MN: Leao negotiation ongoing with same obstacles to overcome – what the winger told fans

By Oliver Fisher -

Further confirmations continue to emerge that expose the story from La Gazzetta dello Sport earlier today about Rafael Leao’s renewal as being unfounded.

MilanNews claim to have spoken to qualified sources about the situation and they confirm that negotiations between Leao and Milan over the extension of his contract – currently expiring in June 2024 – are continuing but with the same obstacles.

The €19m fine owed to Sporting CP continues to weigh heavily in the talks and not even the €7.7m net per season including bonuses offered by Milan would be enough to get rid of the worry, given he would essentially play for two and a half years for free to pay the fine off and then start to collect money in his account.

Something not to be underestimated is that Sporting CP could also take revenge on any secondary accounts in Leao’s name and demand their seizure as already happens for 20% of the player’s current salary, which amounts to €1.5m net.

The situation is constantly evolving and the official press release from the club today confirmed that the dialogue with the player’s entourage continues in a serene and professional atmosphere.

MilanNews also believe talks have continued in recent days, but there are still differences of views on the release clause. Milan don’t want to go below €100m because they know very well that a club abroad might well want to pay that.

Maldini and Massara are firmly convinced that even in the event of a non-renewal, an offer commensurate with the player’s value could arrive in the summer of 2023 which would allow Milan to have more action on signings.

If Leao renews then the parties will go forward together obviously, but if an agreement is not reached then the management will start looking around for serious buyers and would reinvest the money collected.

Finally, the report states that Leao was spotted by some Milan fans outside a well-known restaurant in the city last Thursday and he confirmed he is happy at the club and is waiting for developments on the deal.

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  1. Kessie said the same thing in a public interview.
    Leao is saying that to fans face to face in front of a restaurant. What else is he supposed to say to them, that he is unhappy and wants to leave?
    Milan can come out and deny Gazzetta report, Leao can tell fans that he wants to stay but actions speak louder than words.

  2. It takes 2 parties in any negotiation. Why is it always the player who is the villain? Rarely happens with other clubs. Why? Because other clubs CAN AFFORD to pay MARKET VALUE for the player and WE CANNOT. It’s pretty simple. No player wants to be constantly nickel and dimed all the time and wants to get paid their try worth. Same with negotiating with another club when we are trying to buy their player. They don’t want to always be low balled and haggled with especially when they have better offers from other clubs. It’s fkn embarassing such a historic club like Milan are constantly begging for discounts and freebies from players and clubs. We Can thank ownership for that. So don’t always blame the player or the other club. Its is time to look in the mirror. When the same thing happens over and over again at some point you have to say “is it me, am I the problem?” The answer is YES. You cannot go on constantly blaming everybody else when you are the one doing the same thing over and over and over and then expect different results?? That is the definition of INSANITY.

    1. Hakan (his first 2 years) and Kessie literally went to earn the same amount milan offered them at their new clubs. If milan has a probelm is not their trying have a good economic balance, it´s they not selling players who want to leave and upgrade from there. Liverpool did it after suarez and coutinho, atletico did it after falcao, etc.

  3. TBH our saving grace may in fact be the judgment against Leao, as it will compel him to accept an offer in the summer as opposed to saying “well, I’ll just see out my contract and leave on a free” in 2024 as his wages, currently at 1.5m are being garnished to pay off Sporting. It behooves him to find a higher salary, whether at Milan or elsewhere, ASAP.

  4. 100 M release clause summers only) leao get 20% if activated the last two years of his deal, pay half the fine. If not probably time to start talking to PL clubs…

  5. You must be joking, our fans aren’t Germans, they can afford to do that because they are diligent people and have a strong economy, Italy and the Milan fans on the other hand not so much, the leader of our Ultras got locked up for drug trafficking. That would be ludicrous especially considering some of the views of some fans on here lol.

  6. Ne pričajte gluposti !! Milan se neče ove godine plasirat za ligu prvaka , a Leao neče ostat u takvom timu jer želi najjaču svjetsku scenu i veliki novac !!

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