L’Equipe: Man Utd lining up €60m January bid for Milan-linked striker

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan may well be priced out of their mission to sign Randal Kolo Muani as Manchester United are readying a big offer, a report claims.

L’Equipe report how Kolo Muani impressed at the World Cup with France, scoring against Morocco in the 2-0 semi-final victory and then coming very close to winning the final against Argentina with his late shot that was heroically saved.

Moving into January, some of the biggest European teams are interested in the 24-year-old, in particular Manchester United who have prepared an offer of €60m to land him this month from Eintracht Frankfurt. Bayern Munich are also mentioned as being interested.

Tuttosport (via MilanNews) are among the sources who have reported that Milan are once again on the trail of Kolo Muani. The player had already been approached by the Rossoneri management when he was at FC Nantes before heading to Germany instead, but his stay there might be a short one.

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  1. So, this past summer, Milan had a chance for 12 million combined to sign Enzo Fernandez and Kolo Muani, but instead, they signed Vranckx and Origi.
    Vranckx and Origi have barely played for Milan, while Enzo and Kolo Muani played in the World Cup final and are about to be sold for over 150 million combined.
    It’s not always about budget provided, but what you do with the budget you are provided with and choices you make.

    1. Yeah, easy to be the general after the battle. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 If Milan got Messi when he was 11 we would have Messi…

      1. Well, if the general during the battle was making the right decisions, there wouldn’t be others trying to be generals after the battle.

        1. Maignan, Kalulu, Tomori, Hernandez, Tonali, Bennacer, Leao, Giroud, yh the Maldini general has made way more good decisions than bad ones imo, im more than happy with him as the general.

          1. Bennacer and Leao both joined in August 2019, theo hernandez joined a month before them in july 2019 get your facts right. Maldini was very much the General then and still is now. I take his decisions over your hindsight comments any day of the week

          2. There is an article of a Boban interview after he got fired, on this very site ,where you can find who was behind those signings.
            And you should do your own research before you take anyones word or blindly believe in Maldini’s decisions.
            Plus Boban was Maldini’s boss at the time , that’s also easily verifiable with a little research

          3. Was boban there when they were signed? yes, was Maldini and Massara there too? yes. To say that Maldini and Massara were not involved in those deals is just plain false, taking away the credit they deserve for those signings is just plain wrong. you can research all you want but you have provided no evidence at all to say they were not involved in these transfers despite them happening AFTER we signed players players that you accept maldini and massara made.

          4. It doesn’t matter if they were there or not. They were not the ones calling the shots, or at least the last shot.
            If you look at it your way, make sure you add all those expensive signings that flopped when Leonardo was in charge on Maldini’s account as well. Since he was there for those too.

          5. You are talking out of your ass, at the end of the day we won the league with the signings that Maldini and Massara made, you can go back as far in history as you want but it dosent change this FACT. You have provided no evidence that he was not involved in Leao or Bennacer joining Milan because you CANT DO IT, they joined Milan AFTER he signed Theo Hernandez and you have admitted that Maldini and Massara were involved in those transfers, are you now saying that they were involved in some transfers but no others and therefore not doing their jobs? you are talking like your opinion is fact and its not, stop talking you are just embarrassing yourself.

          6. You do realize what a general is, right? Someone who makes the last call. Everyone is involved during signing players from scouts to coaches to managers. But in the end, there is a guy in charge at the top making the last decision.
            Moncada goes and scouts players, he brings several names in front of Maldini and Maldini makes the choice. Should we go for Enzo or Renato? Maldini chose Renato. Should we go for Kolo Muani or Origi?. Maldini chose Origi.
            When Boban was there he was in charge, when Leonardo was there he was in charge. That doesn’t mean Maldini wasn’t involved, but he didn’t make the final choice .
            It all comes down to choice.
            Sometimes you make good ones, sometimes you are wrong.
            Heavy is the head that wears the crown.
            But there is a fraction of our fanbase who are Maldini’s fan boys who can’t handle when the bad choices are brought up.
            Your idol is not perfect.
            And are you going to be satisfied with only 1 scudetto, because Maldini, with his choices, has made our squad weaker over the last 2 summers. That’s a fact.
            Who is Benacer and Tonali back up? Who is Girouds back up, he is 36 for Christ sake shouldn’t even be a starter ? How about Leao’s? Theo’s? 4 years later, we still don’t have an RW. How about n10. When he took over in the summer of 2020, all we needed was an RW. Now we need 5,6 starters, and that’s if he doesn’t lose Leao and Bennacer. Our bench is putrid.

