Lazio fans disgrace themselves yet again with death threats to Pulisic

By Isak Möller -

Christian Pulisic ended up at the centre of attention yesterday evening as he got Luca Pellegrini sent off in the game between AC Milan and Lazio. Unfortunately, on his latest Instagram post, the winger has received death threats and nasty comments. 

Everything started as Lazio’s forward Valentin Castellanos went to the ground, following a challenge with Ismael Bennacer, and Pellegrini wanted to let the ball run out of play. Pulisic hadn’t seen that Castellanos was down, though, so he played on and forced the left-back to a foul.

Pellegrini was handed his second yellow card and the Lazio players were fuming, not just hurling insults at the referee but also Pulisic. Thanks to a late goal by Noah Okafor, Milan ended up winning the game 1-0 and the Lazio players continued to show their frustration after the final whistle.

Unfortunately, as highlighted by several outlets and social media accounts, Pulisic has been receiving abuse on his latest Instagram post ever since the final whistle. “I don’t wish you to die, but to suffer slowly day after day”, one comment read, “You and your family must die”, another read.

Lazio fans are known for not exactly being the best ones in Italy, experiencing a widespread problem with fascism within the fanbase. And there have been plenty of incidents in the past, even against Milan (such as the chants against Tiemoue Bakayoko).

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  1. Not deserving it, though Pulisic should have stoped just beacause of the Ac Milan values, the values of fair-play, by acting like that the number 11 moved against it

    1. Did you watch the game or read the article? He was ahead of the foul and did not see it, so how could he know? The first thing they teach you as a 5 year old playing ANY sport is, you don’t stop til you hear a whistle.

    2. It’s not his fault, Pellegrini should have shot the ball out or left pulisic run they had a faul anyways instead he ran with the ball and then took pulisic down.

      1. The ref stops the game by blowing the whistle.
        The ref is in charge of players’ safeties. This means that CP did the right thing by playing on. Pellegrini should have kicked the ball out of bounce if he was that concerned of Taty. He let it go expecting it to roll out. Mistake triggered by a bad decision. Simple.

    3. Pulisic didn’t see Lazio player down and the referee didn’t blow the whistle either. So Pulisic did right to keep the game on. The mistake was solely on Pellegrini who didn’t kick the ball out.

    4. “Pulisic should have stoped”

      Why should he? Play until you hear the whistle. They can’t see everywhere.

      And FFS, the Lazio fans are pathetic hypocrites as Lazio players didn’t stop playing against Inter when Di Marco was down so… Karma is a biaaaatch, eh?

  2. The Lazio fans and players yesterday were so annoying. Crying for penalties, running up the regeree, booing and now this. Lazio, you have now climbed atop Juventus as my most hated club.

  3. Sore losers, and stupid club. Why didnt he just kick the ball out??!! And the ref didnt see it the guy down. Italian football gotta stop those eevery 60 sec stoppage tactics and play until the ref blows the wistle.

  4. What else would you expect out of that fan base? Their players lose their s*it and our players are to blame?

    Kick the da*n ball out, Pellegrini. Not to mention, Lazio did this last season against Inter when Dimarco was down, yet Lazio continued playing (and may had even scored on that play, I don’t remember). When Sarri was asked about it, he said the same thing – inter should have kicked the ball out, we play until the whistle.

  5. Lazio put the ball out real quick when Mike collided with Taty. They wanted the ref to check VAR for a possible penalty so they put the ball out. It’s their fault for not putting the ball out when their teammate was down.

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