L’Equipe: Milan make €10m offer for Bordeaux playmaker with Maldini convinced of his talent

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have made a €10m bid for Bordeaux playmaker Yacine Adli with Paolo Maldini spearheading the assault, a report claims.

It is now well known that Milan are on the hunt for a new attacking midfielder to replace Hakan Calhanoglu and while the same names have emerged – like Isco, Nikola Vlasic, James Rodriguez and Marcel Sabitzer – occasionally a new link pops up.

According to the latest from L’Equipe, Milan are trying to add another Ligue 1 player to their ranks after recruiting Mike Maignan and Fodé Ballo-Touré from Lille and Monaco respectively. Milan seem determined to continue shopping in Ligue 1 and have sent a €10m bid for Yacine Adli.

His profile is particularly admired by Paolo Maldini, who is convinced by the potential of the former PSG man. The 21-year-old had 2 goals and 5 assists in the league last season across 35 appearances, having broken into the team the season prior.

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  1. Maldini and the entire Milan management must be stupid for toying with fans emotions if Elliot management can bankroll our transfer they should sell the club to reach entities who can take Milan back to the good old days which Bellusconi was still they own we no where Messi will be heading to by now,sometimes I wonder if Maldini truly loves Milan or ever play football,even Pioli sucks too

    1. What the hell, Madlini propably loves the club more than most people and has done far more for the club than any of us will do so to take a jibe against his commitment or love towards the club is at best downright laughable. Add to that you do realize if milan was sold a new owner wouldnt be allowed to just buy players as they please by inserting cash into the club as they would still have to comply with ffp regulations next year so a new ownership wouldnt change a thing unless you actually want us to getting banned in europe an extra time. Add to that its not like elliot managment isnt rich as the hedge fond are far richer than berlusconi ever was,

    2. Another idiot comment. Why don’t we just sign Messi, buy Haaland, Van Dijk, De Bruyne, Havertz, Jorginho, Hakimi, Courtois, Varane? All at the same time! Finally we’d just get Guardiola or Klopp. Then we be all set! Yay!

    3. So… compared to all the previous years where we have gone downhill, and a mid-table team, since Elliot ownership and Maldini transfers, we managed to finish last season in second place. Yet you want them to sell the club because they won’t irresponsibly bankroll the team?

      Elliot ownership are in this position because they know what they are doing. Maldini is in his position because he knows what he is doing.

      Let me ask you, how much are you willing to contribute out of your own pocket to the transfer kitty to help bankroll these fantasy transfers?

      I noted your question whether Maldini “truely loves Milan or ever play football” ….hmm, do you remember he played over 600 matches for Milan (1 club man) and over 100 for Italy? Are you a new fan of football and Milan?

      Besides, look at Barcelona, do you want our club to be in the same financial mess they are in now? If we go bankrupt, we won’t be able to hold onto our star players, we can forget champions league, Europa league…. We’ll be playing in the lower tier Seria C.

      If you really want to return the club to the good old days, take action today! make an offer to Elliot to buy the club back… if the offer is right I am sure they will sell, and add a couple of $$$$$ million for the next transfer window.

  2. I can tolerate this signing. We are not the Old Milan..this is a new Milan..we have to balalnce our books so cheap talented young players are our best bet right now

  3. We need to understand that these are difficult times economically. And we, like the rest of the big European clubs, lack cash. Players are expensive as everyone needs cash. It’s when real good managers buy under-rated players paying only small sum of money. If Maldini says Adli, then let’s trust him. Theo, Benaccer, Tomori, BaloToure, Mike M are very good transfers made by Maldini (with a small budget). Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

  4. fact, we need someone to replace Hakan and Isco, Nikola Vlasic or James Rodriguez are to expensive for Milan.
    I want Messi to come. He can come for free you know.. but it is what it is today.
    no money = cheap young players that we need to grow. I just dont see Pioli right for this job.

