Longari: ‘Fundamental impatience’ – Theo’s current stance on Milan stay

By Euan Burns -

Theo Hernandez has grown impatient with AC Milan in regard to the contract negotiations, hence his comments whilst away with the France National Team.

According to Gianluigi Longari of Sportitalia (via Pianeta Milan), Hernandez has a ‘fundamental impatience’ with the process that Milan are going through to get him attached to a new contract.

The current deal that Hernandez is on sees him earn around €5m per season and it will expire in 2026, meaning Milan are at risk of losing the Frenchman for less than he is actually worth.

Comments from Hernandez before France began their Euro 2024 campaign suggested that the left-back is prepared to leave the club if that’s what is needed.

Longari believes that these comments did not come from a place of wanting to actually leave Milan, it is just that he is fed up with the protracted contract negotiations.

Bayern Munich have shown some serious interest in signing Hernandez this summer but they would only move for him if Alphonso Davies departs for Real Madrid, which is far from a certainty.

What is certain is that Milan will not be able to secure his future until after he has returned from Germany, whenever that may be.

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  1. He is best LB in the world. If we want to keep the best we need to pay them elite salary. He is the one unsellable player in our squad. He was the best player for France vs Austria last night and he wasn’t even trying that hard.

  2. RedTurd don’t want to keep him, we are trying to force his hand. He’s worth the salary…he’s part of the asset stripping process

    1. Yeah Redbird obviously wanted to strip all our asset and then sell us for profit after our valuation rise up. /s

      Are those sentences make sense for you? If you willing to think for a bit, it’s not. But if you so hellbent on hating Redbird, you will think all of that as bs.

      If anything, if Redbird wanted to profit they need to raise Milan’s valuation. They might sell some players and buy other potential, but they are not here to strip all our asset. Smh

      1. you say that but selling our assets is stripping the club of the assets.

        if redbird where to sell milan when they were done with it. we wouldnt even have a star player in the team for the new owners to work with. they’d have to do a whole new rebuild. redbird are the worst thing to happen to milan. they only have an interest in redbird and nothing more

        1. “if redbird where to sell milan when they were done with it”

          Lots of illiterate people here. I can’t even count how many times it has been stated that RedBird will sell the club once the finances are where they want them to be and the new stadium is built. They’re not here to make a “quick buck”. They’re here to make serious gains. And serious gains isn’t gained by selling their best players and replacing them with youth players.

      2. Redbird are bankers so they see assets differently than football people do. To Redbird, buying 3 players of equivalent value to 1 is acceptable when in football it doesn’t work that way.

        Imagine selling Messi for his top value and then replacing him with Dembele, Raphinha, and Coutinho (or another winger). Yes they may have more potential total value on paper and can be resold for more each. But you are losing a football asset who cant be replaced. Monetary assets and football assets are not the same thing. To Redbird they are interchangeable. Football is 11v11 so selling Theo and buying 2-3 players in his place makes sense to banker but not in football.

        I dont know how to make this more clear to you.
        Its like have a really nice house and selling it to buy 3 significantly worse ones. Makes sense to a banker/investor (of course ) but you cant live in 3 houses at the exact same time ( unless you can be at three places at once).

        On paper it makes sense if you look at “valuations” but you cant play 3 players in 1 position. From a banking/investment/accounting perspective yes but not from a sporting perspective.

        Selling 1 asset to finance 2 or 3 of lesser value doesn’t make sense in football. You are diluting the football assets to increase the monetary assest of the club when that can also be achieved by winning. Ask Real Madrid

        Stick to football manager or fifa or whatever or use some nuance in your thought process.

        Your comments are annoying, incorrect, and lack nuance.

        1. “Imagine selling Messi for his top value and then replacing him with Dembele, Raphinha, and Coutinho (or another winger). Yes they may have more potential total value on paper and can be resold for more each. But you are losing a football asset who cant be replaced. Monetary assets and football assets are not the same thing. To Redbird they are interchangeable. Football is 11v11 so selling Theo and buying 2-3 players in his place makes sense to banker but not in football. ”

          LOL. Theo is good but comparing him to Messi is outrageous. Ridiculous. Theo cannot win matches all by himself. He’s not good at defending. He makes a couple of good bursts every now and then but he isn’t a constant threat to opponents and he isn’t single-handedly deciding matches week in week out like Messi. Messi has been given the Ballon d’Or many, many times. Theo probably will never win it.

