Sky Germany: Leao ‘does not want to renew’ – Chelsea, Man City and Real Madrid keen

By Euan Burns -

Rafael Leao does not want to renew his current contract with AC Milan and there is a queue of clubs waiting to take advantage of the situation, a report claims.

As has been reported by Sky Germany journalist Florian Plettenberg on Twitter, the Portuguese forward is not currently happy to stay at Milan beyond 2024 when his current deal runs out.

He is not confident that Milan can offer him the sort of contract that he would like and that has left the door open for more wealthy clubs to make bids.

The most interested clubs at this time appear to be Chelsea, Manchester City and Real Madrid. It was Chelsea who actually held talks with Milan in Qatar, but the Rossoneri were not interested in Chelsea’s €70 million offer.

The Diavolo would like to receive €150 million which is the Portuguese star’s release clause. The club are still believed to be trying to get Leao to sign a new contract.

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  1. If we can get a good price for him, let him go. All they see is money. Now we appreciate more the loyalty of such players as Maldini and Baresi.

    1. There is no loyalty in sports. It’s a business. Always has been. No different than in the regular world. It’s extremely rare nowadays to stay with the same company for 30 years and retire. Rarely happens. Companys don’t treat employees the same and vice versa. So why would it be any different in sports? Why is a player “disloyal” if he chooses to leave for more $$? If someone came to your job and offered you to times your salary are you “disloyal” if you chose to leave? LOL. Some fans need to wake up. It’s human nature to seek better opportunities- nothing wrong with that. Is Messi “disloyal” for leaving Barca? Why didn’t he take a pay cut and just retire there? You don’t say he is disloyal but if Leao leaves he is??? Double standard.

      1. 💯 @Juro. Say it louder for the delusional people in the back to hear it. Same people that crap and insult Gigio and Kessie because they didn’t want to turn down extra 4 and 2.5 mil per year, like they would if they were in those players’ shoes

      2. “here is no loyalty in sports. It’s a business. Always has been. ”

        That’s what the 10-year-olds think because they’re too young to know better.

      3. Im agree with @victor. Long time ago, we can see “one club man”…like madini and baresi.
        But, im agree with @juro too. At this time, almost imposible to get player like them. Today…is pure business and money. All about gain and lost. Theres no such thing like loyalty. So..if leao can give us money, why not..? Its not an apocalypse. Another day…we can get another. Life’s go on…forward. AC Milan is still standing without Leao…❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤

      4. It is also beyond me how people don’t get this. Playing football is their profession not passion like it is for you as a fan.. Players like Maldini Toti and Baressi of course they stayed, Milan was the biggest club in the world back then also Roma could afford a competitive salary back in the day. That 2005 Milan squad would be worth more that any team now and by a huge margin we were the man city of that time …..

    2. “The loyalty of Maldini and Baresi!”.
      They were loyal because they were getting paid what they were asking.
      People either were too young or choose to forget but during Paolo Maldini’s career, Milan was a top paying club in the world .
      All these clubs today that you hate because you are jealous of, that was Milan from the mid 80’s to mid 2000’s. Milan was the PSG, the ManCity

      1. Milan was never that club. To begin with, back then, there was a rule that no club can make offers to another club’s players while they’re still under contract, unless in the last month’s of his contract.
        ND. beyond that, Milan has always been a club of character and spirit. Even before Berlusconi, Milan won the CL 2 times, in the 60s and 70s.
        Plus, the reason players were coming to Milan (let’s not forget, only 3 none Italians could’ve played) was because of the club’s flavor, sporting charm…
        Clubs like City (who, less than 10 years ago, was unknown outside England, LITERALLY), or PSG, who didn’t even existed till 50 years ago, and barely won anything in France alone, are the prime example of ruining the game we all love so much, by totally unethical behavior, and not just breaking all the rules of the sport, even that charade called FFP by UEFA, where PSG’s president being placed there at one of the highest sporting positions, to keep an eye on the regulations…
        Milan has NEVER EVER BEEN THAT. Milan was “just” the strongest club in the world, THE ONLY ONE that filled Real Madrid with complexes, given how many times won them, fair and square. Again, unlike those pitiful excuses for clubs, PSG & M-City, you can add Chelsea in that group as well.
        You & other fools from the new generations, who think they know something about football, can keep on trying to find excuses why every true football fan HATES those entities, who are in the wrong sport.
        How come no one says anything bad about Bayern, who are also giving high wages, have as. much money as they want/need…?!?!?
        So, better sit down and shit up, try to learn something by going to San Siro and other stadiums in Italy, where a person can see what a true passionate football match feels & looks like, despite the obsolete and very often, pathetic stadiums (like Napoli, Fiorentina, etc…) these great teams play at.

