Longo: Calabria wants to double salary to renew with Milan – the situation

By Ben Dixon -

Several discussions are taking place about different renewals for AC Milan players, and one of the players involved in talks with the club is Davide Calabria. However, a report has suggested that it will take a wage rise for this to happen.

Given the defensive issues this season, Calabria has been more susceptible to criticism, but the defensive crisis with injuries must be taken into account, and the right-back’s role in the dressing room will have likely been pivotal on several occasions for the squad.

With this in mind, and taking into account that his contract expires in 2025, talks have been expected to take place to ensure that Milan do not lose their captain for a nominal fee, or worse, for nothing. However, Daniele Longo (via FBWorldYouth on X) has reported that for an extension to take place, the captain would like his current €2 million per year salary to be doubled.

If this figure were to be agreed upon, it would see the Italian earn one of the highest wages in the club, and given he is in his prime, the Rossoneri must decide how long they would be willing to offer him at this price if they agree on a deal at that wage, especially given they are continually assessing the market for new players in the position.

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          1. I don’t need to justify anything. Its only natural you give your player a raise when everyone else is getting one..

          2. Its disguesting even to let alone to consider the rwnewal of this Scrapy and one of the worst pkayers in the squard.
            No price has increased him and there is no club who wanys him or wanted him to buy.
            He is to be sent out from the club he has been given consistant line ups and nothing chnaged but to cause the debacle of the club.
            He does not deserve even $500,000 per year.
            Hiw if we lined up Terrichiano constantaly or RB from Primavera

        1. To your comment at the bottom:
          I’m not sure why you are so defensive about it.

          My question to you would be, should Calabria’s raise be made based on merit? And if so, have you observed enough merit to justify doubling his wages?

          1. Really, you’re triggered because someone refuse to explain their opinion to you? Lols. It is true what they said about you, the king of triggered.

            And read again, I think your comment more dismissively defensive rather than the other one.

          2. Just because you don’t see merit doesn’t mean there is none. If he gets the raise (and he will) means that people who are in charge see it and believe Dave boi is a valuable part of the project.

            If we wanna go by merit strictly, nobody deserves a raise in this club. Bunch of spineless twats they are. Consistency is a alien concept to them

        1. not an accountant… I don’t see how that’s relevant to anything.

          So what, we’re handing out raises just because?

          Because I haven’t seen anything to justify doubling his wages.

          He defaulted to captaincy based on seniority, not based on based on being captain material. which he isn’t in my opinion.

          1. Very true. I have never seen Calabria as more than average right back. In fact, I my opinion, he is more of a rotational piece. We should definitely explore better options at this position.

          2. Well you’re talking money.

            Why do you care so much about money?

            Focus on the football, and leave the money to the accountants.

            (As a general rule in life it seems the more fans care about money the more they want the club to spend money on transfers….)

          1. I’d think fans should probably comment here and fans shouldn’t constantly obsess about money.

            And really in a world of 100m players people are just pulling figures out of their arses.

      1. You clearly haven’t been through banter era and captains then. Even before there was a certain Ambrosini, who was not on the level of players like Pirlo, Seedorf, Rino, Kaka. Yet he wore captain’s band. And he was a good one too. Fans today would call for his head like you’re doing with Calabria. Fast fashion fans. Really cheap ones as it suits the new philosophy of the yanks.

  1. Didn’t Matte Moretto say the negotiations hasn’t even started as of now and the rumor about him doubling his salary is not true?

    1. “Milan has communicated to Davide Calabria’s agents their intention to renew his contract but to date there is no written offer on the table.

      The parties have NOT yet discussed figures for the possible new agreement.

      Calabria is very close to Milan and wants to continue his career with the Rossoneri.

      The economic side will never be a problem for the full-back who has never made any request for a raise.”

      This is what he said, so read this before bashing him. Say what you want he is still the captain of the team.

      1. I always liked calabria and i think you are right here that he will renew. I think he deserves a salary increase but nevertheless not doubling it up but i doubt it will be an issue either,

        1. Yeah, I notified the people before they start giving him unnecessary hate. I think he is a decent backup and clearly bring positivity to the team as we say with him organizing a team dinner when our morale was down.

          1. Yeah he might not have had his best season this season but he pretty much pocketed kvarashkelia last season in a couple of matches against napoli. He is certainly not as bad as some people wants to make him and yes i think his character is probably also greatly beneficial within the squad. Will he be a long term starter for us probably not but he can still offer something for us for years to come.