          Don’t get me wrong. I love Theo. He’s the best LB in the World. But let’s be honest. He isn’t Messi. Selling him and getting 3 good players will make the team better. That doesn’t apply to Messi.

      3. It makes complete sense, the valuation of Milan won’t be based around player values, it’ll be based on the stadium, the revenue streams, the expansion into other markets. So long as they can keep getting CL football and the occasional half decent run in the tournament then the business is valuable.

        I hate Redbird because they have stripped Milan of its identity. Milan was a club based in a core of excellent Italian players, the best in the country with the additions of the world best…I mean ffs how many so called Milan fans actually know the reason Internazionale started in 1908!!!? This new mentality of settle for second best is unacceptable. To replace Pioli with an at best sideways move is unacceptable, the turning of football legacy clubs like Milan (not just Redbird) into corporations used to enrich globalist pigs further is unacceptable. The fact that Milan no longer strive to bring the best of young Italian club to the club is unacceptable, the treatment of Maldini was unacceptable. Maldini wasn’t sacked because of his Mercato record, anyone with half a brain on active duty in an ownership role would see his transfers were far more good than bad, he was sacked because he was the very value and standard of Milan that RedTurd couldn’t bear to have around, while Maldini was around there was always a link to the past and what this club means and stands for, RedTurd don’t want that, they want a business model of buying cheap and selling off assets when they are ripe for picking, this is small club mentality, this is what the likes of Atlanta do (and no disrespect there, they’re a great small club with some phenomenal players) and all the while we hear how financially sound we are while inter sign up players and extend contracts for fair market values while we won’t give the best LB in the world parity to the best player in our squad, let alone parity on a global scale…and amongst all this, people like you applaud this destruction of this wonderful club

        1. I agree completely and if you look at social media, more and more people start to understand that Redbird is only here for ROI. I like this website because they relay many news and some debates in the comment section are very interesting but I also think that there is a lot of people here who are not from Europe and/or lack the football culture. In Europe, you play since you’re a kid, at school, after school in the street, in a club with your friends, every week and every Sunday is game time. It’s sport, competition and passion. You collect the Panini cards, you ask for a jersey for Christmas, you worship players. I look by my window right now and there is a ball on the roof. It’s everywhere. A lot of people here are acting like tax lawyers, accountants or fantasy draft enthusiasts.

          1. Totally mate, I’m not sure how old you are buddy, but I’ve supported Milan since 1988 and we always had the best in class, from Baresi to Nesta, Tassotti to Cafu, Seedorf to Rijkaard, Gullit to Kaka and MVB to Sheva. I’m not naive and I know the power of football has shifted to the premier league, but Juve and inter are still signing best in class, Juve may end up with Douglas Luiz. We might not be in the position to sign Mbappe or Haaland and I’m fine with that, but what we should be asking for is the best young Italian talent like Calafiori, Buongiorno, and the talent within Serie A like Koopmeiners. Milan used to stand for elite, the team and shirt drove fear into opponents. Alex Ferguson used us as the reference point to success in Europe

        2. Maldini’s problem was never signing players…it was that he didn’t sell them. And he specifically asked for the final say on all purchases and sales when he took the job. Thus, they lost 260 million in the last 5 years while Inter, Dortmund, etc have made money. This makes it very hard for the team to pay players the salaries those clubs can offer when so much of the Revenue is already spent.

          1. Well that was the start of the trend of despicable agents encouraging players to run contracts down the the final year to leave on frees and get huge salaries and commissions. Maldini wasn’t flawless but he was better to when around than not. Perhaps he was naive and you can’t assume all of this was his fault.

          2. I agree with what you said, but he isn’t without fault, and I do see that they had good reason to go in another direction…I think you nailed it that he was a bit naive in thinking the players moved the club like he did and wouldn’t abandon it…

          3. The problem its from the management. Maldini act must be approve from Elliot and now from Furlani. Thats the problem. One of points success milan in the past, thats Galliani manouvre is always approve by Berlusconi.

        3. I’m not discounting what you’re saying, I understand where you come from and what you’re used to even if you’re ranting about it.


