Le Parisien: Renato Sanches wants PSG move as €10m bid is launched

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan risk missing out on Renato Sanches as the midfielder has given his approval to the idea of joining Paris Saint-Germain, a report claims.

According to Le Parisien, the Portuguese midfielder has decided that he ‘absolutely wants to join’ PSG this summer, and the capital club have offered Lille €10m as a transfer fee given that his contract expires in 12 months.

Vitinha, Milan Skriniar, Gianluca Scamacca and now Sanches have said yes to PSG, but while the first three have a ‘good chance’ of joining the Ligue 1 champions before the window closes, an effort must be made to find an agreement with Lille over Sanches.

Nonetheless, what they have secured is an important step and that is the green light from the former Bayern Munich and Benfica man, which again puts the pressure back on Milan to accelerate their pursuit or risk missing out just like they did with Sven Botman.

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  1. We don’t need that pressure. PSG needs Renato more than we do. We have 5 players who can play there. Bennacer physically well and Tonali make for a solid midfield and Pobega and Adli are two very interesting prospects. Let’s focus the budget on what truly needs attention, forward, particularly RW and AM.

      1. Of course Adli can play there and he can do it quite well, I watch the Ligue 1 all the time because I have to for work, why do you talk about players you have no idea about 😅 also Renato is injured all the time, we’ve had enough of that with Bennacer lately, don’t need another one.

  2. LET’S GO !!!! Fourth player that Redbird gonna lose let’s go. I pray to God that we can reach 8 place in the upcoming season in serie a

    1. Chill man, this report is BS and there’s still plenty of time. Besides if he chooses PSG it’s because he wants more than 4 million a year. Would you really want Milan playing 5 or 6 million for a player with his injury history?! Do yourself and all of us a favor and take a breath, he’s no Messi and missing out on him won’t ruin the season.

  3. Calm down.

    Ignore the news. Enjoy the summer and cheer in September. Maldini is gonna extend. It means everything is going as planned. The news do not define Milans agenda. Bye.

    1. Unfortunately i doubt that the people incessantly complaining on each and every article will listen to your otherwise great advice but i couldnt agree more with what you are saying and you especially hit the nail in your last comment.

    2. Maldini wanted Botman and Sanches and spent months if not a year chasing them – so I highly doubt Maldini would agree with you that “everything is going as planned.” Lol. But hey I’m just a doom and gloom kinda guy I guess and apparently we are signing CDK, Zaniolo, Bremer, Lang and Ziyech for a total “discount” price of 40M

      1. as usual you eat up every rumor as it was a gospel, AC Milan and its ownership isnt responsible for what is posted in the media or whether you believe it or not but lets all get a tantrum because we according to the media lose out on some milan fans personal choices.

        Juro you pretty much complain all year around so not surprised that you keep on with that in off season as well. Same for the majority of the people complaining about redbird are the same people who wanted elliot out , pioli out, maldini out, tonali out. bennacer out, kalulu out and so on.

        I wanted us to have a 100mil transferkit which i would deem a reasonable ammount to take a leap in quality and who knows we might actually have a far better one than professed by the media but you guys cant even wait and instead has behaved shamelessly for a month accusing the new ownership for all sorts of stuff without any proof but speculation for that stance,

        Elliot management hinted a willingness to spend in the vicinity of 100 mil to my knowledge which i generally think could move us forward as a squad but m&m has already proven to be able to maneuvre great with less so how about some of you guys start respecting that fact instead of reading news as facts.