          2. I knew you of all people will share the same opinion as mine. He is not the most consistent but is still a reliable team player and has played well in many important games like the PSG second leg, every time we face Napoli etc.


        The management want to sell him so they can make some commission off the sale and commission off the replacementS and the replacementS of the replacementS.

        So they’re starting to background him in the media and making stuff up about how unreasonable he’s being.

        And because modern fans care more about money than loyalty (and then bash players for caring more about money than loyalty) they’ll fall for it.

        1. Don’t forget, replacementS in form of cheap foreign players with potential for high resale value. And then replacementS again.

          1. Oh yes but I wouldn’t want to give the impression this is part of some sound financial plan that will benefit the club in the short, medium or longer term.

            This is about the various middle men lining their pockets.

        2. I won’t be surprised if that’s the case. Longo is close to the Milan management and he was probably asked by them to post this article so they can drive a negative wave against him. It could be we are looking for a replacement but at the same time they don’t want backlash from Italian media that we don’t employ many Italian players in the squad (something like that)

  2. Everyone will earn 4 million soon. Mo money mo money. That’s all they want… They’re all so spoiled. How would he survive a couple more years playing for his parent club Milan if he only gets 2 million? He’d probably die from starvation on that peasants salary…

  3. Is he out of his mind? He’s been outplayed by Florenzi this season. He should be thankful if the team keeps him on as a back-up once we sign a proper RB. His defense has fallen off quite a bit and he offers nothing going forward.

      1. Have you watched Calabria all season?????
        WHat, he got beat 1v1 vs a faster guy and had no help from his CBs… Yeah, that happens to Calabria every game. At least Florenzi can deliver in a good cross and corner kicks.

        1. It literally never happens to Calabria who famously marked the best winger on the planet out of the game against PSG.

          It’s telling you immediately downplay Florenzi very obvious failing against Sassuolo.

          It shows how subjective all of these opinions.

          You just don’t like Calabria which is bizarre since he’s the captain of the club you allegedly support.

  4. Time to sell. I wish Milan would not hold on to players when they are past their best. Milan need to upgrade the RB with someone younger and more athletic.

    This is I why I hope a coach like Conte arrives because players like Calabria, Pobega, kjaer, Jovic and Florenzi and Giroud needs to be replaced. They are not good enough and there is no upside in their value if we hold on to them. Since we won’t be able to get anything if we sell them.

    1. You are just clueless 🤦🏻‍♂️ Giroud our best attacker, Jovic saved our ass how many times? Pobega is probably our best defensive midfielder this season and so on and so on just stop it

  5. If this is in fact true, then this is completely ridiculous… double the salary?! Is he high?

    Has he been playing twice as good since the last renewal? Hardly… if anything, I’ve been saying that he’s been inconsistent and needs to be upgraded on in that position…

    I don’t understand his thought process here.

  6. If we want to keep salaries at a reasonable spot, we can’t give marginal players 4 million a year. Leao gets 5.4 million, and without the Sporting fine he’d probably be at around 7 million. That is the level and it’s where Theo & Mike will end up. Calabria should at the max not be on more than 3 million and that is only because he is Captain…

  7. I’m sorry, even if this news isn’t true, i never really fond of calabria.
    He may be a decent squad player, but he’s nowhere near a captain material.
    He doesn’t have charisma or authority to be a captain.
    The reasons he’s a captain are because he is italian and he’s one of the longest member of the team.
    Although tbh, i don’t know who in the squad right now can wear the arm band, not even theo.
    Maybe maignan, but he probably will go next season.
    And also imagine if milan right back has the same quality with theo.
    Calabria while decent at defending, he can’t cross even if a gun pointed at his head.

  8. 3mil should be enough. He is on a decline but still a decent player. Seems many people forget how many good games has Calabria given to us thru the years. And he still has 2-3 good seasons left in him.

  9. 3 mill should be given because he’s the captain and also home-grown… Though if this was a random Italian player, I strongly doubt the club would offer him that much.

    I also think that this year with less assistance from midfield or the winger , he’s been visibly worse. At the end, I think it will be done because no clubs, excluding Marotta maybe, would offer him 4mill a year


    Given that, you know, things change, players change, managers change, but apparently clubs remain the same just with different players and managers….

