Kjaer reveals he rejected Saudi Arabian offers: “I’m in the place I want to be”

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan defender Simon Kjaer has revealed that he rejected offers from Saudi Arabian clubs in order to stay at Milan, labelling the club ‘the place he wants to be’.

Speaking to bold.dk in his homeland during the international break (via Milan News), Kjaer revealed just how much he enjoys playing for Milan and living in Italy.

Kjaer first joined Milan on loan for the second half of the 2019/20 season, and he then signed permanently in the summer of 2020 from Sevilla for just €3.68m. He became a very important player for the club but in the past year he has been struggling with injuries and his influence has waned.

Despite the fact that Kjaer wants to stay, Milan may not give him the option because he is going to be out of contract at the end of this season and new defenders could be brought in. He seems calm about the prospect of finding a new team, though.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m in the place I want to be. I play in Milan, I feel good at Milan and I place a lot of hope in myself. But whether the decision is made now or in two months, nothing changes for me. We were seventh or eighth when I arrived four years ago. Now we are in the Champions League every season. If I can stay in Milan I’m very happy. It’s always the club I’ve tried to get to, since the first time I went to Palermo. If it’s not Milan, then I’m 35 years old and I can freely choose what I want with my family. It doesn’t worry me. I’m fine with it. I think everyone knows me. I’m proud of what I do. But they don’t come and ask me to be different,” Kjaer said.

He went on to reveal that he has been receiving offers from other clubs but he has always said no as he wishes to stay at Milan, with Italy becoming a home for him and his family.

“I would be lying if I said no. Obviously I decided differently. I have also previously rejected offers from Saudi Arabia. I did this for many reasons. First and foremost, because right now I am in the place I have always wanted to be. I have made a beautiful football journey, I always wanted to play for Milan and I have an incredibly beautiful life in Milan. It’s Italy. My wife is Swedish, so Denmark is not her home, just as Sweden is not mine. My children understand Danish, they speak a bit like in ‘The Christmas Calendar’. But their main language is English. They have always gone to English school. We have moved an incredible amount of times in our lives. For us Italy has become our home. This is where we have lived the longest and have a lot of fun. This applies to the whole family,” he explained.

On his knee injury

“The knee injury changed my way of thinking: I really learned to enjoy the moment and appreciate the experiences I have as a footballer. I think 90% of the national team players who are here don’t think the way I do. The knee injury has changed my mentality in several ways. Both in relation to the way I think, live and work. When I play I think I had a great time, but I also think it could be one of the last games. Here’s why I appreciate it more. That’s how I felt for a long time.”

On the possibility of playing in the 2026 World Cup

“Why shouldn’t I play the World Cup in two years if it’s as good as it is now? But it’s clear that many things have to fit together. It would be foolish not to believe it. The 2026 World Cup is definitely a goal for me. My mentality 14 years ago was completely different from today’s. Back then it was all or nothing every time. If I lost one of the big matches, I was ‘dead’ for a week. Games don’t mean any less to me now. No way. It’s just about doing my thing. I have to be as prepared as possible, so I know I can’t do more.”

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  1. Point he is making in regard of his kids danish language will most likely go over everyones heads unless they actually are danes. Its called The Julekalender as a mix of english and danish words and in it they speak a mix of danish and really bad english so i assume they are not really good at the danish language 😀
    I wouldnt mind if his contract is extended for a year because he can always play a bit here and there in a reduced role and still be valuable to the locker room as he is probably the biggest leader amongst our players.

    1. I think a Dane’s definition of ‘bad English’ is probably very different to an English person’s definition of ‘bad Danish’!

      I’m always blown away how people from non-speaking countries can speak English so well and extremely embarrassed at my own inability to speak foreign languages.

      I even struggle with Italian despite being born (but not raised there).

      I completely agree. He needs to stay. He’s one of the few leaders we’ll have left especially if Giroud goes.

      This run started with signing him and Ibra (and then replacing Giroud with Ibra). It could well end when they depart.

      1. Well that might be the case and i do think that scandinacians generally are pretty good at foreign laguages but thats probably down to necessity and some other sociopolitical reasons like geography, history of the countries but thats a pretty long discussion to take up here 🙂 The tv show i mentioned they actally speak a mix between danish and english so its deffintly a broken language nevertheless. Its about some man sized nisser/goblins trying to save christmas while the antagonist is some sort of vampire’esque guy who grows fangs and glasses when he drinks schnaaps 😀 very popular christmas show from the early 90ies.

        Well no need to be embarrassed about that because its also down to traditions, power and size of countries and i also know a lot of danes who wouldnt watch for example a non english or danish laguaged movie i personally embrace different cultures and prefer it that way,

        Yeah his character in a group of players is immense even if he doesnt play every match i pretty much recognize his contribution in the vein of ibra after both joined us.

  2. Re-sign Simon. We need his leadership on the team and he’s still able to play.

    Doesn’t it sound so nice hearing from a player who actually wants to be here and turned down offers or overtures?

  3. People say Kjaer is “too old” and “injury-prone”. Look at the stats on Milan CB injuries. There are three way younger players ahead of him in missed matches this season.

    Like it or not but we still need him next season.

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