        1. 😂😂😂😂
          The lies we tell other people are not compared to the lies we tell to ourselves .
          Even as a Milan fan I can just accept these lies.
          You said Milan has always been a club of character and spirit and you accused ManCity and PSG of unethical behavior.
          You do know that Milan was relegated for match fixing prior to Berlusconi?
          You do realize that Milan was involved in the Calcipoli along with Juventus and other clubs?

          When i was saying that Milan was the Psg and City of the mid 80s to 2000s I was talking about their financial power.
          Players were coming to Milan because they were paying more than other clubs. Milan was buying every hot name on the market.
          And before you glorify Milan and their activity as a club just remind yourself who was the owner of the club and how he conducted business .

          1. “You do realize that Milan was involved in the Calcipoli along with Juventus and other clubs?”

            Berlusconi wanted certain referees to officiate Milan’s matches and made phone calls to make it happen. That’s all. All Serie A teams did the same. Some more (Juve & Inter e.g. even though Inter was never punished because the evidence was hidden).

            So was that a serious crime Milan did? Hardly.

          2. @bb so did you disprove my comment that Milan was involved in the Calciopoli with your comment?
            Oh, Berlusconi just wanted certain referees to officiate Milan’s matches and make phone calls to make it happen. That’s all. No big deal huh.
            Galliani was the president of Serie A at that time BTW.
            Inter evidence being hidden or not doesn’t negate Milan’s involvement.
            If that was hardly a serious crime why was Milan deducted 30 points from the 2005/06 season and 8 from the 2006/07 season. Milan after Juventus were the 2nd most punished club from the Calciopoli and there were only a handful of clubs that were punished, so not all serie A teams were doing the same.
            The other person was talking about Milan’s reputation as a club conveniently forgetting that the club was heavily involved in the 2 biggest scandals in Serie A history, and Milan owner for almost 30 years was Berlusconi, enough said.
            Those are facts. You don’t have to like them but they are facts.
            People need to stop with their fake righteousness, criticize other clubs for murky business but turn a blind eye on their own.

          3. “@bb so did you disprove my comment that Milan was involved in the Calciopoli with your comment?
            Oh, Berlusconi just wanted certain referees to officiate Milan’s matches and make phone calls to make it happen. That’s all. No big deal huh.
            Galliani was the president of Serie A at that time BTW.”

            No, I didn’t. But you’re exaggerating the thing. I said Berlusconi tried to influence the referee choices. That’s a fact. And speaking of facts, what did I say that wasn’t based on facts? Please educate me since you know it all. And do share your facts what else Milan did since that’s all media has shared.

        1. Kaka didn’t want to go to ManCity, he wanted to go to Real and he went there.
          Ferguson wanted Maldini but his father told him no.
          But again at that time Milan was at a position to match any salary offered to their players by other clubs. EPL didn’t start throwing crazy money until Abramovich bought Chelsea which happened in 2003 . By that time Maldini was in his mid 30s.
          Milan even offered Sheva the same salary he was about to get at Chelsea but he wanted to leave because of his family situation, not the money

          1. “But again at that time Milan was at a position to match any salary offered to their players by other clubs.”

            Nope. The decline had already began and that’s the reason Kaká was sold against his will in the first place. He would have made insane amounts in ManCity too so the new era had already arrived to EPL.

        2. Let’s not forget a certain Francesco Totti who could also have gone to Real Madrid for tons of money but chose to stay at his beloved Roma. At least Maldini and the others of Milan’s vecchia guardia had shots at titles and won some. Roma’s best was getting within sight once or twice yet Totti stayed.

      2. @Poli…I dont see any “one man club” at all those heavyweight clubs…anywhere, which can paid any players, in the past….today…or in the future. Im sorry, but that is fact… So, any player these days are loyal to 💰💰💰only..