          You witnessed the banter era and the depression it brought about. Clearly Milan have come leaps and bounds beyond that. And still you see a glass half full as opposed to giving it the benefit of the doubt?

          Not all ownerships are the same. Berlusconi’s had breathtaking highs followed by depressing lows. Then the Chinese stint… were you ranting about the situation Milan was in the last decade? I’m genuinely asking.

          Don’t take it the wrong way but it just feels like a rant to get a lot of frustrations off your chest, which is fine too. It just does not one through objectively.

          So my question to you is:

          Has there not been any improvement at Milan since 2012? Or even since the Chinese ownership?

          That’s the only question you need to answer for yourself. Not even me or anyone here.

          1. Yes I have been ‘ranting’ since the last few years of the Berlusconi era and it is possible to rant objectively…. There is just a lot of stupidity and sycophantic spiel here. Those who crave the sale of Theo and Leao…yeah let’s sell them and buy him him and him based in nothing more than hype..I mean do they even watch Milan? This isn’t fifa where the avatar on the screen is as good as your ability to hit the right buttons at the right time. Football teams aren’t just individuals, they are partnerships on the field, it’s about the influences those players have as well, the effect they have off the ball…the Theo/Rafa partnership is one of the best around, you lose one you hinder the other and lose both and we are running at 4o%. This is where moneyball falls on its arse. Football isn’t linear, take Seedorf, there were other midfielders who were cheaper, who maybe had better numbers certainly with goals, but my god there wasn’t a player who stepped up on the big nights like him….it can’t just be based around numbers and algorithms…

            I’m well aware Berlusconi saw and used Milan for political gain, it is no coincidence that his biggest Mercato’s came at times he was reseeking office. Berlusconi’s reign didn’t really come with catastrophic lows, and even if you want to say it did, the highs he took us too far outweighed it, I’ve said this many times here and in other platforms that for a time Silvio was the biggest fish in the pond, then bigger fish turned up, firstly the likes of Abramovic and then oil Sheikhs followed by nation states, but Silvio was a football man, he understood it, he understood what fans wanted, he gave Milan an identity, he insisted on the Italian core of the club… he took pride in Milan and still sought the best players in the best players in the world. Football changed, it became more regulated and more transparent, and Silvio was never going to get on with either of those criteria was he….

            I’m answer to your questions, Yes we are better than we were in 2012, but that didn’t mean where we are is acceptable. I personally think Redbird have no respect for what this club stands for, the traditions and the ethos. I hate Real Madrid but I hugely respect Perez for how he treats that club, that it is bigger than any corporate entity and is safeguarding it against corporate takeover. Football has been infiltrated by corporations r and decisions are no longer football ones. The fact that Italy are at the Euros with it a single Milan player
            Really bothers me…

            For me I think there is a plan in place for our three pillars (Mike, Theo and Rafa) to be sold. The ONLY reason Rafa isn’t being whored out right now is because he has had an indifferent season and isn’t at peak value. That’s why the focus switches to Theo. We may be lucky and keep him but only because the big offer won’t come in, we are ready to pack him off asap and it’s a disgrace.

            Glass half full…half empty…doesn’t matter, that’s a perception of the same outcome. I don’t expect us to win the CL but we need to be in the conversation. There is so much talent in Serie A that we could be going after, Milan should look to sign the best young Italian talent….instead we Go hunting in the bargain basements in France or Germany, look at the embarrassment of Thuram…..

            I almost don’t need to justify my standpoint as it was justified when Maldini was sacked, he wanted player profiles such as Milinkovic Savic, and Berardi, proven Serie A performers ready for that next level, but that wasn’t what Redbird wanted..i mean come one they even came out and said we don’t feel we need an elite manager at this stage we should invest in players…that’s literally the most Un football thing I’ve ever heard. A top manager wins Serie A with our current squad, let alone auditions, someone like Pep or Klopp also does well In the CL. If you can’t recognise that a top coach gives you the difference then there’s a real lack of understanding. I’ll get behind Fonseca for sure,
            But I don’t think he lasts the season (will he get the same time as Pioli….I doubt it) and I expect another seasons of what ifs, maybes and disappointment…

            Better than 2012 yes…good enough no…it’s basically like changing your t-shirt when you’ve sh!t your pants

        4. “he fact that Milan no longer strive to bring the best of young Italian club to the club is unacceptable”

          That stopped over a decade ago though.

