MN: Kessie talks remain in stalemate – the scenario that is currently most likely

By Oliver Fisher -

The Franck Kessie situation continues to dominate the newspaper headlines but it seems neither the player or the club are in a hurry to resolve it, a report claims.

MilanNews confirms that the Milan management are working to extend the contracts of Rafael Leao, Theo Hernandez and Ismael Bennacer and the they have been much more straightforward negotiations than the Kessie talks as the signatures of the trio are really close, with optimism and confidence filtering from Casa Milan.

However, there is still stalemate on the Kessie issue with no steps forward or backward having been recorded in recent weeks. The talks stopped a few weeks ago because Kessie is convinced that he deserves a higher salary while Milan do not want to go beyond a certain threshold, considering all the economic problems of the current period due to Covid etc.

Kessie is focused on the African Cup of Nations with the Ivory Coast and there are no big openings for the renewal, with the chances of him leaving on a free transfer now more and more concrete.

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  1. Nesta13 says:

    I think Kessie should reconsider on his decision.
    I don’t think he will ever be loved and important in/by another club as he’s in Milan.
    Almost 6m Euro should be enough for him to sign the contract.
    Sandro Tonali is a good example.
    Frank should also show appreciation to Milan by accepting the deal.

    1. Stam says:

      He can get easily 8 in Tottenham or Liverpool plus would likely lead their midfield
      Fans can turn on you after one bad season so nobody really cares about them

      1. SheerWill96 says:

        Takes time to adjust to a new environment. I know he’s fluent in French and Italian but I’m not sure about English. Also, we’ve had a glimpse of Kessie against a top English side. It’s not always greener on the other side. Say hello to Tanguy.

      2. bb says:

        LOL. Kessie wouldn’t be in the starting 11 in either of the teams you mentioned.

        Easilly 8? LOL again.

        1. Stam says:

          Who is better in the Tottenham midfield?

          Is Thiago a better midfielder now?

          Who was more decideful for us? Zlatan was equal in his first year. Even now in Kessies weaker form he was the only one to create chances against Liverpool.

          Bennacer and Tonali could not control Porto midfield.

          You guys decide if you like players, not look how they play. This season is popular to hate on Kessie, not many noticed Pioli plays him more defensively. Same with Donnarumma, some claimed that Maignan is better lol.

          You can be a fan but if you cant control yourself and become blind fan, you no longer are to be taken seriously.

          1. Vero Rossonero says:

            Like religion and politics, no? Lol. Kessie will be fine in the EPL. Not sure if he would start for Liverpool, but surely Tottenham and Man U. And whether he or not he starts anywhere I agree that he’ll easily get 8m in England.

  2. SheerWill96 says:

    Even if Kessie does sign an extension, I don’t really know if he’d be as loved as he was last season. This issue wasn’t supposed to get this messy and he could have avoided answering that question regarding his renewal at the Olympics. As for me, I’m totally indifferent about him or his contract situation. Sandro is the new darling of the midfield.

    1. bb says:

      Kessie has deservedly lost the love of the fans. Farewell is the only option. Although I’d prefer getting a contract extension and then selling him for 60M€.

      1. Garfield says:

        Who’ll buy him for 60 mil?

      2. Garfield says:

        Who’ll buy him for 60mil?

    2. Stam says:

      Some fans prefer winning than caring about players talk. Every player is like rockstar, this is the best crowd I played for, next weekend (club) same speech.

      Build respect in life, not base it on players testimonies. They have a job as entertainers, they are not your friends to care about loyalty.

  3. Johnny says:

    Sell kessie for 8mil and buy Kamara enough of this drama!!!

  4. Guy Affricot says:

    Tax in England is the same as Italy.
    8 mil can be 6 mil after tax in England.
    In Italy, 6 mil after tax is like 5 mil.
    This guy is fighting for 1 mil difference + the cost to move from one city to another one. Pay an interpreter for 3 months.
    Wow, in Milan, you are ready settled.

    1. Stam says:

      Thats at least 3m difference for a short 3y contract – a house in Paris.

      I think he joins Liverpool, so he will get upgrade sportwise as well.

      Again if we want to give Kessie only 1m more than Theo, we do not have good planning.

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