Leao recalls Ibrahimovic incident in defence of Lukaku: “Racism out” – photo

By Oliver Fisher -

Rafael Leao has become the latest to speak out as the fall-out continues following Romelu Lukaku’s red card in the match against Juventus last night.

As he was about to take a last-minute penalty to make it 1-1, Lukaku was the victim of racist chants and shouts from Juve fans, and when he did a ‘shush’ celebration he was inexplicably sent off for a second yellow card.

“Ibra suffered racist chants in the match against Roma after scoring, he cheered and was booked by the referee when before he had been insulted by all the Roma fans, but in the end there was no punishment,” he began.

“Yesterday Lukaku received racist chants and once again, after scoring, he celebrated… and who was penalised? The player… Unfortunately this act continue to tarnish the sport we love so much. Racism out.”

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  1. As usual, Serie-a garbage referee and FIGC never learn from their mistakes. These dumbass always hold back Serie-a to become a competent league 🙁

  2. You guys make such big dill
    Pay attention in field not outside
    People pay a lot of money to watch you
    And you walk on field with disrespect
    Lukaku should be band 10 game is not first time he dose.

    1. Well, we know where you stand on the argument. If you showed up to work and were abused for the color of your skin or nationality, would you say nothing because you were being paid? Ridiculous. People deserve to be respected, regardless of how much or how little they’re being paid.

    2. Trojan, you has to be the biggest idiot out there, people pay their money to go to the games but that does not give them the right to insult and disrespect the players, people like you should just go and hide under a rock and never, ever come out.

  3. Do you mean they can chant racism at black players anytime their teams not winning. He just told them to shut up.

    1. I think the reasoning was for instigating a violent situation (1000’s of spectators in a violent rage can be quite dangerous for everyone especially when security would be outnumbered) but it shouldn’t have even reached that stage.

      1. Maybe the cards can be justified that way but the club (Juventus) should also get fined, heavily, for letting those thing happened

      2. Ok, so this is how it works. U react to a racism chant, you get booked for instigation. You walk off the pitch, you get booked for attempting to bring the match to a premature end. What is the best possible action if faced with these abuses??

        1. Rules are rules regarding the yellow card. Nothing really the players can do in that situation. It’s a lose-lose situation.

          It’s the league’s responsibility to punish the racists and make it clear that that kind of actions are not welcomed. Close down the whole section or play for an empty stadium if needed but Serie A must take a proper stand. It’s not the player’s task. One could claim it’s the referee’s job but what can he really do? Say “we will not continue to play until the racists have left the stadium?” And how would they do that? Naah, it’s up to the Serie A to fix this problem.

  4. There is good video. Lifetime ban for all involved. The yellow card needs to be reversed and the referee needs to be taught.

  5. Juventus fans and the club should be punished, but sending Lukaku off was the correct decision, too. You can’t have players going around shouting back and forth to the crowd or the situation could quickly get out of hand, both on the pitch and between the crowd.

    There are always a few idiots in there who will act stupid in the crowd, and the solution is to identify and isolate them, not engage with them.

    All that aside, Lukaku is a moron. Always telling players to meet him outside like the school bully. He should concentrate on improving his form rather than picking fights after scoring penalties.

    1. Agreed. Racist shouts should mean long bans for the fans and sanctions to the club. Let them play with the fan section closed or for an empty stadium. After a couple of those penalties the clubs might be motivated to react to the problem.

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