CorSera: Kessie whistled amid failure to win over Milan fans

By Mitchell Wilks -

Franck Kessie failed to silence the whistles from Milan fans as he came off the bench in Monday’s 0-0 draw to Bologna, receiving a damning rating and report in the process from one outlet.

Kessie’s performance – like several other players – lacked inspiration or composure, as he was unable to make an impact from the bench as the Rossoneri stuttered in front of goal.

Corriere della Sera (via MilanNews) were keen to highlight this, rating the midfielder’s performance a 5.5 and claiming that he offered nothing to change the opinions of those whistling and jeering.

They further described it as a ‘sad ending’ for the 25-year-old, who is set to sign for Barcelona on a free transfer at the end of the season.

Kessie’s cameo left a lot to be desired, but was far from the primary issue as Milan’s attackers lacked any and all composure in front of goal, spurning several key scoring opportunities.

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  1. I could never understand whistling your own player during a game. In what way is that going to help that player or team to play better. I don’t care that he will leave at the end of the season, up until June he is a Milan player and Milan is in a title race. Milan need every player to achieve their goal.
    Plus he played OK in his 20+ minutes, much better than what fan favorite Tonali did in 98 minutes

    1. He played better than tonali? Ok bro,go watch snooker,football isnt for you. He played like his legs were tied,benacer run 5x more than him ,kessi just looking to save himself from injuries for barca now

      1. I said that he played better than Tonali. You said football is not for me while going on with praising Bennacer without providing anything to back your opinion that Tonali played better than Kessie

    2. And we don’t care what you think. Who asked you? I would whistle that liar every time, all the time. He lied to everyone, if it was up to most of the fans he would be out of the club and there would be no talk about this.

  2. Well, what did Kessie think was going to happen after disrespected the club and the fans? Surely expected cheers after lying about renewing or the fact that he signed with another club (and publicly show it) when Milan is in the scudetto fight. Drama the team apparently needs from a “a key player that cares about Milan and wants to win the Serie A”.

    1. In what way did Kessie disrespect the club or fans. Because he said in an interview that he wants to resign and stay at Milan? They couldn’t agree on the contract, he thought that he is worth more than what the club was offering. It’s business . And he is free from January to negotiate with whoever he wants, plus he never announced that he has signed with Barca, that’s the media storied. Stop being emotional. If you get offered more money for a job you’d leave too

      1. LOL, classic idiot today, he would stomp on his own words for a bit more money. Yeah, I figured you are like that, it was obvious. Of course you like Kessie. 😀

      2. Clearly, keeping your word (even if it was your choice to speak) isn´t part of your definition of respect. My bad, me definition is totally different.
        “It’s business”, why would Kessie care about some whistles or anything Milan fan do? New team, new contract, more money, its what he wanted.
        Weird, someone leaked the news to the media (surely not from his side).
        What better way to respect your current team by signing for a new team (before the season ends and when you need to be at 100% and concentrated on finishing the best possible way).
        On the positive note, The President of Milan had a longer reign than Li, Fassone and Mirabelli fiasco.

  3. I agree. It makes no sense to boo/whistle him. Support the team please people!!! Write bad things on social media after the season if you want to — but for now, we need him as happy as possible to help us win.

  4. He was whistled at for literally 10 seconds when he came on, that’s it. His performance was average but no worse than anyone else on the pitch, people trying to make something out of nothing.

  5. I don’t like us whistling our own players while fielded as we should support our team as its contra productive to do the opposite but as i see it kessie and donnarumma are both traitors and should live with their decisions and acknowledge the fact that they don’t deserve any respect from us any longer after how they behaved as they did towards the club and its fans. In fact id go as far to say if its only whistles and mild harassment is what they have to deal with then they really should praise themselves lucky as im sure lots of milan fans would love to see both of them go where the pepper grows.
    Anyways i would hope that the whistles is limited to when his name is called out on the stadium speakers or if he gets subbed off the pitch but frankly i wouldnt blame anyone meeting him in the public verbally tearing him a new one as he has had it coming for some time.
    Anyways when he joins barca i hope he wont be so thin skinned due to jeering because i remember how they have treated players they considered traitors like for example michael laudrup having a pigshead thrown after him from the stands.

  6. He betrayed Milan, not Barcelona so there is no point in the last part. They did that to Figo and Laudrup, they left Barca for Real. And everything else, yeah, he deserved it. Pathetic human being, not having the courage to come out and say, yeah I broke my word and I will leave for free.

    1. crorossonero assuming your post was meant as a reply to me, i get that but it was also more to show that barcas fans might not restrict themselves to jeering when or if they get unhappy with him so he should pretty much just man up and not let it affect him. If it does affect him at all that is.

      1. Bro..@ Martin Bernhard. Pls let it go. Some people are too blinded by hate either for your colour, your courage to demand for more/better treatments and all of that. So no matter what you say or do, you can’t be praised or appreciated for it. Perhaps, these people criticising kessie also have special hate for Barcelona so it’s natural for these types of criticism / antagonism. Let it rest pls

        1. Im not blinded by hate im pretty much just analyzing the situation and how he has behaved and why he isnt in a position to demand anything from atleast the fans but you just skate over that and disregard facts as usual.

        2. sorry godwin misread your user name as i just awoke and still is a bit drousy, my apologies.
          well the points still there though as i might detest him by now but if anything ive been a stong supporter of kessie from the day he joined us and all the way up untill he started playing tricks with us so i do strongly believe he behaved disloyal and nothing will change that.

  7. Hahahaha…. Most of Milan fans are pathetic common kessie you are crying….if kessie were to be mbappe some pathetic fans would have gun him down long time….Milan were having champions like Kaka, shevchenko you just name them, they all left and Milan is still standing, kessie is not a champion not even close to these fantastic players so to my pathetic fans leave kessie alone and remember football is just business… Let’s support the team to win something this year

    1. Its not like many people want him to stay at this point anyways but regardless of business he actually behaved disloyal in how he and his agent seemingly kept demanding more when he said in july that there would be no issues in renewing his contract when he would return back to italy after the olympics.
      Ive been a milan fan for over 30 years by the way and seen stars arrive and leave as well but that doesnt change the fact that kessie has backtracked on his words and behaved disloyal towards the club and fans and ofcourse people will be angry about that whether you or others find it pattehtic or not doesnt matter one thing.

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