      3. Well maybe you arrent aware of an old interview where i believe it was professed by galliani that alex fergusson had asked for maldini and the italian had laughed at the mere idea of him leaving the club as maldini wouldnt be interested in playing for any other club than ac milan. Maldini was also wanted in chelseas coaching team after he retired but had no interest in it as he didnt want to be in a different club than ac milan.
        Clearly loyalty isnt for everyone but there are also exceptions.
        Even though i would prefer him staying then f leao wont renew im of the view though that he should be sold as fast as possible and then improve the overall quality of the squad.

    3. There is no Maldini or Baresi nowadays, I think Milan should offer Leao 8 to 10m per year or sell him for 150m… Milan should understand that we will NEVER win the CL with players having 3 to 4 M a year.. players who receives this kind of money are young talented players, as they mature and get better , they are offered 6 – 10 M per year! The board should invest more on wages and they should be honest with all players and tell them that they need to prove themself for at least 2 or 3 season with consistent performance, so that they can earn more money and this would be fair…
      Tonali is the only loyal player we have….

        1. Yep. Money isn’t everything to everyone even though some people here claim otherwise.

          I wonder how they explain Theo not moving to PSG or ManCity when he clearly would have gotten more money…

  2. I’m not doing this again. If this is true, sell him ASAP. 8-10 mil wouldn’t be worth it if he’s gonna want 15 mil by the next renewal. What happen to the days of KAKA and Totti? Kaka didn’t even want to go after he was deemed the best player in the world. He was not even considering asking for the most money when he was younger. I love watching Leao play but he can GTFO if this is his attitude.

    1. To be fair , we don’t really know what was going on during negotiations 15+ years ago because everyone was tight-lipped back then, there was no social media, no 100s websites covering the same club, and the news cycle regarding these athletes and sports in general was at 10% compared to now. These days, everything is overanalized, and with the way the so-called media operates, “it doesn’t matter if you are right as long as you’re first ” we get news about these players every hour on the hour, mostly lies.
      We didn’t know how much money players like Kaka, Totti were asking for or even making, now we get news every time a player buys a chewing gum, often reported by the players themselves thru their social media.
      We shouldn’t attack today’s players just because we are presented with their demands and praise the older ones without knowing theirs

      1. At the end of the day the only thing that matters are the actions. People stay if they want to stay. That’s what people like Totti & Maldini did. They would have made bigger paychecks elsewhere.

  3. Why is this news still? We all know he doesn’t want to renew. If he wanted it he would’ve renewed a while ago. He is not theo like, just another dollarruma, kessie, turkish kebab, etc. Get the most money out of him and move on. No player above club.

  4. Hmm 150 mil or a grumpy player who doesn’t understand how good he has it at Milan… Give us the cash and let’s spend it on players who actually want to play for the club. Sheesh.

  5. Iys easy for fans to talk loyalty. But you start waving Millioms in front of me when realistically I only have 15 years to earn my money, yeah I am going to reconsider.

    We are Leao’s 3rd club already and he is only 23. Why is everyone shocked. Milan should treat this as a payday to get some good players and secure important renewals.

    1. “But you start waving Millioms in front of me when realistically I only have 15 years to earn my money, yeah I am going to reconsider. ”

      Let’s say 5M€ per year for 10 years… So 50M€ isn’t enough to bring the bread to the table, eh? And 8M€ / year does? Some people… 😀 😀 😀

    2. No need to feell sorry for professional athletes and their salaries as they already are filthy rich by an early age and to be fair i would gladly give my left arm for being able to play for milan at a full san siro so money isnt eveything in my book, far from it.

      1. And next some idiot comes to defend them by saying “but they deserve every million they want and it’s only fair to give them 100M€ as some other club would be willing to give that much” and “football players are humans too and need money to get something to feed their families”. 😀 😀 😀

        And let’s not forget the classic “you would change your job too if someone came and offered you 10% more salary so stop being hypocrite and claim you would be loyal”. Am I right or am I right? 😀

        1. You are right bb and that kind of argument tells a lot more about the posters than anyone else as not everybody is ruled by how much cash they can attain.

          I actually kinda find it depraved how players are paid nowadays, Their parrents propably havent earned all that money in their entire life and had to work harder for their income than their kids already has at an early age.

          In the end if players want to leave for a bit more cash then let them and in regard of players importance to this team i actually think theo would be far more difficult to replace than leao and at least that contract is sorted out til 2026.

          1. “i actually think theo would be far more difficult to replace than leao and at least that contract is sorted out til 2026.”

