Journalist claims Kessie wants to stay but has clashed with his agent – the situation

By Oliver Fisher -

Franck Kessie and his agent have clashed over the plans for the AC Milan midfielder’s future, according to what one journalist is reporting.

Milan have been locked in talks with Kessie and his entourage over the extension of his current contract which has a deadline of June 2022, but so far virtually every major source has reported that they have not made much progress due to a gap between offer and demand.

According to Rudy Galetti on Twitter, Kessie would actually like to stay at Milan, but it is his agent George Atangana who is pushing him to go elsewhere. He wants to secure a higher salary for his client but perhaps more importantly a large commission for himself.

The request to the Milan management for Kessie to renew is €9m net per season, which is in line with the offers of three other clubs that Atangana already has in hand. Those who saw the Ivorian celebrating after last night’s win against Atletico Madrid could certainly understand the suggestion that he wants to stay.

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  1. The incentives for agents are set up so that it’s better for them to take the player somewhere else with a higher salary.

    But ultimately, it’s Kessie’s contract and he can tell the agent what he wants to, and even fire him if needed.

  2. Rubbish. Everyone negotiates in this world. But there is something about a gentleman’s conduct . You ask for a salary and negotiate, if the demand is met u stay or else u leave. Kessie’s agent has not done that. So they can frik off.

  3. What is this talk of agent wanting something different from what a player wants. I don’t buy it one bit, the agents represent the player and not the other around. enough of this B.S, just sell and get Kamara

    1. The agents are in it for the money. That’s it. It’s their job. Even if Raiola says he wants the best for his clients what he means by that is that “the bigger the commission the better”.

      You must be delusional to think the agents would prefer their client to stay in the club they want instead of earning a few millions more for the agent.

      1. kessies agent propably has even more sentiment to act that way as he only has 3 players under his agency and kessie is by margins the most high profiled one as he holds a valuation of 55 mil according to transfermarkt. Then he has a plyaer in serie c valued at 200k euros and a 23 year old goalkeeper in cameroun. In the end though its up to kessie so if he wants to stay iand no one else to decide.

          1. exactly it makes more sense sense in regard of that particular agent.

            Yeah if kessie wants to stay he better make it clear to the agent or make the the choice to leave him but in the end i really doesnt buy the premise its because of the agent as he works for him and not the other way around that is ofcourse unless kessie feels some kind of obligation towards him due to helping him from the start of his career or something.

  4. Franck should not give we Milan a big problem…he should sign if he want to sign and if he does not want so he Should leave and let us focus on another player that will be available for Milan…no one is irriplaciable we need player that will put Milan first before any other thing.

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