Krunic’s touching message to Tonali: “It’s still your home and will always be”

By Oliver Fisher -

It was an emotional night for Sandro Tonali last night as he made his return to AC Milan after leaving in the summer window to join Newcastle United.

It was a painful exit for both parties given Tonali’s love for the club and the fact that he had become a fan favourite, but ultimately the amount that Newcastle offered both as a transfer fee and in salary package was enough to break the bond.

Fate is such that Tonali didn’t have to wait long to return to Milan as the Champions League draw pitted his boyhood club against his new team, and they played out a 0-0 draw at San Siro last night.

Tonali got an excellent reception from the fans who chanted his name and he clapped them in return, while the midfielder posted on Instagram: “An incredible feeling to return to what was my home. Thank you all for your love. One point important in a difficult stage. Let’s look forward!”

Under his post, Rade Krunic replied: “It’s still your home and will always be.”

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    1. a great deal of them will find something else to get upset about if it wasnt for krunic playing in the club but im also sure some of those disliking tonali even if fewer amongst them will also get upset about krunic’s comment.

      1. You know a lot of us did criticize Pioli’s decision to keep Krunic and not signing a real holding midfielder but now he is truly our most consistent player and was also the best player on the pitch yesterday after Tomori. But still you see comments ranting Krunic everyday on this website, smh. Florenzi and Kjaer are the other 2 player who are targeted for literally no reason after Krunic.

        1. It’s anyone who has been at the club for more than 5 mins.

          They’re either written off as not being ‘good enough’ (Calabria, Tomori, Krunic, Pobega), written off as over-the-hill (Kjaer and Giroud) or fans want them sold to sign a new FIFA 11 (Maignan, Theo and Leao).

          The only players who these fans actually seem to like are the new signings for whom they have eternal optimism. But after a while they’ll turn on them too.

          Because what they actually really enjoy is the transfer market. They get a kick out of imagining what might have been (had we beaten the Saudi’s to sign Botman) or what might be (the window has just shut and they’re already talking about who to sign in January).

          They’ve got the loyalty of seasonal workers who go from one skiing resort to another. And their lack of loyalty is then reflected in the way modern football players are like seasonal workers who go from one club to another.

          1. Not only Krunic, every player showed their real level against Inter. Why not you say the same thing about Thiaw, Reijnders, RLC? If you are judging players on 1 game.

        2. replied to your post but several of my longer posts today hasnt been posted so it seems there might be some issues but maybe it will turn up later as im not gonna write it one time again.

        1. Pioli is not my manager
          I’m an AC Milan fan not a Pioli fan
          Nobody comes before the club
          Not Cardinale, Not Moncada, Not Pioli, Not Krunic, Not even Paolo Maldini

          If you support mediocrity you are not an AC Milan fan

          1. Pioli is not my manager..
            I guess that is true since you are not an ac milan player…

            A reality check tho. Ac milan has been mediocrity most of the last decade. And i supported that every foking day. Why? because thats how it works

          2. If you want to think so fine with me i wont lose any rest on that accord but ive propably supported ac milan longer than you have lived as ive been an ac milan fan for over 30 years but sure im not a milan fan 😀
            You do realize even back in the days of late 80ies to mid 90ies when ac milan was the master of the football universe the club also had players that wasnt exactly star players ?

          3. No one supports mediocrity, Krunic have been supportive to the team in the absence of Bennacer or whoever that is meant to play in that role.
            Can’t u just shut the fup and be appreciative of what you have at the moment.
            Yes Krunic is not the best midfielder anyone can ask of at the same time Krunic is not a flop, man is doing his best even after a match in which he put in his best efforts you and many other will never appreciate him.

          4. You realise you can’t separate out the two?

            The club AND the manager are the same.

            If you don’t believe me this weekend when you go to the San Siro try booing the manager the whole game and see how you go….

      1. You can say that about Pioli as he deserves some hate for picking his favorites for every game. But what is your problem with Krunic now? It’s insane some people give him the $UMMA, Hakan and Kressie treatment.

        1. He is a terrible player who shouldn’t be here
          He is also Pioli’s untouchable favorite player
          Milan turned down a huge offer for him from Lyon(and other multiple respectable offers from Fenerbahce) because of Pioli throwing a tantrum about it

        2. “Yeah go support Inter Merda”

          How about you go do that?
          Oh wait, you already are an Inter fan since you root for the downfall of Milan by cheering on Pioli who is an Inter agent who made us lose 5-1 to them and made us lose 5 derbies against them in the same year.

          1. We get p**sed because we lost 5-1 to Inter and it was 100% Pioli’s fault. Then, the Pioli lovers tell us we’re not fans and to root for Inter. The mental gymnastics are mind-blowing. Pioli out!

  1. I have to say Krunic put in some amazing corners.

    Some of the best I’ve seen from a Milan player in years.

    I love a proper corner. Can’t stand short corners. Never understand why teams will lump balls in from 40 yard out indirect free kicks that are straight on where there is virtually zero chance of scoring and then take short corners from the byline.

    Surely a corner is THE ideal place to cross the ball from?

    And how is it that professional rugby players can get knocked around and then get up and kick a peanut shaped ball with more consistency than footballers?

      1. ???

        A former coach (who had studied in Ajax) taught me for corners to start at the edge of the box and wait for the corner taker to start his kick and then I’d sprint at full pelt to the 6 yards and by the time I’d get there the ball would’ve travelled from the corner.

        Now I accept at the top level it’s harder due to players holding and stuff, but I have absolutely no idea how players are supposed to time their runs from short corners.

        Another interesting stat he taught me was that 90% of passes with the inside of your foot are accurate whereas if you try and pass with the outside of your foot it’s less than 10%.

        Do you have views on corners or just other people’s comments?

    1. I think it was the first corner (from left-side) that landed peeeeerfectly on a Milan-player’s head was beautiful. After years of watching Calhanoglu & Tonali waste all the corner kicks on the first opponent I was surprised to see such a splendid corner kick given by a Milan player. Apparently was the target too as the header was aimed straight at the keeper instead of the back of the net.

    2. I must say when I saw him take the corners I was like whoa 😳. Let him take all the corners from now on. Dude was accurate asf. I didn’t realize he had this in his arsenal. I guess he used to provide cover on the counter but seeing as Reinjders didnt start he got the duties and man did he do a good job.

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