Mediaset: Leao is making Milan renewal his priority over other clubs

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan forward Rafael Leao is making the contract renewal discussions his priority over pursuing moves to other clubs, a report claims. 

As has been reported by Sport Mediaset (via Milan News), it seems that the Portuguese forward is very keen to agree on terms with Milan as that is his priority.

Many big clubs around Europe want to sign Leao but he is not currently trying to sound out the best possible new option for him. Instead, he is waiting to hold more talks with Milan and see if they can match his demands.

Chelsea and Real Madrid are the two clubs that have shown the most serious interest in Leao but there is known to be appreciation from the likes of Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City too.

The player is currently at the Qatar 2022 World Cup so there is likely not going to be any serious movement until he returns.

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  1. The thing is, if he really wants to renew, there’s no need for this kind of talk. Making Milan a priority, positive meeting, talk after WC, changing agents, yada yada. Just look on the renewal of Theo and Tomori (I didn’t include Tonali and Calabria as we know the bleed red and black). We heard about the renewal like 1-2 weeks, then done. Sealed. No gibberish talk.

    And the sad thing is that this happens to Benny as well. We heard about the renewal for months and months with no significant progress. So it’s not surprising if we lose both players. And I hope it’s a paid leave.

  2. I’ll repeat what I said yesterday, about some Daniele Longo report:

    “Journalists make a living from this, from continually inventing ‘sensational twists’, my friends. Yesterday the guy said X, today he’s already saying Y, and tomorrow he’ll probably say Z. That’s why, in my view, the press in general doesn’t deserve any credit.”

    That’s it: don’t take any of this fuss seriously.

  3. Players that AC Milan develops into stars and then they decide to leave always, always, always learn it the hard way that they have made a horrible mistake! There are numerous examples from the past when even the likes of Kaka or Shevchenko were completely useless in Real Madrid or Chelsea. And these days as examples we have Chalhanoglu, Dollaruma and now Kessie. I am pretty much sure that the same destiny awaits Leao if he choses that path.

    1. I agree. I dont think he will have the same impact in England as he would in Italy. His biggest strength is speed and control in a 1v1. A faster pace league brings him down a notch. And his aerial presence is non existent. And I have to mention his casual walk when he loses the ball. Theres no hustle and fight to get the ball unless he is running on goal. All that talent but I don’t think he has the best work ethic.

    2. Sheva was 30 when he left Milan, and he was plagued with injuries, especially his back.
      Kaka had a lot of problems with his knee when he left Milan.
      Hakan has been playing very well for inter, last year he had 20 g/a contributions. This year he stepped in a unnatural position for him to play as a regista while Brozovic was injured and is one of the main reasons inter got out of their UCL group.
      Donnarumma is doing just fine. He made few mistakes last year that he was also making while he was still a Milan GK.
      Romagnoli is reborn and playing like he did up to 2021.
      Kessie is the only one that has issues but that’s mostly because of Xavi playing his old teammate and friend Busquets over both Kessie and De Jong. Same Busquets who along Pique cost Barca the UCL elimination.
      One of them had the decency to retire mid-season and once the other is shipped out Kessie will go back to playing his heart out.
      It isn’t as bleak as most of our fans wants to be because they feel a certain way towards those players that decided to leave Milan.

      1. Dollarumma is why Italy isn’t in the World Cup. Very overrated and overpaid. I don’t think Romagnoli was ever a top CB and still isn’t. He’s fine a quality 3rd CB and a CL squad but he was a bad fit In Pioli’s system and he seemingly to always have a bad mistake in him.

        1. Was Gigio the one that was missing penalties during the qualifiers , or was Jorginho?
          Was Gigio the one that missed a wide open goal vs. Macedonia, or was that Berardi?
          Gigio was the reason Italy won the Euros .
          Are you going to blame him for every bad thing that happens in the world just because he left Milan?

  4. Its okay if he want to go, but please with the proper transfer fee so we can re-invest.

    But the best is : He renew his contract and still maintain financial stability of ACM.

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