‘Everywhere except where he is needed’ – Libero full of criticism for Ibrahimovic

By Oliver Fisher -

There is a lot of media attention surrounding AC Milan at the moment given the turbulent recent period and the perceived lack of clarity regarding the future, but Libero have offered one of the more damning reflections.

The paper (via Radio Rossonera) acknowledges that Milan are experiencing a delicate moment with many fans wondering about the choice of the next coach, but they take aim at Zlatan Ibrahimovic and what is actual role is.

The former Swedish striker naturally has to settle in and gain experience, what is surprising is the total silence and the uncertainty that it generates. On Sunday he posted a photo on Instagram of himself on the bench with the writing: ‘4-3-3’.

Libero criticised him for this move because it came with no additional information and thus just generated more of a frenzy, while they reproached him for his absence and questioned his importance in choosing the coach.

“Zlatan Ibrahimovic has not yet said a word since he became Milan manager,“ they begin, then adding: “Ibra comes out with bullsh*t content. Furthermore, as usual, self-congratulatory. He could have done without it. He had to do without it.

“Others try to solve the puzzle, knowing that Zlatan has always communicated this way on social media. And then they think: does he post himself on the bench because he doesn’t agree with the choice of coach?

“Doesn’t Ibra decide the coach? Who does he choose? Who’s in charge at Milan? He wrote 4-3-3 but Fonseca uses 4-2-3-1, so who will be the new coach? He should also consider the possible discomfort of others. He is there for the club, not for himself.”

Finally, the article states: “Many AC Milan fans rightly go crazy: they see Ibrahimovic everywhere except where he is needed, that is, in front of a microphone talking about AC Milan.”

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  1. I agree that the management structure is a mess and no one understands who has what role…

    So when they come up with Fonseca no one understands who was for it and who was against it.

    1. Don’t care what the journalists say or what they don’t understand. However my opinion so far is that when it comes to finances or planning a new stadium, we have very qualified people, but we lack such people when it comes to football knowledge.
      In this context, the departure of Gazidis first and Maldini afterwards have left a gap that I feel Ibrahimovic hasn’t been able to fill yet.

  2. I thought ppl were saying Ibra was going to Chuck Norris karate kick ppl who disagrees with him and be this commanding presence. Turns out fantasy and reality are two different things 😂

    1. Not that i personally would like to stand in his way with his kicks you do realize that his black belt is an honorary one ? He might be a tough man in football but not really amongst real fighters as i suspect he would get mauled by a lot of those.

      1. Oh I didn’t realize it was an honourary belt. I know he tends to be mythologized but it’s really just a facade when u think about it

        1. He clearly can knock one out and has trained taekeondo and i would definitely not want to fight him as he can kick ones head off so its not a facade 😀 but i think he got the honorary black belt from his childhood taekeondo club as he helped the club so i doesnt think its the same like he earned it on normal conditions. Not sure he would be able to handle an mma fighter or other pros in his weight class but what do i know.

          1. I know you are kidding but i have no idea what a bjj player is but might be a bit slow at the moment as i just awoke but this is the definition found on the international taekewondo federations website

            “The purpose of awarding Honorary Black Belts is to recognize those individuals who are not Taekwon-Do practitioners and who, in the opinion of the Review Committee:

            have made a significant contribution to the promotion or development of Taekwon-Do at the local, regional, national or international level, or
            have given exceptional service to national or an international Taekwon-Do association, or
            have made a significant contribution to the realization of a major national or international Taekwon-Do activity or event, or
            whose commitment and persistent endeavors have significantly enhanced the well-being of society at regional, national or international level.”

        2. Funny side note one of my all time comedy heroes Ed O’Neil who played Al Bundy in Married With Children has a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu 😀 he was trained by one of the members of the Gracie family.

  3. Ibra is a mercenary , with a big ego. Always looking for a scapegoat and focuses on himself. As i said before, it’s shocking that redbird with it’s size and experience in sports they can’t build a managing group. From furlani to ibra and everyone in between, have no bussines in menagment. In a big club anyways. Cardinale should have and still should hire proper experienced managers to run his club.

    1. That’s a really good point. I was surprised about their decision to hire Ibra from that perspective of ‘experience’ and to claim he’s going to be Gerry’s voice at Milan. In some sense if they came out and said they fired Maldini and co because of their inexperience in sport management, I’d totally understand it only if they followed it up by bringing their sporting experts under their umbrella of companies and revamp the entire management setup. But they didn’t…for all the expertise in the area they claim to have. They hired Ibra instead. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in what they were telling ppl

    1. This one is mine from Rossoneri Blog🤣🤣🤣

      And then that one annoying commenter (I forgot his nickname) who called Pioli Malkovich all the time adopted it.

  4. These are the clowns who kicked away maldini and massara!!!!!! They have no clue what they are doing …….

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