MN: Kessie return not considered an option by Milan despite Barcelona saga

By Oliver Fisher -

The idea of a sensational return to AC Milan for Franck Kessie has been very quickly stamped out by a reliable source amid the chaos surrounding Barcelona.

As has been reported by ESPN, Barcelona could fail to register their new signings due to their financial situation and the rules in place in Spain regarding player registration, with the revelation that Kessie and Andreas Christensen can exercise a clause in their contracts to leave for free.

It didn’t take long for the Italian papers to pick up on things, as Corriere della Sera (via speculated what the future might hold for Kessié, with a return to Milan or a potential move to Juventus touted as options.

However, MilanNews confirms that there is a chance that Kessie could leave Barcelona if they do not manage to find a solution quickly to get him and Christensen registered.

However, what can be ruled out is the return of the Ivorian midfielder to Milan, because he is not an option that is being considered by the Rossoneri management who instead consider his story at the club to be over.

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  1. I feel very different towards Kessie than I did towards the Turk and Dollarumma. Kessie was not asking for a crazy amount of money, he was simply wanting what he was worth. I feel us being greedy with wages will continue to affect us. Watch when Leao leaves for free because we don’t want to add another 500K to his contract.

    1. Ac Milan was ready to give Kessie between 5 -5.5million euros in salary which was what he requested for. What made the deal collapse was his agent. The greedy agent was asking for so much in Agency fees for Kessie to sign the agreed contract sum. The same thing happened with Donnaruma. Ac Milan was ready to pay 7million euros a year to him but Raiola was asking for an outrageous sum in Agency fees which Ac milan refused to pay.

    2. 5.5 million /year + bonus are a good salary for players like Kessie who only had like two good seasons from five season.

      And it’s not “being greedy” with the wage but it’s about being smart and avoid falling in the same hole.

      Open your blind eyes and look how messed up Barcelona financial right now. They got into this mess because they gave insane high salary for all their players without thinking how they gonna survive in the future.

      I’m glad Milan are in good hands with Maldini and Masara. Because clueless af people like you definitely gonna run Milan into the ground.

    3. It’s not ‘greed’ if it’s living within what we can afford. The club still makes an annual loss remember.

      If there’s no hope of Leao staying, this would have been the ideal time to sell – otherwise, we need to be prepared for him to go for free in a couple of years and hope he performs in the meantime.

    1. If they do manage it, and I don’t see how without selling de Jong, then they have bigger problems for the next 25 years with how much future income they’ve given away.

  2. Of course Milan won’t. Ownership would rather pocket the money. Let me ask this, Milan were at least “pretending” to go after Sanchez and Botman. What a surprise… they didn’t get either one. What are they doing now with the money that they were going to use to get Sanchez and Botman??? Maybe they will get some very cheap option at midfield and ownership will pocket the rest of the money. Same thing every transfer window.

    1. How are ownership pocketing the money again? Milan make a loss every year. Also, CDK spend used the Botman money, so of course they’re having to look for a cheaper centre-back. And Sanches wasn’t big money with Milan’s proposal, but with PSG swooping in and offering more, they have to look at how to get value from that same money.

  3. Bruh, keep that noise. We had 2 world class midfielders in Isma and Sandro whose growth would be stunted by rotation. They cement the starting positions and grow into the world’s best. We also have a wonderful backup in Rade and an emerging gem in Pobega. Plus, if Adli can adapt to the mezzala position we’ve got a potential Andrea Pirlo who can kinda defend. We’re good without Kessie thanks very much. Paolo and Ricky’s stance has always been Milan over everything and the results speak for themselves. To all the people who claim we can’t keep up with the insanity that is European transfers, we don’t need to. The seven big ears in our Cabinet underline that. We just need that 2nd star in the next 2 or 3 years and a renewal of our core player’s contracts. Maybe a young cheap backup cb and a young rotation cm, both below 23 and both below 8m, loan with buy option. Ziyech at RW is a luxury unless its a loan. Same for Diallo at CB.

  4. He will stay at barca. If not he will lose his 10m euro commission . Time for AC Milan to move on and use bennacer-tonali for double pivot

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