      1. Excellent comeback..Let’s see how this comment ages. There’s a reason Theo’s future won’t be resolved until after the euros…France will do well, he is an excellent player….market value will increase.

  3. What assets have been stripped from the team. Tonali? He requested to go to Newcastle, and I didn’t want him to go but kind of a blessing in disguise.

    Maldini? Well that’s debatable. He made some bad decisions but also some great ones.

    That seems to be about it from what I remember. Gerry isn’t our savior but he hasn’t stripped the team as everyone says. So far he has done nothing but invest in the club. Everyone is doom and gloom on journo reports before they even happen.

    1. Tonali requested to go to Newcastle? Do you have some evidence about that? Obviously his body language and his declarations when he left Milan and arrived at Newcastle didn’t evidence that at all. Blessing in disguise, it remains to be seen as our midfield has been terrible anyway and now he’ll be back for Newcastle while our midfield still looks terrible.

      Jerry didn’t invest anything in the club. He bought the club with a vendor loan, which is good business for Elliott Management as they get interests, and Redbird is buying companies with OPM, it’s the basic way of doing business for investment funds. If you refer to the money that was “invested” on the market, then it’s money from the revenues of the club and from the sale of Tonali.

      1. B, it’s simple. If Tonali hadn’t agreed to the transfer it would not have gone through.

        Anything outside of that is just us splitting atoms.

        1. True but there are some stuff we don’t/can’t know. I’ve read rumors of management pressuring him, almost threatening him. I remember it went along the line of them not renewing his contract, let him on the bench, or such,…
          Now of course I can’t confirm any of this, but I think we can agree that Tonali going to Newcastle =/= Tonali wanting to go to Newcastle.

          1. “I’ve read rumors of management pressuring him, almost threatening him. I remember it went along the line of them not renewing his contract, let him on the bench, or such,…”

            LOL. Like Padre Pioli would have benched him because the management told him to. 😀

        2. Honestly I don’t know but between a management that was looking for money to start his moneyball sht and didn’t do anything to keep him and a player who has been living his dream to play for his favorite team, took a pay cut to achieve that, I have my opinion. Not saying it’s the truth but there’s no evidence that he asked to leave either and I remember well the face he had when they showed him the training room at Newcastle, his agent and girlfriend were obviously way more excited than him.

      2. Didn’t our terrible midfield outplay Newcastle’s midfield in both games in the UCL last season?
        Milan midfield looked very good in 433 early on until Pioli decided to switch to 4231.
        Milan totally dominated Newcastle at home in the 1st game but missed a bunch of chances, and then they went in Newcastle and beat them at their own stadium.
        How did such a terrible midfield managed to do that?
        A whole new midfield who played together for only a month or 2 managed to outplay a midfield with Tonali in it, with Bruno Gimaraes, great midfielders, unlike our “trash” midfielders according to some ‘fans”.

        1. That’s just one game. Our defensive record has been abysmal because the midfield can’t help, we got destroyed 1-5 against Inter and didn’t manage to dominate any top team we played because our midfield is lost. Even Pulisic is better at defending than any of our midfielders.

          1. Those were 2 games vs Newcastle that Milan played better vs a midfield that is good vs our terrible and lost midfield as you call it.
            On top of that in the 2nd game in Newcastle Milan played with Theo as a CB because of injuries and still managed to beat Newcastle.
            Our midfielders look lost because we had a coach that was lost.
            Didn’t Milan with Tonali and Bennacer lost at home to Sassuolo 5-2 the previous season? 4-0 to Lazio. 3-0 to inter. All in back to back to back games.
            Wasn’t Tonali in those midfields?
            Was he also lost or was he found?
            I know 37 year old Dzeko made him disappear on one of inters goals in the supercopa.
            Milan defensive problems were coaching issue not player issue.

          2. Ok fair enough, that’s your opinion. Maybe Pioli suddenly became a bad coach or maybe his midfield was very average compared to the one he had with Kessié, Tonali and Bennacer during the Scudetto season. Who knows? But 49 goals against in the league is still the worst record among any team in the Serie A top 11 and the defense has been basically the same than last year.

