Report: Leeds close to signing alternative to Milan target De Ketelaere

By Euan Burns -

Leeds United are very close to agreeing a deal for Paris Saint Germain striker Arnaud Kalimuendo which could rule them out of the chase for Milan target Charles De Ketelaere, a report claims.

As has been reported by The Daily Express in the United Kingdom, the Premier League side look much more likley to sign Kalimuendo from PSG than De Ketelaere from Club Brugge.

That could be cinstrued as good news for Milan whoare in the hunt for De Ketelaere although the deal is starting to look like it is in serous jeopardy anyway.

Milan have been refusing to go any higher than their latest bid of €30 million and €2 million in bonuses but the belgian champions are ademnt that they need €35 milllion to allow the youngster to make the move.

The newxt few days will prove pivotal for the deal and Milan are already starting to make some other plans.

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  1. This is ridiculous. I begin to wonder whether we are capable of signing anyone at all? Soon we are in August and we have not made any significant signing. That does not speak well of our real ambitions for the upcoming season.

    1. I understand your frustration Giorgi, but let’s be positive! Leeds have given up on De Ketelaere therefore their old 37 mil offer is irrelevant so now Milan have the leverage for the most part considering De Ketelaere has made it clear he is ready to depart from Brugge. I think even though a lot of people are being negative I feel like there is still a very big chance we sign this guy. You can tell M&M are committed to signing him because we’re still trying even though it’s taking so long and I trust M&M to be smart and know that they’ve commited so much time to signing this guy so now they can’t back down, fingers crossed though whatever happens, we’ll spend our money well for whoever we buy because that’s obviously the most important! Forza Milan ⚫🔴

      1. And yes I do know he still has 3 years left on his contract before someone says it, and I understand that’s leverage in favour of Brugge but besides that one of their biggest leverages which could’ve led us into a bidding war (Leeds) seems out of the picture

        1. Brugge are not in difficult financial so they are in favour due to 3 years contract CDK. The solution are easy just offer 30m euro cash + bonus 2m euro and 10 percent resale value CDK . You cannot just take other club key player based on your self valuation ( AC Milan valuation) . This tight budget are elliot policy for more money capital gain . As long as elliot still in AC Milan,this policy will continue

        2. There was no “bidding war” – price from the beginning was 35M. They haven’t increased or decreased it. They didn’t say to us well Leeds bid 37m so now we are raising the price to 37M for Milan as well. Leeds bid higher in an attempt to convince Brugge to push CDK towards them as his desire it seems is to sign w us. So no bidding war. Same price as a month ago. 35M. Burger apparently aren’t desperate to sell – CDK under contact for another 3 seasons and they apparently don’t need the $$$. The opportunity cost lost is worth far more than 3M at this point. This take it or leave it approach was better served a month ago. Alternative is Ziyech at 30yrs old for 30M and 6m/season w no resale value??? Sounds great to me! LOL

      2. Leeds haven’t given up, waiting for AC to Hove up, bid is still on 5he table, full asking price, and players demands met.

      3. Leeds haven’t given up hope of signing CDK. Read the comments of their manager. Like Milan they are wisely exploring other alternatives as a fall back position. But I still think the player will go to Milan as that is his stated preference. A difference of 3 million between the asking price and Milan’s 3 rd offer should be bridgeable.

    2. I think you are quite right what you say every player we go for the fee is a issue. I have just watched the friendly think we need players and quick. Poli should no by now who’s going to make It and who’s not. The likes of sale makers rebic Maldini etc are just not good enough .

  2. Totally agree cant see new players taking over from Phillips or Raphina, and great moving Tyler Roberts out on loan, but no striker bought yet or left back and goalkeeper, needed now to get up to speed for the new season!

  3. If CDK has any sense he’ll join Leeds United and play in the most watched League in the world.,, the Premier League.
    Milan may be in the Champions League and are a fantastic club but let’s be honest they aren’t going to win it and certainly aren’t the force they once were.
    Leeds have offered far more than Milan and are offering to pay higher wages so Milan have a lot of work still left to do to get this one over the line.

    1. Of course Milan isn’t what it used to be. True that. But no player wants to downgrade himself from the Experience of playing in UCL to a bottomfeeder in a league no matter how watched it is. Players who are after money, never go far, never did, never will. CDK of course knows that. Mentality of a champion is something you can’t buy with money mate.

      1. If your eyes are on the same side as your mouth then you would never see Leeds play. Unless you stood with your backside facing the TV

      2. Milan for years have spent millions on the best players down through the years ,this was always the case ,won a lot of trophies and created a lot of history because of it and that’s why they still are a big draw.
        But the minute Leeds try to replicate what Milan have done for years all ye Milan fans are up in arms ,people in glass houses and all that.
        So ye need a reality check ,the big money is in the premier league and that’s why it’s the best league in the world, and it’s through Italians for years have had the best defenders in the world and still do , but nobody wants to see teams defend anymore these days, MOT

        1. Yes EPL have a lot of money, i give you that. But not every players only wants to play for money. They also have pride and playing with a big club like Milan is certainly moreeeee respectable rather than playing for Leeds, a club who battle for relegation every season no matter how much they pay you lol.

          Also, the art of defense never bored to watch. That’s why tons of people still watching serie-a.

          A good offense can win a match but a good defense can win a tournament. Go watch last season UCL Final between Madrid vs Liverpool. Tell me Madrid beat Liverpool not because of their solid defense and i will call you a liar.

