to get the green light from the player, but the matter boils down to the €10m agent fees that George Atangana is asking for, which would be the equivalent of giving the player €8.5m per year given the extra total costs.

That is why Milan decided not to raise their bid and thus allowed Kessie to go to another team for free, something which was not a simple choice but was one consistent with Elliott Management who always look at investments on a cost-to-value ratio.

If Atangana asked for €10m in commissions from the very first meeting then the margins for a renewal probably never really existed. It is not too far off the Gianluigi Donnarumma situation given they offered him €7m plus bonuses but it was Raiola’s commission that made them say goodbye.

Mike Maignan arrived and now Donnarumma is not missed, while Hakan Calhanoglu also left for free and the Rossoneri remained very competition. Kessie will go, but Yacine Adli has already been bought and Renato Sanches is the man lined up to replace the Ivorian. In short, players come and leave but the club goes on.

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    1. You miss hakan? Really? Diaz inconsistency is more or less the same thing with hakan.
      Did you saw hakan stats this past few weeks? Good riddance is more accurate

      1. Even though Diaz has been useless lately, he still can’t compare to Hakan’s uselessness of his entire Milan career. He played one decent game and then ruined Milan’s play for the next 9. Always 90mins on the pitch even if he deserved zero.

        Yeah. Not missing that MF one bit.

  1. At this point I really don’t care who leaves or who stays. Just replace the player with a competitive option. But, I think the management is only looking at 5milion euro deals and free transfers. Having to rely on Diaz after Hakan chose to leave turned out to be a terrible idea in my own opinion. One man certainly doesn’t make the team, but having limited options in that position and an inefficient RW, really stifled our attack all season, and we are left hoping to get across the finish line in first place with the brilliance of our LW and double pivot. Brilliant work Maldini!

    1. We’re at the top of the table and at Copa semifinals even with “inconsistent” Diaz.

      And Maldini works are limited by how much money Elliot gave him. Before Maldini came, we only see Milan at 6th-8th position and playing very poorly for 6 years!

      So WTF are you complaining here? Be fkin grateful that Milan are in a much better shape right now despite they don’t have much money to buy world class players!

      1. Totally agree with you ForzaMilan.
        Everyone here complains about our current squad and low cost signings but fail to recognize what we have.

        Low cost signings
        – Kalulu
        – Florenzi

        World Class Players
        – Leao
        – Ibra
        – Giroud
        – Theo

        Soon to be world class players
        – Tonali
        – Kalulu
        – Bennacer

        We spent $60-$70m in the last summer transfer window on
        – Tomori ($28m)
        – Tonali ($30m)
        – Giroud ($1m)
        – Mangian ($13m)

        And have renewed or will renew our most important players
        – Theo
        – Calabria
        – Bennacer
        – Kalulu
        – Leao

        We are doing unbelievable for a team working under UEFA’s FFP sanctions

      2. It is clear you do not watch the matches. You probably come here reading Match Reports and Player Ratings and troll comments with your Glass-half-full mentality.

        In our last few games we’ve avoided draws by the skin of our teeth… Hardly convincing wins, with a one-dimensional attack, that even the smaller teams know how to guard against.

        There’s nothing wrong in calling the management out on their oversight, and praising them for the good job done this far; I bet if we weren’t hanging by a thin thread in first position you’d probably see clearer.

        The management brings in a player for 5million euros in January. March is almost over, and the boy can’t even get a warm up call with the primevera. What really was the plan during the January window? I liken the Lazectic transfer to Messias transfer last summer, Maldini just probably thought he had to do something to show activity in the market. They couldn’t even get a makeshift defender when Kjaer was out. We are grateful Kalulu has been such a revelation, things could have been worse of.

        We all hope for the best, that the team will pick up some steam going into the end of the season, but try not to get carried away just because the team is in First place albeit without money to spend on world class players. We need to be more clinical.

  2. We live in age where player comes and goes.their is rarely we find a player who is not moved by the money or big clubs because they love milan…so let him go or who ever wants to leave..we just love milan..

  3. These greedy agents didn’t even play football but they wants high commission more than the players salary for one year.

    I say F them. Maldini did it right not to let these greedy mf’s act like a king 🙁

  4. Offer Sanches and Kamara to solidify the midfield. Kamara is only making 2.4M/yr so you could probably get him for 3.5 and then give Sanches 3.5 as well. This would solidify the midfield with Bennacer, Tonali, Sanches, Kamara, and Pobega.

    I’d also consider a loan swap with Torino for Bremer coming here and Pobega going the other way and then you can sign Botman with back-up to Kjaer recovering for next season with Tomori, Bremer, Botman, and Kjaer. Send Gabbia to Torino on loan if they are looking for replacement or offer Caldara on a minimal transfer.

  5. There is no player in this squad that is not for sale for the right price, they are all replaceable. But management needs to be proactive instead of reactivate when it comes to negotiating with its players. Start negotiating at the latest when a player has 2 years left on his contract. They can’t keep allowing players to leave for free.

    1. You guys need to stop acting as if this issue is peculiar to Milan alone. Mbappe is leaving PSG on a free transfer. Pogba may leave Man U free at the end of the season. Even Milan wants to get Boubacar Kamara free from Marseille.

      Real Madrid has been stuck with Gareth Bale on an astronomical salary and he refused to move to another club because of his salary. Samu Castillejo refused to move in January. Even this Kessie refused a move to Tottenham Hotspur in January that could have at least given Milan a token sum in transfer money.

      Bottom line is: Kessie is as much a snake as Dollarumma. No love for Milan. His words mean nothing. He has no integrity. It has nothing to do with management. As far as I’m concerned, no player is bigger than Milan. If he had respect for Milan, he could have stated back in the summer that he wants to move on, instead of giving empty promise during the Olympics.

  6. Two key players who were fundemental to our second place finish last season, albeit on the final day, left for free and yet here we are in first place with nine games to go and our destiny in our own hands. Some say we didn’t find a suitable replacement for Hakan, but I say we never tried to replace him, at least not in playing style. I don’t think that management will be looking to replace Kessie with a similar type player either. Not only that, but I also think that Saelemaekers should be converted to a midfielder to play alongside Benaccer and Tonali in a three man midfield next season. With Adli and Pobega coming in, it means our midfield would be stacked and there won’t be a need to go into the market for a midfielder unless Krunic leaves.

  7. We still in top of league and semifinal coppa even without 2 of our starter last season go out free transfer. We Will be fine next season even kessie or Romagnoli out. One box to box midfield Will come and maybe botman to replace kessie and Romagnoli. If we win Scudetto this season with kessie and Romagnoli play professional until their contract end then it Will be good for us

  8. Let him go we still remain Milan only the loyal player will play for the club without looking for money 🤑💰.FORZA MILAN FOR LIFE

  9. Its not a problem losing big players to teams like Barca. The problem is not replacing them with free transfers in a similar way, from teams deemed to be smaller than us.

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