MN: Leao receives a big offer from abroad – Milan’s current bid and Mendes’ stance

By Oliver Fisher -

The news has arrived that AC Milan winger Rafael Leao has received a big offer from abroad through his entourage, a report claims.

MilanNews reports how the Rossoneri are going through an interesting period where they are preparing to change ownership in addition to focusing on the final four games and their quest to win a 19th league title.

In the meantime, clubs are moving on Rafael Leao and the Portuguese attacker has received a significant offer from a foreign club, but any decision will be made without haste after the arrival of Investcorp as the owners.

Milan want to keep the former Lille man because they believe so much in him and have done everything to satisfy his demands and those of his agent Jorge Mendes in renewal talks, also supporting him in the legal that the player has with Sporting CP.

On the plate from Milan is an offer of €4.5m net per year, while the player’s agent is asking for more, but the Diavolo remain optimistic because Leao is very tied to the club and feels happy to be here.

If Milan were to sell Leao, it would start from a minimum valuation of €70-80m, mostly because the winger has grown in value and has scored 9 goals in Serie A this year, but also because a percentage of the proceeds from a future resale will go to Lille.

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  1. There isn’t a current Milan player that is not up for sale or irreplaceable. Maybe Tonali but mostly because of his Milanista mentality.
    If anyone is offering €70-80 mil for a player that has scored in 3 years 6,6 & 9 goals, Milan shouldn’t think twice but take the money and run.
    The over rating and over hyping of average players in todays football is getting out of hand.
    Look at Victor Osimhen, supposedly Arsenal offers a €100 mil for a player that in 2 years in Italy has scored 22 goals, one goal less than a 40 year old Zlatan Ibrahimovic for the same time period .

      1. If someone, just reads some of our fans tweets or comments and doesnt watch the game, would think that Leao is the best player ever. What assists?, he has 5, he rarely passes the ball. His silly dribbling usually end up with him losing the ball. And Mo Salah also plays a winger, on the right, and he is the leading scorer in premier league.
        Those are all excuses

          1. Playing for Roma at Leao s age ,Salah had 14 goals the 1st season, 15 the second.
            Stop. We need to stop looking for excuses. He is a month shy of turning 23, it’s not like he is 18,19 years old

        1. @vardar

          Leao got 7 assists this season and some of those came of from his passing.

          And please stop acting like a child.

          1. He’s got only 5, but even if he had 7 that’s pitiful input. Berardi, who has a quarter of Leao s physical talent has 13.
            Giroud keeps screaming at Leao during every game because he makes the runs but leao doesn’t pass him the ball. That doesn’t matter as long as Leao pointlessly dribbles on the left. Inters 2nd goal in the Copa came from Leao’s selfishness

    1. 1) Berardi is 27 years old. He’s at his peak and have more experiences than Leao. If Berardi can’t get 13 assist for Sassuolo then he sucks.

      And talk about “pitiful input”, Berardi can’t even help Italy qualify for World Cup, the opposite with Leao did with Portugal.

      2) Inter second goal because of Tomori and Theo didn’t do their job. Not because of Leao.

  2. I think we all need to relax re: Leao. All will be made clear after the verdict regarding the Sporting Lisbon incident is resolved. If he loses the appeal he owes 16M – so at the current salary we are offering him of 4-4.5M per season he would essentially be playing for us for free. Hence IMO the inquiry with other teams to see if they will pay him significantly more. It’s a terrible situation for a young kid to be in. We would all probably look around as well for more $. Now if he wins the appeal I think he re-signs with us for the offer we proposed because he seems to love playing for us. But if he looses and we don’t offer him more $$ – well then, what would any of us do? Play for free for the next 4 years? I hardly think so. Mendez is doing his job seeing what the market is for him. I would hate to sell him without first seeing how many goals he can score with a proper supporting cast – RW, CAM and striker – but if he asks to leave well than that is a different story and if we can get 80-90M for him we, like any other club must consider it. But remember – with our new owners we likely no longer “need” to sell players like in the past as we will have more than enough money to keep those we want. So I see this situation working out and he resigns probably for 5.5M season and we are all happy IMO

    1. Well said. I’m not worried I think management knows how valuable he is and will do what they can to find a solution that works for everyone.

  3. So it begins, stalling to renew.
    5M per season, top…if not, sale him for 50-60M and get done with it. One good season and they think Milan should throw money at them. “This is MILAN” (Sparta kick)

  4. I would sell him for 80 yesterday. Big talent, but there is at least 5 similar talents in that position. RW almost impossible to find, LW you can pick.

  5. I would only let Leao go for 70-80M because I feel we could get Nkunku for that price and would even be an improvement over Leao.

  6. Let’s just wait until transfer market open in summer, if he still refuse extension till July or August then better sell him , even 60m euro already good and we can get nkunku for that price too

  7. Ako prodaju Leaa onda nisu ozbiljni ! Kako stoje stvari novci nisu neophodni od prodaje ! On če još napredovat možda do najboljeg krila svijeta u narednim godinama mlad je i to dovodi do toga da je neprocjenljiv i da če praviti razliku u vrhunskim utakmicama!! Velika je perspektiva pred njime i treba gledat u budučnost, a ne što je učinio lani ili preklani !!! Napad Milana za sljedeču godinu Leao , Darvin Njunes , Marez to je oko 100 mil eura ovo ostalo što je dogovoreno je ok !!

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