  5. Why take a player who is not the rank of a great team and great games, Milan needs an experienced midfielder,Investments must be justified, Maldini has been playing roulette in recent years and let’s look at the balance of those cheap players, zero.
    Conti, Laxsalt, Krunic, Caldara, Castijeho, Donnarumma, Colhanoglu, Duarte, and many others who were sold for low money and are now big players like Lokatelli, Pessina. The balance is minus 67 million. I think Maldini needs to invest more in players who are young but also experienced such as Vlasic, Ikone, and others

    1. It shouldn’t really matter where players are bought from as long as they can contribute valuably, even the ac milan teams of the 80ies and 90ies bought players from less renowned teams. If anything we should take pride in a management trying to act financially responsible in getting the players while still cheap and if we doesn’t do that people will also complain why we missed out on said deals while we could get them at affordable prices.
      Well pretty much all of those players was either brought in or sold by previous managements or while leonardo was at the helm of the club so why would you blame maldini for those deals. I get it we haven’t been able to get very good transfer fees in recent years but if the interest isn’t great it will dictate the prices we can get + by selling some of those players we also cut down wage expenses and thereby giving us some extra room to act on other positions.
      In the end though i would love us to get those two players but both vlasic and ikone will most likely cost around 30 mil or over so unless we actually manage to sell a bunch of our unwanted players i doubt it will happen this summer.

      1. Exactly Martin. The renewal (or non-renewal) of Donnarumma was painful, but I truly believe that the club thought they’d be able to find an agreement until almost the very end. I think most people thought the kid would accept the offer, at least renew for a couple of years and give the club a chance to monetize. This is the one transfer I would say they misjudged and it was a learning experience. That being said, if Gigio HAD renewed for 8mm for let’s say 2 seasons, would they have been able to sell him this summer for major money? Or next summer with his contract up in a year again? Not many clubs would be paying 40-60mm for a GK that would be requesting 10-15mm per season this summer. Clubs are hurting from Covid and the biggest clubs are all set in that position. But PSG somehow defies the laws of gravity (and FFP). The role of Raiola also cannot be understated.

        Calhanoglu I’m not anywhere near as worried about. This is a player who only had 6 good months (the second half of the Covid interrupted 2019-20 season) in the jersey. Last season he was OK, but not doing anything in my book to warrant a 6mm salary. So there would have been few if any buyers in 2019, and in 2020 it might not have been worth it to sell since Milan had even fewer options to replace him then that it does this summer with the influx of CL money.

        All in all I think timing has also played a major role in these renewals, with the club either in transition from one ownership to another, dealing with a pandemic, plus these contracts coming up just when we qualified for the CL. If Gigio’s contract had had one more year to run my bet is that he would have been extended by a year or two. I think going forward, with the final exception of Romagnoli (another Raiola time bomb), we will not have these problems.

        1. I think the management did the right thing concerning Donnarumma. It would have been a non-sense to pay 8 mil per year with only 2 year extension. Mike M maybe is not at the level of Donnarumma but he is hardworking and has a great character. He will help us a lot, hopefully.
          And I think Romagnoli should be sold this window, as I do not think, given Raiola influence, he will renew unless it’s a very high offer

          1. Savicevic,

            Ideally yes, he would be sold for something this window, but like I said, the drop off in quality is steep between our CB3 and, CB4 and CB5. After Romagnoli there is Gabbia and Kalulu, and while they are promising youngster they’re not going to be enough if we want to challenge for the title or go deep in the CL should one of Kjaer or Tomori (or heaven forbid both) go down with a long term injury. It’s unlikely we’ll be able to find an equal replacement for Romagnoli for anything under 30mm. Meanwhile his sale would probably only generate in the region of 20mm given he’s on his final year of contract. The 10mm difference doesn’t seem like a lot, but considering we’re struggling to come up with funds to get even 15mm playmakers and we still need a better RW option than Castillejo, it makes sense to accept the possibility of him leaving for free next year in exchange for a better chance at qualifying for the CL again and using that money in 2022 to find the adequate replace. And who knows, perhaps by then Kalulu and/or Gabbia will have made such progress that instead of a starter 5-10mm are spent on a promising 18 y/o with a view to a longer term horizon. In two or three years Kjaer retires or goes and now you have Kalulu + Tomori with Gabbia as CB3 and the now 20 y/o talent continuing to develope. Thing of it as a production line.

        2. Yeah i agree in regard of donnarumma as i think they misjudged the situation or atleast his loyalty towards the club but when that is said i believe we found an adequate replacement so frankly im confident that we will do just fine without the money hungry spineless clown. In regard of potentially reselling him then as you i have some question marks if we actually would have been able to really capitalize on such deal because from the sound of it in the media didnt raiola demand around 20 mil in sign on fees just for himself ? so doubt that there would be great margins to earn money in the current market and especially if the media reports of his willingness to only signing a 2 year contract holds up.
          In the end i think it was allways the plan of donnarumma and his family to move on earning his big cash pay. Leonardo had a big say in aquirring him so i blame him as much as gigio and mino as he has been trying to get him for 20 mil in several years and thereby causing unrest, In regard of psg defying the laws of football i think when the club was bought by khelaifi he circumvented the rule by using a now closed loop hole to insert insane ammounts into the club and that is why they stay unpunished but i might be wrong in that estimate.