        Ive been saying it for years football news is pretty much the equivalent of news of the world (defunct tabloid newspaper that had no issues lying to sell news papers)

        As 1MIKEJ says further down you can start worrying if maldini and massara doesnt renew but untill that show some faith in the management,

        1. Lol @ Martin Bernard. I wanted Maldini out? Tonali out, Bennacer out, etc…? Are you drunk buddy? LOL. Well let’s see – Botman did sign with Newcastle right? M&M still not signed correct? Budget has been reduced from 100M to 40M (per DiMarzo). The issue is not whether M&M can operate on a shoestring budget – we know they can and have proven it. Who is “disrespecting that?? Perhaps you cannot read nor comprehend English that well. What we are saying is that they should NOT have to. Again, Maldini’s words not mine. Read his interview buddy. Even he is questioning Redbirds commitment to build and sustain a team capable of challenging for CL or will we be a team “fighting for the top 5-6M spots in Serie A”. So if Maldini has his doubts why can’t the fans? And why should we show faith in management? Based on what exactly?? Redbird we’re NOT our owners last year they did not write the checks – so what faith should we have in them? Faith is earned based on past performance. I have FAITH in M&M to build us a team IF the are SUPPORTED by management – which thus far has yet to occur IMO. Perhaps that will change and we will have an amazing mercato. But thus far signs do NOT point in that direction. I would like nothing more than for Redbird to prove me wrong and get us players like CDK, Bremer, Sanches, etc…BUT UNTIL they do – we have every right to question their intentions just LIKE MALDINI HAS. Doing so does not make us less of a fan. Staying silent IMO does.

          1. Apparently you lack reading comprehension as well as that part clearly wasnt a direct hit at you but that the people generally complaining about the ownership are amongst the same people complaining about various players. they wanted to leave.

            ‘”Same for the majority of the people complaining about redbird are the same people who wanted elliot out , pioli out, maldini out, tonali out. bennacer out, kalulu out and so on.”

            Again you are readding news as facts, sure botman will end up in newcastle but that doesnt mean he was as huge a target for us as the media made him that we would overpay in regard of our own valuation of the player. De marzio is nowadays a lousy source for the majority of time and has been so for years, its long time since de marzio consistently was a source to believe in my view. Half of the crap articles on this site are from de marzio and that should give you a clear picture of how low he has sunk.
            40 MIL transfer kit is speculation and again you are reading far too much into it and take it as official news from the club which it isnt.
            No that interview turned up in may and was in regard of why elliot management hadnt renewed m&m at that point and yes as i have already pointed out you are actually the one with an issue reading an understanding articles. I do agree though that maldni should have full decision within the money made available to him for transfers.

            So you are saying you dont complain all year around ? the entire last summer it was hauge “the new messi” getting loaned out you complained about and in january it was the management and that we would not be competing for the scudetto for long because we didnt get any january additions besides of a young lazetic.

            So you actually think your post here has any value to anyone else than sempre milan community well then its time to wake up as it doesnt but all the bitching on this site make the enviroment here intolerable and kinda reminescent of a trump rally not giving a damn about facts.

  4. LOL. Another one bites the dust after 6 plus months of negotiation. Why? Because we waited too long and allowed another team to come in and offer him more salary. Not surprising. But wait we have “Plan B” in Fernandez right? Oh wait he’s gone too – to Benfica? Maybe we can see who Plan Z is? I’m sure we have a chance at getting him you know for a “discount” and if we wait long enough in the transfer window that player will have to accept our low ball offer for lack of other opportunities – like our plan w Dybala lol. Maldini and Massara just spent months identifying the essential players we needed and convinced those players to join but because Red$hit I mean Bird, is taking their sweet old time we lost them – AND M&M still not signed. Love this Redbird era. I mean like Who needs Bremer or Botman when you have Acerbi waiting in the wings AND you are willing to PAY for him lol. Fantastic! But hey us fans who are skeptical of Redbird are just crazy and not real fans according to some ppl on here and we have no real basis to be weary of Redbird currently because, well we won last year and we should give them credit for that despite them not owning the club nor contributing in any way to it lol. Sound reasoning. Oh ya and they slashed our transfer budget from 100m to 40m despite qualifying for CL and winning the league. Yep things are trending upwards! Forza Acerbi!!!!!!!!

