Leao sends cryptic social media post: “There are people who don’t know the meaning” – photo

By Oliver Fisher -

The 3-3 draw against Genoa was certainly not Rafael Leao’s best match for AC Milan and he left the field to some jeers.

The Portuguese winger left the field in the 67th minute, when Stefano Pioli preferred to replace him with Noah Okafor. Leao, after the substitution, didn’t even sit on the bench and went straight into the tunnel to the changing room.

Now, he has posted a photo of him kissing a ball with the caption: “Thank you for existing, there are people who don’t know the meaning… Much more than passion it’s a religion!!” ️

It is not certain whether it is a reference to the fans who booed him as he left the pitch or to the ultras of the Curva Sud who decided to leave the stadium in the 80th minute. It might also just be a generic expression of love for the game.


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  1. Maybe he should focus on football

    instead of his clothing line, his rap music, and a whole host of other profitable endeavors especially considering he’s making over 7m a year

    But hey, I guess making clothes “is a religion” too. I guess rap music is also a misunderstood religion.

    Excuses excuses excuses. What I saw? Leao played like MERDA and is blaming others.

    Leao is not the problem here, but his attitude indicates there is a big problem.

  2. Soon as Pioli goes the better. It’s clear that not only the tactics are poor but the players do not really want to play for him – just riding out the rest of the season to go on holiday.
    Sadly, the comparison to Inzaghi’s troops is poor.

    1. “Sadly, the comparison to Inzaghi’s troops is poor.”

      A lot of how the team plays depends on the management and the support that it gives to the coach and players.

      There is no comparison between ours and Inter, in terms of knowledge, experience and overall ability to manage (players, coaches, other dependants… but also fans, media, rumors, etc ) which is what they’re paid for. We went from Gazidis and Maldini to Furlani and Ibra, two that need to learn and very fast how to play the game.

      So far, there seems to be little synch and cohesion in the Furlani-Ibra team. Hope they get better.

      1. Inter want to player for their gaffer and are convincing champions. Milan’s players look laboured playing under Mr Pioli, and are hoping to grab second spot. That is the comparison.

  3. Leao has to realize that everyone holds him to a higher standard because they all see the talent he possesses. And when he puts in a terrible performance like yesterday, people are going to criticize him.

  4. What did he expect from such performance? A round of applause? He’s the highest paid player on the squad. It’s time act like one. It’s time to man up and take your responsibility. Stop treating him as a talented kid. Start treating him like someone who can get the job done. Week in week out.

  5. He should focus on playing well and nothing else. These days 9 out of 10 times he can’t dribble past his man, either being figured out on how to defend him or he leaves the ball behind him and it’s really annoying. He’s our star, and he should be the first one to step up

  6. What’s cryptic about it?
    Religion is this thing that few poeple pretend to believe in to extract money form the massess that follow them. Perfect metaphor.

  7. Want to be a leader? Learn to take responsability when things go wrong instead of acting like a spoiled little brat, letting your team down.

    Strip him of that armband and give it to Gabbia, wh’s leaving his heart on the field every time. Leao is not worthy of it.

    1. With you 100% on this comment, Teddy
      Gabbia has captancy credentials. Personally, I think he’s learnt more than we realise from Kjaer.

  8. i really against people who give pressure to our players, they try their best, they can easily be main players even in bigger/ more ambitious clubs w/ bigger salary. if it was incompetence it’s more in coach & board, protest/ boo them not the players..

  9. Leao, Theo and Maignan should leave the team and bring us a lot of money to invest in players who want to play for AC Milan. These extraordinary talents will remain talents and will not get better than that. What to do with such players who perform exceptionally once per month and very bably in two games?

    1. There is already money in Milan. Redbird just refuse to spend it! Don’t encourage this behavior. We don’t need to sell players to buy more. We need to keep talent and build on it further.

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