          Milan themself won their 19th scudetto where they only conceded 2 goals in 11 matches.

    2. Lol you EPL fanboys are hilarious. Milan have more chance winning Champions League than Leeds. Heck, Leeds would be lucky if next season they still in EPL 😂

  4. Leeds not out of running if we were we would have signed a cheaper alternative, if Milan can’t afford him we can, premiership should be the league anyone with ambition should aim for

  5. There are things that I find really difficult, if not practically impossible to understand… for example: the money that Milan allocated to complete the signing of Messias could now be used to fill the gap concerning Brugge’s demands, thus ending once and for all this damn CDK’s soap opera…

  6. Why is everyone talking about Leeds. De Ketelaere isn’t going to Leeds even if Milan backs out. Brugge doesn’t need to sell and they prefer to keep him for another year. Plus the kid wants to play in UCL and leeds isn’t sniffing champions league anytime soon .
    He either comes to Milan or stays at Brugge. Unless some other big club joins the race

    1. Every team is buying and you can’t buy but instead you left you strong player go on a free market. An sure Leao will also go on a free basis.
      Wake up Milan

  7. The same idiots on here who bash Renato Sanches for Milan not being his first choice and scream for us not to sign him because of that – are the same donkeys who say we should stick to our 32M “valuation” on CDK and not go a single dollar over – despite the player wanting to come to Milan (like Tonali) and willing to take LESS money/salary to play for us than play for Leeds lol. Don’t we want those players who WANT to play for Milan??? We aren’t talking about a difference of 30M – it’s a difference of 3M lol. Wake up

  8. It’s not about m&m it’s about owners being stingy….why is that we always bet on players will to get us through the line…..its fine if we cant afford move on…same was with tonali…its brugge player they have every right to ask what they want if we can’t close move out…..we shouldn’t be crying on our lost revenue through gigio, hakan or kessie the same implies with their players like we working on our budget they too want to extract max out of their player…..soon we will be screaming on that French lawyer and mendes representing leao….its simple we shouldn’t hunt what we can’t kill…..

  9. Leeds can ‘ve CDK, the guy is slow and weak, his decision making isn’t that good. He still need time to mature, if he goes to EPL or Serie A, he ‘ll perform badly or at best good.

  10. Leeds can ‘ve CDK, the guy is slow and weak, his decision making isn’t that good. He still need time to mature, if he goes to EPL or Serie A, he ‘ll perform badly or at best good. Enough of this drama

    1. Johnny you are right, it is just funny the kind of attention this dude gets, I have watched his matches and tons of his highlights and I just don’t see why the dude is worth 35m….even Adli who plays in a tougher league with a weaker team have better highlights and also have better game play.

      We STILL need RW,CB,MD and backup LB, yet we are willing to waste a huge chunk of our transfer budject(50m) and time on a dude that is not even the best player in his team, plays in a weaker league, slow and raw, for a position that we have Adli, Diaz, even rebic and messiah can play there…..sometimes I look at Ac Milan and I wonder where it went all wrong…..

      Every week, we are either battling with Leeds or Newcastle, brugge, Leicester, lille…….are Juventus and Inter and Roma not in serie A? If Roma can get DYBALA, why cant we? This management is a joke

  11. Menghargai Charles dengan Harga 32 juta adalah sebuah Penghinaan Milan terhadap Bakat Charles , dia seharusnya seharga 40 juta , jangan Bodoh Maldini….atau memang Redbird memang Miskin dan Gembel

    1. Wahh….ada orng indonesia yg lebih pintar dr maldini. Kenapa ga jadi direktur sport di liga timor leste saja pak…

    2. Atau kasi sumbangan ajaaa…buat nambah beli CDK….
      Kan anda orang kaya yg lebih pintar dr maldini…
      Atau mungkin anda fans brugge…kliatannyA

  12. Mùa hè sắp hết. Chúng ta đang chuẩn bị cho mùa giải mới. Và cái cách chúng ta đang chuẩn bị cho mùa giải mới không phải con đường của nhà Vô địch.

    1. Well no one cares about that relegation club, for Raphinha, Leeds was nothing but a stepping stone, he doesn’t care about your club he just needed that mediocre club of yours to fly off to an actual big club

  13. There isn’t much decision making in the EPL anyway because the game there is played like Kids on a sugar_high running around aimlessly which is very interesting to watch & for marketing but surely boring for soccer adepts.

    1. Spot on!!!

      They keep claiming Epl is the best but why is it that no EPL team won any European Cup last season? Frankfurt of Germany that was 11th in their league beat the westham that was 6th in EPL home and away……

      All they do there is run around like kids, the champions league final showed it definitely, Liverpool ran around like kids for 90mins and at the end, the cup ended with Madrid…….

      Running aimlessly in any sport is good for TV but the real football doesn’t recides in EPL….they can buy the whole world but their football will still only entice kids but never football adepts

  14. scudetto is a good surprise for us fans but bad surprise for board, they are not ready to be big club, unprepared & so cheap, feeder club mentality, only think about capital gain, buy talent then sell for profit, they think we are kind of arsenal/dortmun/atalanta/liepzig/monaco, the dif is they are really good seller but we give player for free

  15. Milan transfer is always a joke and frustrating to read… I wish season can start tomorrow and we will stop reading all this ridiculous news even Roma And Napoli are more active than us the so called Scudetto winner very funny

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