Longo: Next 48-72 hours decisive as Milan remain optimistic of closing Sanches deal

By Isak Möller -

Renato Sanches has been linked with a move to AC Milan ever since the January window and as a result of the recent delays on the mercato, the Rossoneri could now miss out. They haven’t given up just yet, though. 

Yesterday, the news broke that Paris Saint-Germain are ready to enter the race for the Lille midfielder and as often happens when they are involved, they offer a lot more than the competition. And that could be the case here.

According to Daniele Longo, Milan have an agreement with Sanches on the basis of a four-year contract worth €3m plus bonuses per year. The Rossoneri have also put €15m plus €3m in bonuses on the table for Lille.

Paris Saint-Germain have opened talks with Jorge Mendes, Sanches’ agent, but they are yet to put an official offer on the table. If the talks of a €30m offer are correct, as the reporter continues, then Milan will not match it.

The next 48-72 hours will be decisive for the future of Sanches as Luis Campos, the new PSG director, wants the player but also need to close the arrival of manager Cristophe Galtier first. Milan, at the moment, have no plan B as Sanches has been the plan A for seven months.

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  1. It will take millan a whole year to sign a single player… something that doesn’t happen during Silvio Berlusconi era

    1. Are you talking about the same Silvio Berlusconi that brought Milan on the brink of bankruptcy with the way he operated the last 10 years of his Milan ownership?
      Is that the same one that sold Milan, club that he owned for 30 years to a shady individual with no money in 2017?

      1. You mean the guy that took the club when we were going between Serie B and Serie A and got it to the top in 3-4 years? You should be more grateful, if Silvio didn’t exist you probably wouldn’t even be a fan of the club.

        1. And all of the issues came when he had financial lawsuits and couldn’t really throw his money into Milan anymore. He spent so much money of his own money on the club to get it to the top and Milan won 5 out of the total 7 CL during that time and you are talking like he ruined the club. Muppet.

          1. Obviously every ac milan fan should be greatfull for what silvio did for the club but there simply isnt a way around that he also caused its downfall as well as he should have reacted early on and bought great young talents like for example chelsea did when the ffp was warned then we wouldnt have been in a slump for ten years. Instead he kept loaning or buying older expenssive players beyond their prime. He also had an offer on the club from Al-Khelaifi after we won the last cl in 07 which was refused and then ended up buying psg instead.

          2. Well maybe he had a hard time selling something that he brought to the top from literal bottom and hoped something would change? Of course it is his blame it was sold to Li, but that same Elliott loaned the money to him and he had documents to back the loan. So, you can’t blame Berlusconi for something like that, you think he did the due dilligence and called banks to check all the paperwork or you think Milan staff did that? It was a bad situation, but Li obviously tricked everyone, including you. Easy to talk now.

          3. crorossonero not 100% sure if your reply was for me or chunga lunga but I didnt mention Li but as much as that sale could be questioned by what we know now im sure his lawyers are to blame on that matter if any. I can understand that he didnt sell the club to Al-Khelaifi but that doesnt excuse him for not investing wisely and keep bringing in old players hoping them to perform when the ffp had been forewarned. AS much as he desserves credit for our successes he also deserves the same when he failed miserably in the last ten years of his ownership. Milan should have started a youth project already in 2007 and frankly we shouldnt have loaned players like beckham and brought in players like ronaldo, ronaldinho, and robinho either and they are even amongst the better ones of that times transfers.

  2. Sanchez is gone, what is this nonsese? When PSG wants to sign someone they go in and get him. They don’t “date” the player for 6 months so they can convince him to agree on less money and then never pull out the ring.

  3. Look guys we couldn’t sing him anywhere coz the window hasn’t opened yet.
    What can we do? As long as paris will remain f*cking corrupted organization with no spending limit, we can’t do anything
    If you want changes, bring the uefa down…

    1. Yes, we could. City announced Haaland signing on 10th of May. It say he will sign on 1st of July.

      What I’d love is to not have US owners, Italian owner would be much different.

      1. Name one outside of the corrupt Agnellis who spends anything. And don’t talk about De Laurentiis. he only spends after he sells, never betters the team which is why Napoli never wins anything. Name one Itailian who has the money and desire to own the team. Never mind the fact that except for Man City and PSG FFP is real and must be followed. So it doesn’t matter who the owner is, just what your revenues are.
        Grow up, you are so F’ing stupid, constantly spouting crap without a basis of fact.

        1. You shouldn’t waste my time on something you don’t understand. Can’t explain to you. FFP is real if you are an idiot, if you are smart it isn’t. Works for any club, not City or PSG problem they aren’t using it or UEFA not changing the rules.