            I agree.

  6. We could easily get 2 or 3 good youngsters from Redbull Salzburg with the kind of money we could fetch from selling him. Let’s not get duped like with Kessie and all the recent cases. Sell and move on.

  7. 70 million in summer is an excellent price for Leao. He is not a central forward, but a winger, not like Gnarby who plays excellent defense as well, but Leao is the kind of player who got everything he got only in MILAN. Milan still pays a low salary, and 70 million can be used in summer for 2 or 3 positions. Leao is very young but… but it doesn’t mean that he will continue upgrading. He might already reach the top of the play.

      1. No we definitely won’t. No one will pay such sums for a player who will be a free transfer 1,5 years from now – especially since Milan won’t budge on the 150M€ demand in January. And in the summer it’s only 12 months until he walks free.

  8. Although the info shared here are often without foundation, or just copy-paste by other sporting outlets, who more often than not, write wishful thinking stories, the fact that Rafa Leao is boy who doesn’t respect a club or Milan’s greatness (just look at how Tomori, or Theo, Tonali, or even Hakimi, formerly from Inter, how they react to their clubs), or even at least the fact that they became what they are today, is due to the club’s fate and patience in them… he’s a boy without self awareness and manhood, but an athlete who is still a little boy who has to listen to his dad and the other “authorities” who are controlling his life and career.
    Milan offered him 6,5 already, and will now surely go to 7 net (+bonuses), and if that’s not enough for him, but will go somewhere else for couple of millions more (at the age of 23), is clear that the bulk of his refusal is result of his father’s, agent’s and lawyer’s demands to get many millions for themselves. But he’s too blind to see it.
    And I’ve told you this will happen, at least 3 months ago. Since a player needs so. much time to sign a renewal, it’s clear he won’t do it, but waits the best moment to go away. The ones who are real men and know what they want, are like Theo, or Tonali (you can see other such examples in other clubs as well), are doing it very fast.
    Rafa, Rabiot, and others like them, are just little boys who can’t even get a GF if their parents don’t approve of them.

    P. S. I hope he proves me wrong, but I seriously doubt it. That’s why I’ll repeat another thing as well – Milan should take ALL THE MONEY they get from him, and GET THE ONLY PLAYER of 100 million, who can truly replace him – the Ukrainian boy from Shakhtar. May they not be cheap, or come out with excuses like, they’ll use those money to bring several other talents, but get the only one who’s on the same, or the closest level of Leao currently on the market, and move on. Otherwise, Milan will go back at least couple of yearsAnd that will make other players go away as well.

  9. Not surprised at all.
    During the summer, when report came out that Chelsea offered 70 mil for Leao towards the end of the Mercato, Fabrizio Romano reported that the word that he got from Leao’s camp was that he leaves it up to the club to decide if they wanna sell him or not and that he was fine either way.
    Maybe Maldini and Co this time they act promptly and sell him instead of letting him leave for nothing

  10. The reason why he doesn’t want to stay is more t do with the fact that he has been taken to court by his previous club who he walked out of his contract and has to pay his transfer fee himself, so he needs to. Up his salary to cover the 6.5m per year for next 6 years to pay his fee,this is why he wants a higher salary than he would normally ask for!

  11. I think this Guy
    Poli or forever is your name Sorry but I don’t think you know much about loyalty
    Loyalty is more important thing on life
    Gigo didn’t hade that Kesiess was worst
    Maldini,Baresi Tassoti Gattuso, Kaka, and more and more are not low life like Leo or Turkish guy for$500k more he sold his ass
    I hope you are not the same

  12. It’s okay if he want to go, as long not in free. Sell him in high price. Re-invest new wonderkids.

    If we lose another good winger, its time to switch to 4-3-1-2. No wingers, more strikers, Wing-backs have more room at wide area.

  13. This is another test for our management. Will they be able to sell the player for a decent price (that will allow us to improve the team)? Will they make the same mistakes (Grigio, Kessie, )? It is evident Leao will not renew. What is not evident: has the management leant from the past? Do they have the ability to avoid losing another player for free?

  14. This is to Leao , he is not the player he think he is now , in his national team the coach see him as a second choice if he rush and leave Milan he may distroy his career. He should stay at Milan and grow . If he have a debt to pay it is not the responsibility of Milan to pay .
    If he want to use that, he should be careful.

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