L’Equipe: Milan man Hernandez flop of the match as France exit Euros – photo

By Isak Möller -

Theo Hernandez and Mike Maignan were knocked out of the Euros last night as Spain defeated France by two goals to one. After scoring the decisive penalty against Portugal, the AC Milan left-back was particularly poor, per L’Equipe. 

The French newspaper has assessed the player performances from last night (see photo below) and named Hernandez as the worst one at 2/10. Maignan wasn’t at fault for any of the goals and did make a good tackle, so at least he got a 4/1.

It should be noted that L’Equipe rarely gives out high ratings even for top performances, as evidenced by the 8/10 given to Yamine Lamal of Spain. The winger had the upper hand on Hernandez the entire game and the Milan man was also unable to offer much when going forward.

In short, it was far from an ideal night for the Rossoneri men who now will head on some much-needed vacation. Tijjani Reijnders still has a chance of reaching the final with his Netherlands, as they will take on England at 21:00 CEST this evening.

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  1. L’equipe always has completely ridiculous ratings. They are often ridiculed by other media and the wider population. To say Hernandez was a flop last night is a JOKE.

  2. Pretty much sums up seria regards quality over the last decade.

    It’s a league looking more like Portugal and Holland rather than la liga or epl.

    Great teams in terms of there past with average to poor players who ordinarily in years gone buy wouldn’t be at these clubs.

    There has been anti Italian football propaganda here in the UK for DECADES and at the moment they think the deal is done seria is finally finished and only Spain England and Germany plus Paris are allowed to matter.

    It’s down to Italian football to put it right but sadly nobody seems to care or able to do anything about it.

    1. If Serie A is so bad, it’s very interesting how we took the 5th Champions League spot from the EPL. I will agree last season was not that great but over the last few years it’s been far more entertaining. Also interesting how fat money bloated EPL teams are always buying Serie A players? The EPl is trending a little downward. A majority on the 5th and below games are dull.

    2. Ridiculous comment. The previous season Inter were in the Champions League final and Milan were in the semi-finals, and they had 3 teams with Napoli in the final 8, more than any other league. Not to mention Atalanta just won the Europa league this season. Serie A is a strong league. Now the Italian players…that’s another story.

  3. Just say they didn’t watch the game. Plain and simple. None of those goals were Theo’s fault. He’s up against probably the most dangerous RW in the world right now at 16 yrs old and he held his own. This dude imo is better than MBappe at that age. Probably even better right now.
    If anything the second goal Theo could have closed down Navas but it was an attrocious Tchouameni that was at fault and Saliba slow to cover.
    Mike had some fault on that first goal. I’ve been on Mike’s case for a while now but sorry to say if prefer a different GK. He almost got injured …once more…trying to slide tackle. Mike’s prowess is footwork not shot stopping and we need a shot stopper. Footwork is back to being where it belongs …to outfield players. We need a taller GK. A taller GK (Donnarumma, Neuer, Courtois) would save Lamal’s shot. Mike’s position on the goal is also sus. If you notice he’s actually badly positioned to his right, meaning a near sided shot could easily go in. But it also meant he had a head start on the shot being so far right and still didn’t manage to save it (due again to his height…both positioning and shot stooping).

  4. I think Theo’s worst moment was the excellent position in front of Spain’s goal, when he was left alone and rushed his shot wide off mark. Apart from that, I don’t think he was one of the worse players at all.

    And I don’t really agree with IKWYDLS’s opinion on Mike, be it for the shot-stopper overall assessment, or for Yamal’s goal. Yes, post factum you could always argue for longer distance goals that the keeper has a fault, but there are also perfectly executed shots. He had his fair share of mistakes this season but I think he had an excellent run in the EURO24.

    1. Fair enough. Esp on the shot itself which was excellent I could see the argument that the shot was so good 99% of keepers will have issues saving it.
      Overall though I prefer a shot stopper than a foot worker. But that’s just my preference. See, if we go deep into cup based games and we’re in a PK shootout….I’m preferring a shot stopper any day. Mike is a liability then relatively speaking.

  5. Theo the flop? Sure, if you expected him to score 2 goals and prevent every Spanish attack from his side. But in all fairness he did OK. Not great but not poorly either.

    So many other potential flops though… Upamecano missed a sitter and was poor in defense. The midfield was horrible and what did Mbappe do besides the one cross? Oh right, miss the best chance of the match by blasting the ball into the stands.

  6. Lol this rating is a joke. Mbappe can’t have 1 shoot in the target, Rabiot and Saliba were non existent but they gave them higher rating than Theo… let’s be real France team had no chemistry the whole euros, but I guess is Theo’s fault that they only scored 3 goals until semifinal

  7. France has been held back the whole tournament by Deschamps’ “safe football”. It’s almost like they never got out of 2nd gear. one goal from open play in 6 games. A midfield that was ineffective against Spain’s press and a disjointed attack that relied on individual talent rather than team play. m’Bappe looked off by his own standards.

    France needs new ideas and a change, but of course the first thing FFF did was reaffirm Deschamps because hey, he won them the WC in the past. But the team played A LOT better then.

    Of course Euro’s are a dress rehearsal for the WC, the one competition that really matters, but if this France is any indication of what’s to come, then Deschamps better reinvent himself before America. Otherwise Deschamps will follow the Low route and it will take a complete fiasco to dethrone him.

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