Le10Sport: PSG ready to leapfrog Milan with €30m offer for Lille midfielder

By Isak Möller -

Renato Sanches has been heavily linked with a move to AC Milan ever since the January window, but the deal hasn’t been closed yet. As a result of this, the Rossoneri could now lose the battle to Paris Saint-Germain. 

The Portuguese midfielder has seemingly given his preference to Milan and is ready for the move. Just this morning, Corriere Dello Sport reported that he has agreed on personal terms with the Rossoneri, who now must reach an agreement with Lille.

The lack of renewals for the directors Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara is likely having a negative effect on the negotiations. Furthermore, Milan don’t exactly have the biggest budget and this has opened up the race a bit.

According to the French outlet Le10Sport, Paris Saint-Germain are now preparing to enter the race as Luis Campos is their new director. He brought Sanches to Lille and would be able to put around €30m on the table for Lille. Contacts with the player, meanwhile, have already been initiated.

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  1. very good. honestly this redbird management so far is trash. Worse than Elliot too.

    I won’t be surprised if Maldini and Massara decide to walk out of the project for once and for all.

      1. They haven’t even renewed Maldini and Massara’s contracts and then that Cardinale guy says
        “i HaTE LosING” mf we just won a trophy atleast spend reasonable amount of money. Renew Maldini and Massara’s contracts. Get them the players they want.

        but it’s been. 2 weeks and still no contract renewals. stop being deluded into believing redbird so far have been good.

      2. Nelli, all the top clubs purchased the players they want. Milan has 2 or transfers practically done and they couldn’t sort that out. Now, other clubs are coming in and Redbird has NO MONEY to spend, they need loans for the purchase and for possible loses.

        1. We already know they have a budget of 100m for the window. Y’all think that Elliot brought Milan back from the wilderness, to a Scudetto, and now their decisions and operations are shit? Take a deep breath. Window ain’t open. Don’t quote me Haaland and Tchouameni. You’re talking about the two marquee signings of the entire window and they aren’t even technically don’t until own hits paper on July 1st.


    1. If Maldini wants him. I’m pretty sure we should get him. He knows the players he wants.

      plus he knows more than Mehdi on Sempremilandotcom

  2. If Maldini wants him. I’m pretty sure we should get him. He knows the players he wants.

    plus he knows more than Mehdi on Sempremilandotcom

  3. Maldini and Massara aren’t asking for names like Messi Neymar Ronaldo. They are asking for above average players like Botman Sanches on reasonable prices.

    If PSG leapfrog us despite us being linked for 7 months now, Gerry Cardinale should Fvck out of milan

  4. We’ve been linked to this guy for AGES and we’ve taken so long oil FC are chasing him, wake up Milan Transfers shouldn’t take this long

      1. No players can complete a transfer or sign a contract for an Italian club until July 1st. Maldini and Co. move quietly behind the scenes as they did lining up Maignan. This has been in the pipeline for some time. Additionally, PSG are linked with every player of note, every single transfer window. Is it news to say “PSG might come offer more than ‘x’team?” Not really. Be calm.

    1. You can negotiate and close deals for transfers before July 1st genius. If PSG/Milan want they can close the deal for Sanches, Complete the deal and. even announce the player. However you can only mention the name of the player in your team roster after July 1st.

      Ex- Tchouameni to Madrid

      1. Be that as it may nothing can be signed sealed and delivered in Italy until July 1st. PSG, like RM are linked with virtually every player on the planet at some time or another.

        1. he’s already been announced therefore he is OFFICIALLY SIGNING on July 1st but as the videos suggest the contract has been signed and delivered.

          anyhow i ain’t taking s*** from an american lmao

          1. Please I’ve been watching and panting football while you were still in diapers. You who reacts to every single headline as if it were gospel prove you are naive in football as well as life. When the window opens we see who goes where, not before.

          2. Also makes sense that after RM announce Tchouameni and City Haaland….PSG can’t wait to announce Renato Sanches before the window opens LMAO. Get a clue.

  5. The great possibility is that the media writes news that ultimately has nothing to do with the truth ! It is important to sell the information and advertising with it ! As far as I’ve been reading lately PSG, City and maybe Real are interested in at least 150 promising players according to some media ! What have they been waiting for all these years when he played for Lille!? Right now, when Milan has everything agreed, they offer at least twice as much!? There’s something I doubt about that.

    1. THANK YOU!!!! Someone talking sense. The big clubs are linked with every player. Leao has been linked with Newcastle for god’s sake. No point pulling your hairs out until the window is open. Think about the most recent transfers of Maignan and Tomori. Let Milan work and have some faith in your club.

  6. Just renew Maldini and Massara first and let them work in peace. Don’t really care if we miss out on Sanches he’s overrated and injury prone anyway.

  7. And thatsss the first we miss out on… now in 13 days Maldini and Co can be gone. Maldini was already angry that it took so long and when he sees that he even miss out on Sanches who we worked for for like months bc the owner won’t even pay 30M! What a shame. How we want to sign De Ketelaere then? I think they think Brugge will give discount bc we are nice to them or something? It’s a pure money thing, being nice to a club doesn’t help anything. I’m so angry with this transfer market bc those owners don’t care and especially Elliot only care about the highest bidder when this guys have bought it with Loans

  8. Im agree with MilanNYC.
    Lets have faith n believe to M&M works n efforts. Cooling down the head, even the heart is hot…
    For me…anything happen to Milan, according to the players in and out, til transfer windows is closed, i’ll be gratefull. Cause i love this club…whoever the players….

  9. trust me all these are caused by Elliot, they never told maldini they are selling the club, had it been they did, trust me maldini and co would had known better to wrap up every deal on time

  10. All this problems are caused by Elliot they never told maldini and co they are selling the club had it been they did trust me, they would had wrapped up the whole deals on time

  11. The issue is NOT about having faith in M&M – we all do. They have proved their worth. The issue is having faith in new ownership that they will provide the financial support M&M have requested in order for us to take the leap from a “team compete in for the top 5-6 spots in Italy to a (consistent) CL contender” those are Maldini’s words. Maldini said if he did not get that support to take us to the next level he would leave. Him not signing an extension yet is beyond worrying and indicates he is NOT convinced Redbird will back him in this and subsequent transfer windows. Now we hear these reports Sanches to PSG; Botman to Newcastle; Bremer to Tottenham or Inter etc…and we are not spending 40-50M on CDK. So for those that say “relax and be patient” you must forget what happened to us in past transfer windows – where we waited and waited and the players we spent months and months scouting signed elsewhere. Next season will not be a repeat of this past glorious one IMO. We need to strengthen just to keep top 4 places in Serie A. Maldini knows this. He has been extremely transparent and realistic with the fans – some don’t want to believe – but all should really listen to what he is saying. There is still time, but in the same instance as others have pointed out – we are running out of it fast. Teams are already signing players (yes you can sign BEFORE July 1st – just can’t officially have them train with you until their previous contract is expired I.e., Haaland, Touchemi, Pogba, etc…). There is obviously a huge problem – we won a title, have the best director whose proven out and made 100M total (League and CL) that we were told we can spend and yet we aren’t doing anything – and to top it off more stores coming our about Redbirds difficult management structure; M&M not convinced; and players we supposedly “signed” already are off to other teams. Elliot didn’t give a $hit about the club. Sold us to an owner that doesn’t have as deep pockets as Investcorp and who is debt financing the majority of the sale and increased our debt. Ya this sounds really great🤬

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