L’Equipe journalist says Giroud move is motivated by ‘life experience’ rather than money

By Euan Burns -

A L’Equipe journalist has explained some of the reasons for Olivier Giroud pursuing a move away from AC Milan and to Los Angeles FC, claiming it is down to the enjoyment of his life rather than money.

Italian L’Equipe journalist Valentin Pauluzzi has spoken to Milan News to shed some light on why Giroud has been so interested in the idea of moving to MLS towards the end of his career and it seems that family and friendship are the driving factors, rather than desire to earn more money.

Giroud is expected to soon sign an 18-month contract with LAFC but it is not clear whether he will be earning more there than he is at Milan. What is clear is that there are other destinations outside of Europe where he could earn a lot more than he will in America.

As Pauluzzi explains, the friendship with LAFC goalkeeper Hugo Lloris is a big factor, and he thinks it will be a more popular decision with French fans than if he had moved to the Saudi Pro League.

“It is a choice that corresponds to someone who wanted a life experience, more than taking a multi-million dollar contract in Saudi Arabia. If he goes to Los Angeles he will reunite with his friend Hugo Lloris, forming one of the most important French national team pairs in the history of the nation: one is the player with the most caps, the other the one who has scored the most goals. It’s a farewell that has its own cultural logic, a different choice from [N’Golo] Kante or [Karim] Benzema and also more appreciated by the fans,” he said.

Giroud is out of contract with Milan this summer and the club were keen on signing him for another year, and Pauluzzi thinks he would have continued to impress.

“He could certainly have done one more year, I don’t think Milan would have had any problems. But it’s fair because he had a constant performance and, indeed, every year he did something extra in a competitive Milan, despite some excessive criticism. Leaving as a starting player is perhaps better than doing a fourth year, playing half the matches and also running the risk of running into a bad Milan season. Surely leaving in June will be a nice farewell after a good Milan season: the ideal context to say goodbye.”

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  1. He’s done an immense amount for Milan and I only hope we can find someone that can fill his shoes. He’s scores and helps the team out a lot.

  2. We can see that tbf, there’s no way in hell that SPL wouldn’t have offered him a better contract than what he will get at LAFC. Loved his time at Milan but not it’s the perfect time for both parties to move on.

  3. This guy knows how to live haha London, Milan, LA. Get a nice house in Malibu or Pasadena and enjoy the Californian sunset, it’s well deserved! Hopefully he can win UEL with Milan and Euro with France before leaving!

  4. Saudia is still a strict Muslim state. It’s not as relaxed as UAE. So while the money is more attractive. The lifestyle for the Europeans especially isn’t always the same.

    So for Oli, yes, California is more attractive than Saudia.

  5. I get that he wants to go to murica to play there what i dont get is uprooting your family for it.. He goes there plays for, lets say 2 years, then retires and the whole family moves again.. Silly

    I’d say poor kids but they’re stinking rich so…

    1. His kids will live in luxury in beautiful southern California and get to learn English. What could be better for their futures?

        1. California is a great place if you’re rich.
          You can afford to live in a really nice house.
          You can hire somebody to chauffeur you around and don’t have to deal with the traffic. Or, charter a helicopter.
          The smog and air pollution was cleaned up a long time ago. Just don’t live too far up in the hills near lots of trees and vegetation (mudslides, wildfires).
          Ollie will fit right in with the Beautiful People, find lots of agents eager to connect him into that next chapter of his life, whether in fashion, sportscasting, Hollywood, you name it, the connections are there.

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