    1. @Martin Bernhard pls do not ever associate me with the insane lunatics at a Trump rally lol. Yes I was critical at our lack of signings in Janaury esp when Juve took Vlahovic and others strengthened. It was a huge gamble I’m sure many would agree. Turns out I was wrong and we won (barely) – but still think getting a player like Vlahovic then would have set us up for the next 10 yrs at that position – but fine we didn’t do it and still managed to win. I could not have been more thrilled. Doesn’t mean we should take that same chance again IMO. For the record I never ever said Hauge was the new Messi lol. What others had said was to give him the opportunity to play RW given our deficiencies in that position first before selling him for loan w/ potential to buy (not obligation) for a 8M net profit. That I agreed with. Management thought otherwise – fine. DiMarzo is a lousy source?? LOL. Now you sound foolish my friend. He and Romano are two of the most respected in their field. I get your one of those cats that will never speak poorly about ownership. That’s fine. But blind loyalty doesn’t always get you places. Like I said, until M&M are signed and convinced of this new ownership I (like Maldini) will remain skeptical. There is nothing wrong with that. I pray they prove me wrong – nothing would make me happier. But thus far I don’t see it. I have no doubt if M&M resign they will make make mountains out of mole hills so to speak – but the point you keep missing is they shouldn’t have to. We will see at the end of the summer who is correct. You or that “lousy source” Di Marzo lol. My money is on him, but you know – perhaps you in your infinite knowledge will be right and “all the bitching on this site make the enviroment here intolerable and kinda reminescent of a trump rally not giving a damn about facts” – will be just white noise lol. Cheers mate

      1. Just made a long reply that took me a lot of time to write that wasnt posted so ill save my time and make it shorter this time.

        haha maybe that remark came out a bit more rude than intended 😀 but it was meant in regard of general disregard of facts on this site hence the comparison to a trump rally, again not speciffically against you.

        Would have loved vlahovic to join myself but it was never realistic while under ffp constraints due to the agreement with cass.

        I apologies for that comment then but was pretty sure you were amonst some of those overinflating the players talent. I never was against keeping hauge but it seems more like the player demanded to leave himself than he was forced away,

        I never said dimarzio wasnt respected i implied he was lousy compared to previously and that i fully stand by as i have followed his site for propably close to a decade. Romano i agree upon great source and pretty much consistently relaible all the time..

        Never said people should show blind faith in our ownership but i do believe that people maybe shouldnt react on rumours, hearsay and speculation. If maldini were to not be renewed fine lid up the torches and ill even cheer on the lynching but before that wait and actually see what the outcome might be.

        I never said i have infinite knowledge and neither do i have any issues to be disproven but hopefully not on this matter.

  5. The only signing I want to see right now is Maldini and Massara, if they sign I know we will be fine, if they don’t then it is time to worry, players come and go, we should not get so invested with potential targets, we should all know this by now

  6. Would fit team and player well unfortunately, his injury record means the rotation probably suits him and he’d be a perfect placement for Herrera

  7. MILAN NOW IS A COMPLETE JOKE, I DO NOT EVEN THINK ANY PLAYER WILL WANT TO COME TO THIS UNSERIOUS IMMATURE CLUB……Why will you negotiate and gain a players trust just to disappoint them at the end? Milan will be surprised next season, I know what they are thinking, another miracle to happen but do not worry, we all gonna regret all these signing we are blowing off……injury prone old kjear is subtitute for kalulu, Miserable Diaz the AMF and subtitute with Adli from a relegated team in farmers league, bakayoko and pobega our honorable midfeilders, all the good RW are expensive so we will settle with Scorless salamakers and inconsistent old messiah’s, ballo you’re the edible LB, Maldini and massara don’t even know if they are part of the team….we are just jokers, look at inter, juve, Napoli and even Roma, we won the league last season and this is happening, I wonder what would have happened if we didn’t win the league, by now both Theo and leao would have been sold…… JOKERS!!!!

    1. And? People like you are a disgrace, to Milan fanbase.. Why don’t you go and support other team? Instead of whining..

      1. Why? He’s a passionate fan who has every right to be skeptical of this new ownership as thus far they haven’t done much. It’s not whining. It’s passion and concern. Nothing wrong with that. Stop bashing our owns fans. If Maldini himself is skeptical of Redbird us fans have the right to be as well IMO.

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