  4. Redbrid no money to bring in top player. They need to pay loan interest….
    Why Elliott sold Milan to redbird and not Arab..sold to redbrid they can make profit from loan interest. If redbrid can’t pay Elliott will take back Milan.

    1. Ah yes, really appreciate the insight you and your fellow “expert” commenters on this site gleaned from reviewing Redbird’s financial records and the contracts they have signed with Elliott. The reality is you have absolutely no clue what you are saying and are just ranting based on assumptions. I never realized how many ridiculous “fans” Milan has panicking at the sheer rumour of any player transfer whether related to Milan or not. Put away your pitchforks and juat support the club regardless of what happens as all real fans do!

      1. There is a difference between supporting the club and supporting US owners. You need to learn the difference and stop being one of those plastic fans.

        1. I’ll give you an example. When Super league came I didn’t stop being a Milan fan but I definitely did not support that move. Same now, I will never like these new owners but that doesn’t mean if I take shit on them I think the same about Milan.

        2. I’ll give you an example. When Super league came I didn’t stop being a Milan fan but I definitely did not support that move. Same now, I will never like these new owners but that doesn’t mean I think the same about Milan.

        3. The difference is between you and I is that I don’t pass judgements so quickly. Redbird hasn’t even taken full control yet (rumoured to happen in September for signed contracts) and you already label them seemingly largely based on being American. Makes no sense. They have only been involved with the team officially for 1 month, how can that possibly give any insight as to how they will run the club? The transfer window isn’t even open yet! I am not saying you will be wrong but how can you make such strong claims without any facts to support them?!

          1. “Redbird hasn’t even taken full control yet (rumoured to happen in September for signed contracts) and you already label them seemingly largely based on being American.”

            Eeeexactly. Company takeover never gets 100% done in a couple of weeks.

          2. bb, when you buy a company, you know 100% of everything about it before and you know what your first moves are. If those moves weren’t making sure that contracts of the key staff was signed, and I mean in the first 5 days, not 27 days after, and that money is secured for the transfers, you failed. Takeovers aren’t made to create damages to the company that is purchased.

      2. Honest Truth I agree with what you are saying and especially the word panicking as a great number of milan fans simply cant stomach rumors as they read it as facts when its clearly speculation by the media.
        For all we know, maldini and massara might renew today or on the last day of their contracts while presenting some transfers as well. Pretty much every transfer done by the current management has come out of the blue and i see no reason why that would or should have changed by now.

        1. Martin, exactly right. I am not saying these commenters will not have been proven right in a year’s time but there is no evidence to base this attitude on as of yet. The transfer window has not even been open so we have no idea what is happening behind the scenes. Not any one of us.

          1. I couldnt agree more with what you are saying and obviously nobody knows what the future might bring but the funny thing is that some of those people who bashed elliot management, maldini, pioli and even inflated hauges talent to be something like messis or c.ronaldos when he was loaned out to eintracht frankfurt are amongst those who now sits here and again put judgement on others when their posts seems more detrimental than of any value.
            Id go as far to say that milan would be better off without some of those fans and we should praise ourselves more than lucky that they isnt part of the club hierachy.

          2. I did already tell you when they mentioned Redbird months ago that it won’t be anything good for the club and they will take money out of it. You can wait a few years and see if I was right even before all of this crap happened and the already half prepared transfers were messed up by no key people to make the decision. It is ridiculous on such a level.

  5. i think Cardinale and elliot both in Investment scam, because Cardinale don’t have to buy club like ac milan , eliot used him to bring dumb investors from america and then buy the club with overvalue price of 1.8 billion after 1 to 2 season the club would be sold back to eliot for 500 to 600 million , both eliot and Cardinale in it to scam redbird investors .
    milan real value right now is between 900 million to 1 billion just look at italian clubs value you understand that
    the day i heard about milan sold for 1.2 billion for 70 % of the club i know it was scam ,
    idiot american investors fall for it ,
    Investcorp was the real deal and they have real plan to bring us back to the top

    1. LOL. Investment scam? Yeah right, that’s the most probable scenario for sure. 😀

      People and their wild, wild imaginations.

      1. Who knows, I definitely know they picked Redbird for the loan and additional profit they will get, not because of Milan future. That is so obvious even a blind smart person would see through that.

  6. Why bother to enter bidding war with PSG . Even if we cannot get Renato ,it Will be no problem . Many box to box type player in serie A have quality too. We can still use tonali- bennacer as double pivot starter too

    1. Yes, but this is how every transfer will look like. We offer something, agree and then a real club comes and buys the player.

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