Lazio president aims dig at Milan: “Not because of Juve’s penalty”

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan ended up finishing fourth this past season and thus just about clinched qualification for the 2023/24 edition of the Champions League. Something that Lazio president Claudio Lotito has highlighted. 

Stefano Pioli’s men struggled a lot in the second half of the season. Eventually, they secured Champions League qualification with a 1-0 win away at Juventus, who were deducted ten points as a result of the capital gain trial.

Without the Bianconeri’s wrongdoing, in other words, Milan would have finished 5th and that would have been a disastrous outcome. Lazio president Claudio Lotito, with his men finishing in second, made sure to highlight this recently.

“It’s no coincidence that we finished second in Serie A. Second, I repeat. And not because of Juve’s penalty, we would have been second even if they had kept those ten points. They all said we would finish ninth, tenth…,” he told Gazzetta dello Sport as cited by

Indeed, Milan were quite lucky to secure the UCL qualification and will need to do a lot better in the league this upcoming season. Hopefully, they can go far in the Champions League this time out as well (having reached the semis this past season).

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      1. For a club like Lazio that invests so little in the market just making it to UCL and receiving the participation money is a success.
        But his club that invested less than Milan, Inter, Juventus, Atalanta finished above all of them even if Juventus wasn’t penalized for cheating, they’d still be above Juventus.
        He said facts. No need to get upset

        1. The fact is no one gets upset. What happened to Juve wasn’t collateral damages as Calciopoli. They just punished what they have done. Some said Milan is lucky, but sometimes good lucks come after integrity and honesty. Otherwise bad lucks follow fraudulency and deception.

          1. The point Lotito makes is that Lazio also followed integrity and honesty but didn’t need good luck to finish above Juventus and their fraudulence and deception.
            And that’s a fact. We don’t wanna hear it but Milan on the field finished 5th not 4th. His team finished 2nd on the field.

  1. Lotito says that they finished second in the standings! We all have to take a bow and acknowledge their success, because it’s really a huge success for a club of Lazio’s caliber. 🤭

        1. Yes but he’s acting like reaching second place is Holy Grail (which for Lazio it probably is) while the clubs below them in the standings this season are a failure and needed help from juve.

          Where was he when Lazio placed 7th or 8th… or even 5th?

          1. It’s normal especially when at the receiving end.

            I mean, we waited 11 years to win our latest Scudetto. We celebrated and rubbed it on the face of everyone.
            They said all sorts of things, but we didn’t care. We are champions. But, after the Scudetto, we struggled to achieve top 4. That’s the game.

            We bashing them as if we are one consistent team.

            You’re as good as your current season, so Lotito can say whatever, they earned it on the pitch.

  2. Igli Tare is key to Lazios success. He has been one of yhe gretest in recruitment with very very low budget

    Tare was linked several times with us, but unfortunately i think we took a different path. He would have been great

    1. What success? They finished 2nd after sometimes, and when is the last time they win the league? The guy still upsets about the goal that involved Acerbi. Congrats to the player, but not to this butthurt

  3. They’ll be out after the group stage as usual, it’s always been that way lol. Even when they won the league in 99/00 they only made the Quarter Finals. When they were the highest spending club in Serie A I might add

  4. He said fact to a degree but not placing everything into context. Other teams ran deep into their cup competition and I think the general consensus was that Juve was always going to get the point deduction. Was it a gamble from the other teams like Milan, yes, but it was just to stay close enough to be in the champions league places when the deduction occurred. If these had been resolved like in January, I think it would have played differently. Don’t think teams would have made those whole change subs like we did. You never know but I don’t think so.

    1. Inter got to the CL final, yet they finished above us.
      The cup run was not a excuse for our league standing.

      Our league standing dropped significantly when Leao was out of form, and Maignan injury.
      Since Leao couldn’t carry the team, and nobody else could step up.

      I mean all we know how to do is to brag about results, positions. We really don’t take time to reflect the process.
      If we think we earned CL qualification on the pitch, fine. But real objective fans who take time to assess our Scudetto win and CL qualification understand that if not for fate, destiny and luck, we may not have earned it.

      Napoli are worthy champions by a mile, and even the blind can see it.
      That is the kind of credibility Milan needs next season.
      Results should be matched with performance.

  5. Lotito needs to worry about the new season for himself, not Acmilan new season.
    Lazio already far in champion league bravo 👏 Claudio.

    1. I think about 1999/2000 so about 23 or 24 years ago i think. Now they have salary cap 2m euro nett for new player that coming to lazio and limited budget

      1. Well, I guess it’s kind of like a scudetto for them and they will never lift any (significant) trophies under Lotito so he can have his childish amusements. Losers who know nothing about winning. 🙂

  6. Lazio got second because Lotito let other teams from Europe rape his team in Europa and Conference and making sure to qualify for UCL with his cheap thin squad. He is Italian version of Cardinale.

  7. Lotito must be the president of the honorary clown association, I swear! Lazio finishes second on time since at least ’14 and he’s already making digs at other clubs? they dwell in the 4-7th spot in the standings on average every season, with an occasional 4th or third spot here and there…

    STFU Lotito…. LMAO!!!

  8. Best finish for Lazio since Nesta Scudetto smh. His teams always get top 4 and play trash in the UCL, absolute trash. Second place last year is like a Scudetto for him. Don’t make me go into his results the last few years and to hear us being linked with Tare to replace Maldini smh, don’t even get me started

  9. He is taking a shot at both Milan and Inter. Both finished 1 spot ahead because of Juventus penalty.
    Inter and Juventus had the same points without the penalty but Juventus won both head to head games

  10. We made a pretty bad season. Both our results and our game was bad. We started the season good resultwise but I think we never played very well. I hope we can play better this year and not just rely on individual brilliance from Leao.
    So yeah we got lucky to get top 4 definately.

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