Leao says he had ‘positive’ meeting with Maldini ahead of post-World Cup talks

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan forward Rafael Leao has said that he had a ‘positive’ meeting with Paolo Maldini before the World Cup and will be discussing a new contract as soon as he returns from Qatar.

Leao spoke to reporters after the Portugal victory over Uruguay, as reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, and explained that he has been having discussions with the club about his future and those talks will continue on his return from Qatar.

The forward is out of contract with Milan in the summer of 2024 and considering his immense talent and the interest in him, Milan are very keen to secure his long-term future.

If they are unable to do so, they will likely attempt to sell him in the summer to ensure that a big transfer fee can be received.

Leao said that talks will resume when he gets back from the World Cup: “Milan and the contract? I am happy, and proud, now I have to stay focused on the World Cup, then with Milan I will talk as soon as I arrive.”

He also explained that he spoke to sporting director Maldini before leaving: “Do I feel like signing the contract? Already before arriving in the national team we had a meeting with Maldini, it was positive, so when I arrive in Milan we will talk.”


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  1. “I’m proud to have chosen this club and it is not my intention to leave. In fact, I want to stay forever. I really like it when the Ultras sing: ‘The President, there is only one President…’ Here, I want to be for life. At least the football life.”
    – “Franck, the fear of the fans is linked to a renewal that is slow to materialize…
    “I understand, but they have to be calm. I always keep my word, they should know me. Now I’m here in Tokyo to achieve something important with my country, but as soon as the Olympics are over, I’ll go back to Milano and we’ll fix everything. There will be no problems.”
    – Have you heard from anyone from the club these days?
    “Of course, we have a chat and Paolo Maldini, Frederic Massara and I constantly text each other, they know my thoughts perfectly.”
    Sound very very similar

    1. Well… Kessie was way more positive towards to fans/Milan. Leao has been pretty careful about his wordings. Which is even more worrying. He’s not promising anything or even giving hope. He only keeps saying they will continue talking. He has never said “I want to stay”. Which says a lot.

    2. 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂 🤣
      Good one. So reminiscent.
      I truly hope Maldini and Co learns from the past and cash in on Leao from the best offer they get.
      P.s your comment made me laugh real good. Thanks

  2. Well, (i hope) management do realise how poor transfer policies get revenge on the club. Buying expensive (Leao 32mil, Kessie 30+mil, Hakan 24mil, Bennacer 20mil) and leave them for free, will affect Fans, finances everything….

    1. And yet, the club keeps reducing its losses year over year. Meanwhile Juventus is totally imploding due to their reckless quest to overpay for players and win at all costs. Have you all seen the new lately? Slow and steady wins the race. Just ask Bayern Munich.

      1. Ah, Juve… LOL. Those crooks are finally getting what they deserve. Cheating bastards. -250M€ last year even with tampered finances. I’m loving every minute of this Juve saga. But if I’m being honest, I wish it was Nerazzurri instead of Juve. 🙂

      2. Well, if Milan was able to sell any of those players that left on a free transfers, we probably would be talking about Milan posting profits instead of bragging about cutting losses .
        Bayern Munich doesn’t let their players leave for free. They just made about 50 million from selling a 34 year old Lewandowski to Barcelona.

        1. “Bayern Munich doesn’t let their players leave for free”

          Actually they did. David Alaba, Jerome Boateng, Ribbery, Rafinha, and more players left Munich as free transfer.

          1. Did you just compare Milan losing players in their prime, starters, high value players, i don’t think any of them was over 26 years of age, to Bayern Munich letting go of mid 30s finished players like Boateng, Ribery and Rafinha that went to play in mid to bottom of the table teams in lower leagues than the Bundesliga?
            I’ll give you Alaba, but Alaba was a Bayern Munich youth product, meaning, they didn’t have to pay 20, 30 mil to sign him and then lose him for free like @!Milanelo said. He played for 10+ years for them, won everything you can think of, and they already had Upamecano in the squad to take his spot.
            It’s not a like for like comparison. Plus Bayern Munich isn’t a cash strapped club like Milan is.
            Nice try for a straw man argument though

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