CM: Leao shows Milan fans that Chelsea transfer links are not affecting him

By Euan Burns -

Rafael Leao showed the watching AC Milan fans on Saturday evening that he is not being affected by the transfer links with Chelsea, according to a report.

As has been suggested by, the Portuguese forward put in his best display this season against Bologna and he does not look like he is angling for a move away.

The player has been linked with many different big teams in Europe this summer but Chelsea more than others in recent weeks.

Against Bologna, he scored the first goal of the game and set up Olivier Giroud’s volley that secured the points for Rossoneri. His understanding with Charles De Ketelaere who made his first start of the season was deeply impressive and promising for Milan fans.

The job for the Milan hierarchy now is to secure the forward to a new contract as they are still at risk of losing one of their most talented stars.

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    1. And some of the fans here are ready to crown him as the GOAT. =D

      His work ethics is… pretty much non-existing. It’s all good when he scores/assists but the other matches… Oh boy, that’s a whole other topic.

      1. So he has to score and assist in every single game? Think about what you’re saying. He’s a forward. He will occasionally win the ball with a good press but his job is to create goals, and that’s what he does…consistently. You think any old left winger is gonna have two dozen goal contributions in a season? Dead wrong.

        1. “So he has to score and assist in every single game? Think about what you’re saying. ”

          No. Read again. That’s not what I’m said. He should work for the team in every match. If he gives his all every time on pitch that’s good enough even when he doesn’t deliver. But he doesn’t defend at all. He looks as “I don’t care” and lets others do his work as well.

          1. @bb

            “He should work for the team in every match”

            He did. He turn CDK assist into a goal, gave assist to Giroud, and almost set up the third goal. All his contributions for the team.

            “But he doesn’t defend at all”

            He’s a striker and his job is to score goals. Pioli also gave him instructions not to fall back and let others defend or collect the ball for him. That’s why he stay in front so Milan can do fast counter attack with his dribbling once they collect the ball.

            It’s clear in here that you didn’t understand at all about Leao role or how Milan plays.

          2. bb you are either naive or willfully ignorant. Leao won many games on his own last season and in this game was responsible in part for the only goals. I do not give a f**k about his defending. Man takes games and wins them for us time and again. Players like him are not all over the place. Think slowly. He’s a game changer. Put respect on his name.

        2. Don’t bother man. These clueless af kids thinks real life football is as easy as video games where striker scored 5 times in one match lol.

          1. Let’s put it this way. There are strikers who can score goals and nothing else. Then there are strikers who work hard for the team (pressing, making the runs to create space for others) and might not be as clinical as the “one-trick-pony” strikers. So… When there is a 10 match dry spell guess which striker is more useful for the team?

            Football still is a team sport. Individuals don’t win CL trophies to team. That’s a team effort. Look at PSG. They have the individuals but how about team spirit and everyone working for the mutual goal? Not so much.

          2. bro its useless to argue with bb the guy cant appreciate leao when plays bad i am gonna say but today he was good so why criticize him yes he has to improve a little but its game by game so today he did great lets appreciate is effort and move on ur not on field even Salah benzema dont score 2 goals every game please understand

      2. Work ethic??? By whose standards? Yours you idiot? LOL. If he lacked worked ethic Pioli wouldn’t start and leave him in the game. So why does he? Because you make up BS fake facts. And because Leao when needed was decisive. He had a goal and an assist and yet according to you he sucked LOL. Have you never watched Neymar play?? Some would say he lacks work ethic. But guess what he plays every game. Why? Because he’s decisive, he’s a game changer and he draws double teams. Stop the Leao bashing kid and be thankful we have such a player on our team. All you do is slam him. Your Such a loser. Your the same donkey who said we should sell Leao for 40M and Redbird borrowing 600M FROM Elliot FOR THE PURCHASE of the club didn’t add debt to the club. Hahahahahaha!! Moron!

  1. Let me make one thing clear here, at his age, tell me a player who has super high work rate, scores goals and assist, double digits? It’s not like they are many of those, yes his work rate is not his best attribute but he is one of the best wingers out there for his age. You cannot have it all, and guess what I MUCH rather have a winger who is decisive and score goals and assist and might not be the heaviest runner through out the game rather then someone like let’s say saleemaker who runs A LOT and never ever scores nor makes assists

    1. Seriously!!!
      If you find yourself saying of a forward “aside from when he’s scoring and assisting, he’s not that great” you may need to start watching another sport because you don’t know anything about football.

  2. Well, we only did see 20 percent of the last season Leao. He lost the ball so many times, struggled to move it forward and so on. Yes, he scored and made an assist but his overall performance wasn’t the one we loved him for. If he struggles to do his best against Bologna then I wouldn’t expect much from him when we play against UCL level teams.

    1. The season just started where every Milan players are not yet on their top form. But here people like you thinking players can’t improve and fixed their mistakes 🤦‍♂️

      Also no, Leao didn’t struggle against Bologna. Did we even watched the same match here?

      1. @ Forzamilan your wasting your time w this donkey @bb. He’s just a Leao bashed. No matter how many goals he scored in a game or if he wins MVP of the league again or leads us to a CL – he will find something to complain about. Maybe @bb’s girlfriend masterbates to Leao every night and he is jealous or something. Oh wait that can’t be true – @bb with a girlfriend? Can’t be right lol

    2. Ya but all he did was carry us the last 10 games of the season to help win the title. Ask other Italian teams defenders what they think of Leao and how to defend him lol. Come on man. Ya sure I guess that’s why CL teams want him and are willing to pay over 100M for him – you know because they don’t expect he will do much against other CL teams LMAO.

  3. Its only a truth in your deluded head, REAL Milan fans can see what he does and appreciate that, The truth is we have been the most dominant team in the league so far and you fake Milan fans are coming to this forum to sh%t talk Milan. Strongest team in the league living rent free in rival supporters heads after only 3 games, keep on crying.

  4. Antony just sold to ManU for 100M and this idiot @bb was screaming for us to sell Leao for 40M LOLOLOLO. Tells you all you need to know about that kid

    1. I simply cannot believe people have anything bad to say about Leao. No player is perfect and they all have areas of their game to improve, but he’s been nothing short of phenomenal. If Antony is 100m player, Leao is at LEAST 150m.

  5. Leao is not good, he’s great. Period. Can be improve? Sure. Anyone can improve, and at 23 I don’t think anyone feels he’s reached his potential yet. When a forward scores a goal and an assist in a 2-0 win he should not be coming in for criticism, especially for his own fan base.

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