Photo: Leao responds to Milan ultimatum rumours – ‘Don’t you have anything better to do?’

By Oliver Fisher -

Rafael Leao has taken to Twitter to try and downplay some of the news that is circulating regarding his renewal with AC Milan.

There was a story in La Gazzetta dello Sport this morning about a potential ultimatum set for after Easter regarding Leao’s contract extension, and it was relayed by Sporting CP related website Leonino who wrote: ‘High tension in Italy: Holy Easter, less for… Rafael Leao! Milan issue ultimatum to the former Sporting CP player’.

Leao replied directly, stating ‘Don’t you have anything better to do?’ with another reply adding ‘Too much free time’. We can probably take this as a denial regarding any kind of time pressure from the Rossoneri management.

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  1. Question is, Don’t you have anything better to do instead of searching your name and responding to news about you on Twitter? Maybe go and practice shooting on goal, or maybe moving without the ball..
    Milan and that amateur director better put an ultimatum and a deadline until when you gotta make up your mind or you will follow Gigio, Hakan, Kessie and Romagnoli out of the door for free.
    Napoli is close to renewing the contract of Kvaratskhelia until 2028 for 4 mil, but leao wants over 7 mil and Milan to “help” with the money he owes sporting.
    Imagine that, a better player is about to accept half of what leao is asking even though halfway through his 1st season he has outperformed leao at any point of his 4 years at Milan.
    4-5 mil it’s about what Leao should be getting. Whoever pays him what he wants will regret. Just look at Mudryk, Lukaku or even Pepe at arsenal, that will be leao when he leaves serie A. He’ll be sitting on the bench or be back on loan in Italy or France.
    BTW Lukaku is also an ex mvp of serie A for those that wanna point how leao won mvp

    1. Don’t disagree with what you said, but on the other side he will earn x3 or x4 what he is now and much higher than what we are offering.

      1. That’s okay again I will say it let go and get the money quick because he won’t make it in the premier league.he will end up being a super sub so come on parlo get rid and make it soon.

      1. Pretty dumb to ask a fan what he has done for the club , it’s not in our powers to do anything when it comes to buying and selling players , it’s about time Leao is put to the sword , no more BS you either take the deal now or get shipped . We’re all getting tired of players trying to dictate their contracts, milan needs to stand firm this time .

    2. Exactly, that there isn’t an ultimatum is everything you need to know, that’s the whole big problem. He’s laughing about this ultimatum not even in this comment, but also in real life. He probably thinks “ah this is fantastic, I can do what I want and take all the time, Maldini won’t do anything” imo it’s pretty sad that a legend like Maldini doesn’t step up to this guy with 1 good season who thinks he’s Ronaldo or something and says him how it is. He can only do well in France but even there hè will not do that good, those defenders are beast, just look at that Danso guy from Lens for example. And dont compare Lukaku to Leao man, i know different positions but Lukaku actually did well in the Prem, a beast at West Brom, unstoppable at Everton and even a good scoring record at Man U, only flopped massive with Chelsea but Tuchel’s system and his interview didn’t help aswell. Lukaku did it for club and country and his Serie A MVP was really the best player in the league consistent every week, he basically shinter the league on their own.. not like Leao who had a good last few games and was our only good attacker. They needed to give it to someone who wins the league

    3. Kvaratskhelia is under contract for 4 more its easy to negotiating contract with his agent because the club has power , leao has just a year before his contract run out ,he will not gonna renew the club should sell him this summer or freeze him until the end of his contract at least you showing some strong , right now every agents will walk over this weak management and the way they handle Gigio, Hakan, Kessie and Romagnoli contract negotiating btw its all the bad news is coming form top you have rokie owners since berlusconi left you expect things to go well ,
      the only condolence i have is knowing those owners gonna loose alot of money because their stupidity investing in something you don’t understand the basic off,

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