Lazio reference Tonali ‘foul’ on Acerbi in explosive response to Jose Mourinho

By Oliver Fisher -

Lazio have published an explosive response to Roma boss José Mourinho who had accused them of scoring an offside winner against Spezia.

Roma drew 0-0 with Bologna yesterday at the Stadio Olimpico after what was a very flat performance from Mourinho’s side, but in his post-match press conference he decided to reference Lazio’s 4-3 win over Spezia by claiming they got the winner through an offside goal.

“Another thing that never changes is that 22 years ago, you could win a match with a goal that is offside and you can still do it today. Yesterday, a team won a match with a goal that was offside,” Mourinho said (via FootballItalia).

Then, Lazio published a response this morning during which they not only hit back at the former Inter and Manchester United manager but they also referenced the incident involving Sandro Tonali an Francesco Acerbi.

Despite the fact Acerbi never appealed for a foul, some believe that Tonali used his arm to push the defender over before scoring his 92nd-minute winner against the Biancocelesti last weekend.

“The fact that in 2022, an opposing coach repeatedly mentions other clubs and presumed referee errors and that, at the same time, journalists of proven football faith get worked up about the same matter, forgetting about their professional role and impartiality, proves two things,” Lazio’s statement said.

“That Lazio is obsessively in their thoughts, more than other ambitious targets and that, as it usually happens, they look at someone else’s home to divert attention from failings or incredible incidents, in their favour, that occurred under everyone’s noses.

“Despite the necessity to evolve the image of Italian football, some protagonists are stuck to accusing VAR and referees and too many times, lack of respect towards officials and lack of journalistic objectivity aren’t enough considered.

“Lazio can’t accept criticism and institutions and believe that values are proven on the pitch, not on TV. Lazio will never be the excuse for somebody else or a scapegoat and will take action in the appropriate fora.

“The club continue to avoid comments on decisions taken on the pitch, even when incidents against us occur. That’s the case of Sandro Tonali’s foul on Francesco Acerbi in Lazio vs. Milan or Roger Ibanez’s elbow on Sergej Milinkovic-Savic in the return leg derby, just to name two.

“Decisive episodes which we didn’t comment on, out of respect for referees and VAR, respect that others don’t have.”

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  1. Mou got exactly what he wanted and that was to rile Lazio up and they fell for it. Lazio’s “we do t talk about refs” but still talked about it is ironic.

    I also thought Tonali goal would have been chalked off for a foul but we’ve been on the back end of some bad calls

  2. Lazio should shut up big time because Milan has suffered wrong referee decisions many times this season both in the domestic league and champions league
    Milan should be 7-9 points ahead of inter by now

  3. Agreed! The Spezia match of course stands out the most in Serie A; and in Champions League, we dominated Atletico first 30 minutes or so leading 1-0 until the bullsh!t 2nd yellow and then even after we were down a man, we played better and led 1-0 for a long time and should’ve ended with a draw but for that BS penalty in extra time when the ball when off Atletico guy’s hand and never should’ve been a pen on us.

    Also, the 1-0 “win” by Porto vs us, the only goal came after a Porto guy CLEARLY fouled Bennacer TWICE before taking the ball and going into the box for a goal… first, he clipped Bennacer in the back of the hell and then went THRU Isma’s leg to make his “tackle”; but no call.

    Also, we should’ve had two penalties at Anfield — one when Giroud was pulled down in box while game was tied and another on a handball in the box by Liverpool when we were losing by 1.

  4. Wasn’t even a foul, Acerbi was already falling over after making the initial clearance and needing to overstretch in the air, there’s a big difference between something very questionable like this Tonali “foul” and their clear offside gifting them 2 points more than they should have because VAR are not doing what they should be doing. VAR has been an absolute disgrace this season, there is no reason for these “mistakes” happening, its either severe incompetence of clear corruption at this point.

  5. One: wasn’t a foul.
    Two: Lazio are nothing but a bunch a hypocrites supported by fascists.
    Three: Jose’s a troll ( apparently everyone knows this but Lazio)

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