          7. Wall of text with what if’s and buts and strawman bs, tldr : you are talking out your ass, your opinion is just that, your opinion, its not fact, you dont have to be some maldini fanboy to see this, that is MY opinion of you. You type negative crap about Milan here all the time, when we lose you are the 1st to type “I told you so” and “where are all the fanboys now?” its easy to do that crap after the fact but TRUE supporters back their team. Done wasting my time with you.

          8. OK. @1MIKEY, the TRUE Milan supporter.
            Just make sure you don’t ever criticize any of our players if Milan loses. Don’t criticize their quality or the lack thereof. Since a true supporter back his team.
            But when you do criticize them, just remember who signed them.
            Other than that, have a good day .

    2. I don’t buy that story about Enzo at all. Sure Milan probably made contacts and scouted him but I bet if Milan offered 10 man city would have offered 20 and so on. At that time Milan was trying to sign CDK and Botman. That was the transfer budget. By the time Botman chose Leeds Enzo had already signed. The only regret is that Maldini spent so much time on Botman.

      1. Why can’t our fan base accept reality instead of manufacturing stories that will make them feel better.
        An intermediarie came out and said that Milan had a YES from Enzo. They chose to chase other targets, and they were wrong. That’s the reality .
        Enzo went to Benfica. What does ManCity have to do with it?
        Kolo Muani went to Frankfurt.
        It wasn’t a case of a super rich club coming and out pricing Milan. It was Benfica and Frankfurt
        It’s more about the ability to evaluate talent at the top of Milan management and their decision-making

        1. Yes from Enzo doesn’t mean yes with River Plate. Hence if we offered 12m River could still reject that and accept other higher bids, because he was still Rivers player at the time.

          Why is it so hard to accept reality and not keep spouting things you want to believe?

          1. What?
            You do realize that they accepted an offer of 12 mil 8That transfer already happened.
            The intermediarie said Milan didn’t put in an offer for Enzo because they were trying to sign Renato Sanches. At the end they got neither.
            So to defend Maldini you created alternative version in which River Plate turns Milan offer down because another club would have offered more? This is crazy. You did exactly what I said fans do that don’t wanna accept reality.
            Maldini messed up, it’s OK to admit. He isn’t going to come and take all your Maldini jerseys while you sleep

        2. Maldini fan boys can’t accept the fact that he made some questionable nice in the transfer market. In their eyes maldini his perfect.

      2. “The only regret is that Maldini spent so much time on Botman” you say. Gee for a moment there I thought you were going to say “spent so much money on CDK”. Which would have been a better statement. Gotta say CDK has been Maldini’s biggest mistake so far. However, not bashing the legend since it happens to many big teams.

    3. And had these players come to Milan, it would have taken them a season to adapt and they wouldn’t have made their World Cup squads.

      M&M are not blameless because it seems they sign players Pioli doesn’t trust. Adli is a prime example, as are the bargain basement signings made after CDK was signed. If CDK had performed as expected, there wouldn’t be any talk about the players that got away.

  2. Arsenal had the chance of signing Ibrahimovic for free or peanuts back then, De Bruyne was shown the exit door at Chelsea. Jao Felix was bought for €127m He is being linked away from Rico many more poor transfer decisions made by managements.. the fact is this people are human not soothsayers…

  3. CDK & Adli is failed due to dumb pioli…he is playing the same rotation and same tactics every single game..only to bail out by either giroud or leao while tonali holding down the middle …

    They went on to splash money on ballo-toure while guys like milos kerkez was in youth academy…

    We should try for either pochettino or tuchel if we want to progress as a club and give opportunities to coubis or stalmach and chaka…rather than spending millions on other teenagers who hype up in media.

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