Longari: ‘Perhaps with a renewal’ – who is pushing for Pioli to stay at Milan

By Euan Burns -

Stefano Pioli could be in line for a contract renewal with AC Milan in the near future as someone in the hierarchy is pushing for him to remain as coach.

As explained by Italian journalist Gianluigi Longari (via Radio Rossonera), there could be many more years of Pioli in charge of the Rossoneri if form continues to improve and the decision-makers at the club can’t settle on an alternative.

Pioli is out of contract at the end of next season and there was an assumption that, with the season seeming to fizzle out in a very disappointing manner, Pioli would be dismissed and a new coach would be found.

It seems that if CEO Giorgio Furlani gets his way, Pioli will have a new contract and continue fighting for the Serie A title next season and possibly beyond.

No concrete decision have been made yet on Pioli’s future and were AS Roma to knock Milan out of the Europa League in the quarter-finals, the mood would quickly shift against the coach given it is the last chance for a trophy.

Pioli needs a very strong showing in the Europa League and to ensure that the gap between Inter and Milan come the end of the season is less than the current 14 points.

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  1. He should get a renewal. He deserved it. Everyone throws fits and complains about every manager. You could have Jesus as a manager and if he loses one game, all these idiot fans want his head.

    1. Renewal is more than 50% about appearance… it’s a very small cost for Milan to break the contract if things don’t work out (or we get a better coach next year), and it helps with all contract negotiations and a sense of stability and continuity within the club

      E.g. players won’t say “I’m not signing a new contract until I know who the next coach will be”

      Also if players know that Pioli’s contract ends at the end of the year, they might start rebelling and ignoring what he says, especially if they are not satisfied with the playing time or what he asks them to do.

  2. For me, if he gets to the Europa semifinals, comes second in the league and gets a new medical staff he deserves a shot at it next season. Does mean we’ll have to put up with another round of “Pioli out” during the friendlies and whenever we lose though….

    1. Oh so the medical stuff, the professionals that deal with the players AFTER they get injured, are the reason for the many injuries? 🤔
      Poor Pioli he has been sabotaged by the medical team.

      Stefano #Pioli to #DAZN:
      Chukwueze’s moment: “The goal in Verona certainly did him a lot of good. He’s a very positive boy, he stayed with us and worked hard during the break. Then, I have to tell the truth, if yesterday Pulisic hadn’t told me he was feeling a bit tired, I probably would have started Chris, but Chukwueze deserved
      this opportunity and he took it

      The clown was going to start Pulisic who traveled half way across the world, played 2 games for his NT ( one in extra time) and then travel back halfway across the world, instead of playing the most expensive signing last summer, who was at milanello resting and training.
      But yeah it’s the medical team fault.
      Coaches supposed to protect players from themselves because a player always wants to play, but in Milan’s case the players have to protect themselves from the coach.
      If Pulisic didn’t say he feels tired Pioli would have played him regardless of the toll the NT break took on Pulisic. Pioli’s words, not mine.

      1. WE don’t really know who is to blame for the injury crisis we had. But is ludicrous to blame it entirely on Pioli. Not sure what you’re trying to argue here or how it is relevant to the original point.

        1. How hard is it to understand?
          He was going to go overworked player, risking getting him injured instead of playing the rested player.
          If Pulisic didn’t bench himself to protect himself Pioli would have risked him.
          It is very simple.
          He overworks the starters and he is awful at rotating properly to give players rest , which leads to injuries

          1. I get your point, but how is it relevant to the original comment is what I don’t get? Dejan was making a point about resolving medical issues and staff and keeping Pioli, when you went on the Puli tangent.

            I do agree that Pioli’s starting rotations haven’t been up to par. The likes of Okafor and Chukwueze should have been continually getting integrated in with starters, instead of what happened at Monza.

            BUT, he has been getting the most out of his subs when he did make them. So praise where it’s due.

        2. Dejan said that if Pioli GETS A NEW MEDICAL STAFF he deserves another chance.
          Basically blaming the injury issues on the medical team and not on Pioli and his trainers.
          Milan didn’t ask Pioli to fire his strength and conditioning coach for no reason which he refused. They know who is at fault for the injuries ans its not the doctors that take care of the players AFTER they get injured.

    2. For me MINIMUM good showing in an EL final. I won’t consider it good to reach the semi-finals and then losing in a humiliating manner. Can we stop with moving the goalpost ?
      He has also to finish the league in a strong manner, if he keeps losing big games, we will have a problem.
      The injuries are mostly the fault of the athletic team and the overuse of regulars+tactics, I don’t understand why are you bringing the medical team.

  3. Ha ha 😂.
    Where are all those that said that Pioli will stay on his current contract? They said :You don’t need to renew him, just let him run out his contract and get a better coach next season.
    Pioli staying next season always meant a renewal. No coach wants to be a lame duck coach, because at the 1st sign of trouble he would be fired.

    1. Americans do contracts differently. I think it’s a different mentality. You have a contract until date X, you coach till then…

  4. 1 other season and try klopp or an aging guardiola for next cycle, just try, its too ambitious but just try, maybe they also want to try serie a some day and we are very attractive in serie a, its laughable but should be our dream

    1. Ooh now i remember we have zlatan now, guardiola is an enemy, okay, then we have to dream about the contes 😅

      1. We cannot afford Guardiola, unless he comes pro-bono.

        I think it would be very hard for him to leave City … he’s at the very top of the food chain at this point, and any other club would be a downgrade… even Barcelona cannot give him the budget and players that he’d want to get.

        Maybe in 5 years, things will change and Serie A will be more relevant (and hopefully we’ll have a new stadium also)

        1. True i understand, but trying wouldnt hurt, coz after city high chances are he will accept a downgrade, i want to believe he wont take another epl job, he wont take madrid, he might not be stimulated by psg, and his ambitions might be lower and affordable then, just a dream though, impossible with his history with zlatan, even klopp, just throw in your interest for 25/26 season when he will be back, leave it to him to decide

  5. I have zero problems with Pioli staying another season as it will provide important continuity for player development.

    I certainly hope he can improve our defense especially if we get a proper DM in.

    I’m guessing Motta stays at Bologna but if next season is another stellar one there and in Europe for Thiago, then I’d pull the trigger on him for the 25-26 season.

    But currently there’s no one available that’s an obvious upgrade to Pioli without disrupting what has been built so far, namely Conte.

  6. This article is nonsense. Clubs don’t award contracts based on 2 good months in a season. Pioli has a habit of turning things around, but the issue is he’s the one who gets the team in a mess in the first place! There’s no consistency and without that, we cannot challenge for big prizes. Pioli is a brilliant coach, he does get the best out of players. He would be a perfect number 2.

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