Lazio boss Sarri accuses referee of favouring Milan with his decisions

By Oliver Fisher -

Lazio boss Maurizio Sarri has provided an interesting reflection on his side’s defeat against AC Milan at the Stadio Olimpico last night, claiming the referee was biased.

Sandro Tonali was the hero for Milan as he scored in the 92nd minute to seal a comeback 2-1 win in the capital to move two points ahead of Inter after their win against Jose Mourinho’s Roma on Saturday night, and the game was full of incidents.

Sarri spoke in a post-match press conference and gave his thoughts on the game, suggesting that his side were the victim of some refereeing errors that he did not specify.

“It is a delicate speech. It depends on how much you are allowed to protest. It is not a question of personality but of strength. You have all seen the refereeing tonight. I am biased but I had the feeling that he was arbitrating in one direction on more than one occasion,” he said (via MilanLive).

If anything it was the Rossoneri who might have found themselves hard done by had they not win the game. Strakosha was lucky not to see red for a deliberate handball outside the area that stopped Junior Messias charging down a loose ball, while there were huge penalty appeals when the ball struck the arm of Luis Alberto and they were eventually denied after consultation with the VAR chief.

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  1. “I had the feeling that he was arbitrating in one direction on more than one occasion”

    Sarri just admitted that the mofo was on their side – yet they still lost! =)

  2. Sarri is a disgrace for saying all these garbage
    They should count themselves very lucky for getting the red card for the keeper and 2 penalties
    Moreover Sarri smokes more than he coaches

  3. That’s what he was writing in his little notebook the whole game? Comming up with excuses for after the game. Maybe next time pay attention, so that you dont embarras yourself with stupid comments like this.
    Lazio got punished for Sarri’s timid and minimalistic approach. Putting in Marusic just because he is a defender, and he felt the need to defend the 1-1 draw at home like his life dependend on it. Tonali goal is as much on Sarri as it is on Marusic and Acerbi.

  4. I agree that the red card might have been given, but it was not even close to a penalty. It was completely accidental.

    1. Anaximander, have you seen any player doing handball in the box for fun?! Of course it will be accidental, but his arm was far away from body and that should be a penalty. Anyway we won and slapped to Lazio’s shameless effort for a draw in their home ground.

      1. The rules have changed for some time now and obviously you are not aware of these. An accidental handball is a penalty as long as the hand is not at a natural position.

  5. > Luiz Alberto clear handsball should be a pinalty and Strakosha didn’t get red card after touching the ball outside the box
    > Sarri: this referee favors Milan!

    Lmao I didn’t know Sarri used drugs 😂

  6. For real, I thought deliberately handling the ball as the last defender was an automatic red. Also the hand ball in the box (although I prefer leeway in situations like that) seemed like it should have been a penalty if we are going by the standard of calls against Milan.
    Sure there were some tackles that could have been fouls but the big decisions that can change games all went his way. So at the end of the day he’s just pissed to go 0-3. And can’t handle the fact his system has been exposed.

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