          3. Defense has been the same since last year?!
            Where does the long term injuries to Tomori, Thiaw and Kalulu fall in your opinion that the defense has been the same since last year?
            All 3 were injured at the same time, that’s why Theo had to play as a CB.
            Maybe Pioli suddenly became a bad coach?
            No sir, Pioli was always a bad coach, he suddenly for about 2 years became a good coach and then he revealed back to his usual self. Check his resume if you are not aware of it.
            Milan had the worst month in 125 years club history in January of 2023. The “terrible” new midfielders as you call them, didn’t show up till the summer of 2023, 6 months later. So I’m asking you again were those already existing midfielders, Tonali, Bennacer, Krunic, lost and worse at defending than Pulisic, or its just the new midfielders that are lost?
            Milan was awful defensively even in 2022/23 not just last season. The only common denominator in those 2 years was the coach.

          4. Yeah that’s true that we had all these injuries. For the rest I still disagree, Pioli has a very nice record with Milan overall and his first years the team was filled with youngsters and average players. So when you say that he was good for two years, to me it just coincides with the maturity of the team, before the midfield was shuffled last summer. Obviously 70M€ Tonali and Bennacer (when in form) were way better than Reijnders, Musah or Adli.

        2. Don’t Newcastle have to sell Gimaraes because they didn’t make European competition…that is the type of situation that you don’t want to get yourself into…maybe they are able to avoid it…but their owners have trillions of dollars but people don’t seem to understand that that isn’t the limitation, its Eufa fair play rules…is their ownership with unlimited money cheap? No, there are rules…

    2. Yes you’re right that much of this is preemptive, but take Theo, he was happy, he was here under his idols mentorship, that was taken away, and Maldini I did far more good than bad, furthermore we now won’t pay him parity to Leao which he deserves all the while being told we are the fastest growing club in the world and far better off than inter. It seems the exit is being engineered, and Mike and Leao will follow suit, I suspect not this season because the curva have made their feelings clear and Gerry isn’t stupid….but it will happen.

      I’m football you’re either a buying club or a selling one, Milan used to be a buying club, we aren’t anymore, that in and of itself is a self identification of a club that no longer wants to compete at the top.

      1. no one buys without selling unless they are the top 3 revenue teams…Teams need to buy and sell…Inter sells as much as they buy and thus can pay players higher salaries…This squad has spent 260M in the last 5 years while Inter has made money on transactions. Not even close to better off than Inter… they forgot to sell players to get revenue…but its not hopeless…the team is strong but the salaries are low…

        1. We Are the fastest growing club financially in Europe, we are told that without sales the club has a budget of 100m. Further sales would be worth it IF the replacements are an upgrade. For example I would sell Tomori (who I love btw) but only if a Scalvini or a Buongiorno would arrive, Thiaw also has a good market value. Selling Mike again could work but only if a credible replacement is bought like Carneschi. Theo and Leao should be off the table, they are the present and future. 100m plus a couple of sales could happily get us a top CF and top CB and a good no6. The problem is football decisions aren’t made, only balance sheet ones are

          1. Tomori is the only person left that can score corner kicks…They need arial threats. Giroud is gone…they can’t keep having no good attempts on 8-10 corner kicks…

      2. “I’m football you’re either a buying club or a selling one, ”

        All clubs buy and all clubs sell. Milan a selling club? Milan has sold Tonali and that’s about it. Now they FINALLY managed to sell CDK too. And they bought dozen new players last summer. How on Earth can you label Milan as a selling club?

  4. Well that’s the Redbird move. Drag on negotiations and continue offer below market value until the player becomes frustrated wondering why he is being low balled despite being one of the best in the world at his position and who has been playing on a bargin contract which he has outperformed for the past few years. The player is then forced to look around for fair market value and when he gets that offer and gets the appreciation from another club – leaves. Redbird can the come out looking good for the fans – claiming they tried and offered a good deal but the player was just greedy. Sound familiar? PR SPIN. #Moneyball

    IF they really valued Theo and want to WIN you immediately offer him the MAX (on par with Leao – 7.5-8M) and don’t fudge around. BUT that is not the intention of Redbird who I’m sure should rather have him leave and make 80-100M from a sale vs paying Theo what he is worth. Sad


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