Photo: Leao excited for partnership with Chukwueze – “Let’s kill them”

By Oliver Fisher -

Rafael Leao has sent a pretty strong message about what he thinks he and Samuel Chukwueze will be able to do next season.

There is a lot of excitement about Milan’s ability down the flanks given that they have now partnered Leao – a candidate for being among the best wingers in the world – with Chukwueze on the opposite wing.

The duo should pose a double threat because of their pace, directness, dribbling and eye for goal, something Leao is well aware of it seems.

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  1. 🙃🫠😁🥰

    I pray this works out perfectly…. I can’t wait to break my ceiling celebrating goals galore…

  2. How are they going to kill teams that park the bus? Over the last couple of seasons it’s been shown that clubs that play with 5 man backlines and/or play in a “low block”, i.e. park the bus, can severely limit Leao’s effectiveness. Pioli has no clue how to defeat these tactics. Maybe adding a real threat on the right will help, but they’ll have to figure out a way to properly break these teams down.

    1. Because teams with low blocks would focus on Leão while if they focus too much on Leão, Leão has the capability to switch play to Chukwueze and if they notice both are dangerous it gives both of these two a decent amount of space nonetheless to take a player on, plus having Okafor as well can bring a different dimension to the way we attack, but in all honesty I hope Pioli actually has made tactics against low block teams because in the past it just seemed like a case of hoping for something while we need to make smart passes like Toulouse Vs Roma yesterday, if you saw how they played they made some phenomenal passing movement to create golden chances

    2. Because this splits off responsibility of the attack and makes it unpredictable. Nice reply. You’re just another person who complains about literally everything. This makes it harder to mark players.

      1. It is very dangerous having a low block when you have players like RLC and Rijanders in front of you as their physicality and eye for a pass and in Rijanders case a excellent shot can prove to be a very difficult problem to deal with.

        I know a lot of fans are underwhelmed with RLC but if he is fit, especially in the derby he will be the game changer, you will see when he is up against Berella and Frattasi he will burst through them and with our wing power, I just can’t wait. 😆

        1. And when the other team is tiring then Okafor can be brought on or Pulisic. Oh the wonders to have a deep bench for once.

  3. Forget about ‘Vero Rossonero’ ominous prophecies, he’s probably one of those doom&gloom clowns. Leão and Chuk will certainly kick ass.

      1. We have a threat on the right. It makes the attack unpredictable. Those teams had problems marking Leao last season. It’s just a weird statement on his part.

        1. AAAAAAAAAaaaand not just that, the midfielders (at least RLC & Reijnders) are also able to create problems from the center. I’m counting on the Reindeer to massively improve the creativity part that has been lacking for a decade already.

    1. “Gre-No-Li”, I’m not one of the doom & gloom clowns. Please don’t put me in the same bucket as Martin, Juro, Shiva and some others. I’m very pleased with the signing we have made. I’m simply talking about our struggles against clubs that play a certain way. Three months ago we were all talking about this. Signings can only do so much, if the coach has no clue what to do against these teams.

  4. Parking the bus can severely limits Leao effectiveness… lmao. Imagine smoking whatever this guy is smoking. Leao hit a season high with goals and assists last season without an effective partner on the right.

    Some here blow smoke just because and love to complain about every little thing.

    1. Lol. I hardly “complain about every little thing”. Re-watch the games against Inter and Roma, for example. Season high with goals and assists? Great. That says nothing about specific opponents. Remember all of those draws and losses against bottom half/relegation fighting teams? There are 38 games in a league season. Leao can score 30 goals and we could still finish 5th. I’m talking about the coach here, not the players.

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