Timothy Weah admits it would be ‘great’ to join the Rossoneri: “I’m an avid Milan fan”

By Oliver Fisher -

Lille winger Timothy Weah has confessed that he would love to follow in his father’s footsteps and play for AC Milan one day in the future.

George Weah joined Milan in 1995 and he won the league in his first season at the club under Fabio Capello, playing alongside Roberto Baggio and Dejan Savićević in a fearsome attack. He actually won the Ballon d’Or as a Milan player, and would go on to lift the Serie A title again in 1999.

His some Timothy Weah meanwhile made his professional debut for Paris Saint-Germain in 2018, winning Ligue 1 twice and the Trophée des Champions once, then being loaned to Celtic in 2019 and eventually joining Lille, where he is now a regular starter and a USA international.

Weah spoke during an interview with MilanNews about his love for the Rossoneri and the idea of potentially joining the club at some point in his career.

Given you were born in 2000, you were not yet alive when you father played for Milan. You were actually born just a month after George’s transfer to Chelsea in February 2000. But in the Weah family Milan is Milan. What do the Rossoneri colours represent for you?

“Milan gave everything to my father (Timothy gets excited), we have a great relationship with the city of Milan. Compared to my brother and sister, I wasn’t born yet when my father played for Milan but his Rossoneri story is incredible. His past with Milan is fantastic, Milan are a great club, it’s the story of my family. I’m happy with what he’s done.”

You were born on 23 February 2000, and Milan won the Scudetto in Perugia nine months earlier, on 22 May 1999. Were you conceived on the evening of the celebrations?

“(Timothy laughs) Milan are my heart, the club gave everything to my father and my family. Then it’s normal to have a certain bond with the clubs where my father played. Watching the videos on YouTube, you realise the imprint they left on the history of football. And even today he often talks about his former team-mates and friends, all of this is engraved in my mind. Dad was great at Milan.”

How many times have you watched the coast-to-coast goal against Hellas Verona in 1996?

“I watch it all the time, it’s one of the craziest goals I’ve ever seen. Knowing your father did certain things on the pitch is incredible.”

Would you like to go to Milan one day?

“I don’t like talking too much about the future also because right now I’m focused on Lille. I just want to help the team and work hard, then we’ll see. Nobody knows what will happen in the future.”

However, given your family’s ties to Milan, can we be sure that wearing the Rossoneri shirt represents a career goal for you?

“Of course, I’d like to retrace my dad’s footsteps. It would be something great to play for Milan. I’ll keep going on my way and then we’ll see.”

Who is your AC Milan idol? If not your dad George…

“Ronaldinho. Technically he was super, I loved watching him play. But I also liked Kakà and Alexandre Pato when he was young.”

Does your dad still follow the Milan matches?

“Sure, sure! Milan currently has an excellent team. My former team-mates at Lille, Mike Maignan and Rafael Leão play there. I’m happy they’re doing great things at Milan.”

Can the Rossoneri win the Champions League after a 1-0 draw against Tottenham in the first leg?

“I’m an avid Milan fan, I hope so. Then I have many friends in the team and their success is like a diamond for me.”

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  1. Nah
    Milan don’t need you.. This is a kid that only wants to use his dad’s legacy when it benefits him the most. You Want to follow in your father’s footsteps? what happened to playing for Liberia like Aubameyang did for Gabon? your father is even the President of the country. No because Liberia is not a big country to elevate your career compared to USA and moving to Milan from Lille would.. So Nope, no ex legends games

    1. He doesnt even have liberian nationality and is born in usa and also has a french passport and you complain about him not playng for the african country., what a load of crap.

      To the first poster timothy weah is primarily a right winger.

      1. All true, and well put. But Bartholomeo is not wrong, though. He has indeed been playing at LB. When I first saw him there in the lineup for a Lille match on Google I thought it was just a mistake, they often put players at wrong positions before the match. But it looks like they’re actually trying to convert him, he’s also played a couple of times as a RB. Idk how he’s doing, as I haven’t watched any of those matches, but it could be interesting to have a player with this sort of flexibility – if he’s really able to play as a fullback on both sides, and on the right wing.

        1. Yeah im aware that he has been fielded in various position and thats also why i said “primarily a right winger”.
          Its not much he has played at the left back though

          Centre-Forward 45 10 4
          Right Winger 37 4 3
          Left Winger 22 4 3
          Left-Back 6 – –
          Right-Back 2 – –
          Right Midfield 1 – –
          Second Striker 1 – –

          1. Yeah, of course you’re not wrong either, it’s just that it’s been a recent development. That’s why I said “he has been playing at LB”, and also that I found it weird when I first saw it – since he’s always been exclusively an attaking player prior to this season, and especially the last few matches.

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