Longari: Conte ‘willing to build a wide-ranging project’ for Milan and cannot be ruled out

By Oliver Fisher -

Sportitalia journalist Gianluigi Longari believes that Antonio Conte cannot be ruled out as a managerial candidate for AC Milan just yet.

As we proceed towards the end of the 2023-24 season there are far more uncertainties surrounding Milan than certainties, but one of the things we do know is that a new head coach will arrive to replace Stefano Pioli.

Although Pioli still has a year left on his contract, the results in big games this season have left a lot to be desired and the ownership seem to feel that now is the time to move on and start a new era with someone else.

Numerous coaches have been mentioned such as Julen Lopetegui – which ignited a fan protest and eventually pushed him to West Ham – as well as Sergio Conceicao and Paulo Fonseca.

Longari spoke on Radio Rossonera this afternoon about the various profiles that have been linked with Milan and he revealed some interesting insight on Conte.

“From what I know, the main tracks examined are the two Portuguese ones of Conceicao and Fonseca, but everything can change,” he said.

“The fact that the fan evaluation gave more positive feedback for Conceicao compared to Fonseca could have an impact, in my opinion. Especially given what happened with Lopetegui.

“I would tend not to rule out any kind of lead. Not even Conte. From what I know, what is said about him in the popular imagination is not true . He would be very open to a different conversation from the Conte we have always known: a big salary and top signings.

“In my opinion, Conte would be willing to build a wide-ranging project for Milan as long as there is clarity also at a communication level.

“And that is that he doesn’t come to win immediately but to build something. There needs to be a further step or for someone to find out if there has been one.”

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  1. I wonder what he proposes. Has he realized that his cycle might come to an end if he doesn’t change his ways. Might be worthwhile finding out. Same goes for Sarri….

    1. I don’t care about “his ways”. I care about how Conte plays. I don’t want a 3-5-2 park-the-bus system. We would have to explode the current project. Leao will be sold, Chukwueze will be sold, possibly even Pulisic (although he can play in the middle), most of our central midfield would be turned over. He can say he “doesn’t want big signings” but just to play Conte’s system would require a bunch of transfers out and in. We don’t need another year zero this summer. We just need one good striker, one good DM and one good CB and maybe a real backup for Theo. That’s it, then a good coach that uses 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3.

      1. He did play 343 with Chelsea and Spurs and we already have players for that. As matter of fact, our existing midfield which is a disaster would be much more compact with added bodies on each flank.

        Tomori-Gabbia-CB (left footed)
        Pulisic – ST – Leao

        What I don’t like about Conte is his unpredictable character. He has no problem abandoning his team and a project if he doesn’t get it his way. And we need stability the most.

      2. We neeeeddddd a RB. I don’t understand why people keep thinking that the RB isn’t a major problem for Milan as well. I agree Milan needs at least 2 CB’s. The team desperately needs a DM. The team needs at least one striker and a starting RB and a backup LB.

        That is a total of 6 players. I agree that is a lot but that is what the team is going to need in order to continue playing this brand of football. I want the team to also continue playing this brand of football and as far as a new coach. He will need to be able to play this football but also be malleable in his tactics. No matter who the club chooses it cannot be a coach he has a completely different philosophy. So I agree with you on this. But 6 players are needed.

  2. I still think that Motta/Conte would be better options. I don’t know why Conceicao or Fonseca are being forced on us by the media…

    I wonder if Mendes pays for these articles to create a marketing campaign.

  3. Worst option on the list. When will clowns learn. Why sign another defensive coach when pioli has proven that’s the wrong direction. This team needs a modern attacking manager. Not a dinosaur like Conte who will demand overpriced has beens and destroy the club within 4 years, then dip

    1. Yeah, I would like to see Milan “destroyed” like his Juve winning Scudettos in a row that kept going after he left, as well like he won Premier League with Chelsea and left them “destroyed” so badly then won Champions League 3 years later xD Or “destroyed” Inter by winning Scudetto with them and later they play in the CL final…

  4. Conte would do well here, but this news is nothing more than just “I think” from some guy, not a concrete info unfortunately.

  5. Watching the last two Bayern/Madrid games (regardless of outcome…10 mins to go) why the hell aren’t we going for Tuchel…

      1. Yet he has won everything in France, the Bundesliga, the champions league, European super cup, world club cup and is admired by Guardiola…..

        I’d say that’s an upgrade on what we are linked with?

          1. That can always be negotiated but ultimately if you want to go up in quality you have to go up in salary L.

            The guy just outplayed Carlo’s Madrid over two legs

        1. He won the Bundesliga very luckily because of the difference of goals. Not because he really did a great with Bayern last season. For sure, his greatest achievement is to have won the UCL with Chelsea. But, winning the Ligue 1 with PSG is a joke. Anybody can do that. The Ligue 1 is the real farmers’ league of Europe. Even Bundesliga is turning out to be better, at least this season. Of course, Tuchel would be an upgrade in comparison with Pioli because Tuchel knows how to play European football. He took PSG to a final, Chelsea to win the tournament and Bayern to semis. Undoubtedly Milan will regain something at Champions League that it has been lost. Pioli has no experience in Europe and we still can see it. If Serie A needs a team to represent the league again in UCL should be Milan because the other two, Juve or Inter, are more likely to fail; and history proves that. It’s like the team of England which could also proves that is Liverpool! Of course, Conte is a manager who we cannot underestimate like Ancelotti. When everybody thought that Ancelotti’s prime years were gone because he was managing Everton. He went to RM and proved everybody wrong. Conte could do something like that with Milan, but the team management should be aware that it will cost money. The good thing about Conceicao is that he has done with Porto faily good job in UCL. So, Milan needs a coach who knows how to play more in Europe in my opinion. I would prefer seeing Milan competing again strongly in UCL than in Serie A!

  6. Conte is a great coach. Although his tactics are sometimes not exciting, his coaching staff gets the best out of players

    1. Who cares about whether his tactics are exciting or not. What matters is the results and winning. I would be happy to see Milan lifting trophies more constantly again!

    1. He already stated that he will retire after madrid contract expire. He definitely doesnt have obsesion anymore, hire him will be high risk.

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