          As you i have no great regrets of us not getting a new deal with calhanoglu and personally isnt even that angry about him joining inter as i pretty much allways hated his guts even though in recent years he has shown glimpses of his qualities but generally speaking it often happened like playing one really great game and then not showing up for the next couple of weeks so in my view he is certainly replaceable. Hopefully though we will get another atm to give brahim a good challenge for his spot, In the end though looking forwrd to seeing him getting humuilated by the milan fans when we play the next derby…and the following ones 😀

          Personally i would like us to renew romagnoli but if he isnt willing to sign on acceptable conditions for the club id say sell him as quikly as possible and find his replacement or reinvest the cah in another position..

          1. Yes, great point about the Raiola commission, which effectively decreases any profit from a sale by the amount of the commission. So a year later, including his raise, and the Raiola commission, we’d be lucky to make 10mm from a sale with a year left on the contract. Not worth the hassle and that 20mm is better spent toward…paying for Maignan in full plus almost two years of his contract.

          2. Thanks, yeah we deffently saved some cash + donnarummas salary would have run up in 80 mil if we had given the player 8 mil after taxes on a 5 year deal so compared to maignans 3 mil after taxes adding up to 6 anually we actually saved 50 mil over the next 5 years had he signed a long term contract with us. Add to that we will also avoid raiola potentially causing unrest towards our player. I believe maldini did a seemingly great job by getting us maignan for a pretty low fee but obviously the downside of this deal is that it has limited us in our transfer funds,

    2. Conti, Laxalt, Caldara, Samu, Calha, Duarte were brought in by either Mirabelli or Leonardo. Pessina and Locatelli were not sold by Maldini. Imho, Maldini did a very nice job with low finance. It is very hard to sell junk, players nobody wants. That means no cash to invest. Selling Hauge was painful but it had to be done to have some developments on our market. With Ilicic, Kamara, and a number 10, we can finish top 4 easily

      1. Conti, Laxalt, Calha was brought in by mirabelli.
        Caldara, Samu and Duarte was brought in by leonardo.
        Pessina sold by mirabelli in the deal for conti or kessie.
        Locatelli sold by leonardo upon the equest by the player himself as the club actually wanted to only loan him out on a dry loan and on top of that he only wanted to join sassuolo and thereby caused the issue of not being able to auction the player so sassuolo had all the cards on their hands to screw us over. Reason why i resent the player nowadays.
        I agree maldini has done wonders with the cash he had at his disposal compared to previous people at the club.

        1. Both correct on all counts. And I too have suspicions about Locatelli’s loyalty or desire to have remained with Milan. He seems awfully keen on moving to Juventus…

          1. Yeah wouldnt be too surprised if thats the case because if reports are to be believed he only wants to join juventus.

  6. Maldini is not to blame. He does what he can with the lack of budget he has. It’s Gazidis and Elliot telling him what he can or cannot spend. The frustrating part is when we find a player for a reasonable cost (10M and under) and still cannot sign him. I hope at the very least at the end of this transfer window we at least sign Kamara and a Starting RW. I’m sure we will settle on Illic as a low cost backup to Diaz. But Kamara for that price is a steal and hope we can at least take a RW on loan (Ikone, Ziyech). We cannot buy anyone for 30M. We have no money apparently. Yacine is a nice young player who may develop into something special. So for me I would be happy with Kamara, Yacine and a RW. That is the most we can expect unfortunately. Not sure it’s enough for top 4 but we will see. And yes we must sell Romagnoli IMO if possible if he won’t resign this summer as we cannot continue to lose players for free. If we sold Hauge for 12M, Romagnoli hopefully is worth 20M and maybe that will free up some money for other transfers. With Kamara, (who can play both CB and DM) Kalulu and Gabbia we should be fine at CB. Kamara is youg yes but is dynamic and worth every penny. Time is running out. We also need to pray Ibra/Giroud stay healthy lol

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