    We could just have the transfer window open for the entire season AND have a kind of Tinder set up where clubs can swipe right or left each week, and put together like those FIFA teams with playing cards or whatever.

    And then the fans could flock – FLOCK (this is a winning strategy to build fan loyalty to a club) – to matches each week and sing:


    and the next week


    Can you feel the magic?

    1. There’s a giant gulf between believing that Calabria’s salary should be doubled, and this interesting idea worthy of Pique’s Kings League.

      1. Is there?

        Fans are siding with the club against the captain….

        (Oh because they’re all experts on finances and player values because of Football Manager and FIFA)

        1. And are you an expert ? How about you go manage the club finances then ?
          Because the people who are connected the most to the club finances are the management, they know what they can and can’t afford.
          Anyways, I think this is still a rumor, we don’t know for sure how much money Calabria is asking for.

  11. He’s not wrong asking for that much. He is better than 2 million a year. We will see if management can or will pay that number or something close.

  12. Fake news . Anto vitiello from MN( MilanNews) already reported thats fake news . Calabria never asked 4m euro nett salary, he wants to stay . Of course it is not fair if his salary below florenzi his back up ( flo get 3m euro nett) . Calabria deserve have equal salary with florenzi . In my personal opinion better renew calabria but dont renew florenzi ( contract expire at 2025) . ACM can promote jimenez from academy for florenzi replacement

  13. I can see Calabria asking for 2.5-3 million /year. But double his current salary? I doubt that. The guy never complaint about his salary and he always played 100% because he’s an alumni of Milan primavera. Milan already in his blood and wearing Milan shirt is always a big honor for him.

  14. Don’t even want to think what most of you cheap, fast fashion, revolving door fans would say about captain Ambrosini if he played today and wear the armband… It’s a shame what we came to.

  15. Screw him. He’s slow. He’s small. He is completely one sided. No offensive capabilities. Florenzi has proven to be the better defender and attacker. Sell him to Genoa or lecce where he belongs

  16. I think we forgot who we are right?

    We are fans, not part of the board, not accountants of the club.

    Calabria wants more money, what’s the problem with that?

    Is club willing to double his wage, simply no. There are smarter people running the club’s finance than us.

    But I don’t understand why so much hate on Calabria…

    Yes he is not the best in his position. But most of the time, he is exposed because he is out of his position, running somewhere else.

    When he plays fully in his position as a right back and don’t run like a headless chicken, he is a good right back.

    Against PSG, his task was to defend against Mbappe, he did. Against Napoli, his task was to defend against Kvara and Kvara is still in Calabria’s pocket since that UCL game last season.

    So he can do his job. Coach has to tell him to back the f***k up and play in his position first, instead of going to attack.

    Unlike other players, he doesn’t have any club interested in him on the market and he certainly knows that nobody gives him damn 4 mil… But he is just trying, no problem with that.

    I also ask to double my salary from my company not because I can actually get it but because I know that I can get more money by ‘trying’ lol

    If I accept any number comes from HR, they give me 5 fu***ing percent. So I ask for example 30 percent raise and they give me 15 percent instead of their 5 percent.

    This is a simple tactic and you should know it (unless you are jobless 🤡)

    There is no need to be furious if any player asks their salary to be doubled.
    ‘It’s part of the game innit?’

    1. Thanks but this whole “despite his many faults” disclaimer reads exactly like Brexit Remain “despite the EU’s many failings” disclaimer.

      Why the need for any disclaimer?

      This isn’t financial or medical advice!

      And his critics, like the Brexiters, don’t use disclaimers!

      Fundamentally it misses the key point.

      Title winning teams do not have the 11 best players. They have the best team.

      This constant search for improvements leads to a perpetual instability which then prevents us building a title winning side. Even when we built a title winning side, we dismantled it in search of a different title winning side.

      Calabria can be our Gary Neville. And we can put a Beckham (or a Pulisic) in front of him.

      As for your specific criticism. Pioli wants him to play as an inverted full back. He actually does a reasonable job in that position. He offers an extra body in midfield, moved the ball quickly (and quicker than our actual midfielders) and makes forward runs (sometimes better than our actual midfielders.)

      It’s a myth he’s not good technically or going forward or whatever. The number of assists he’s provided over the years show that. He was also man of the match when he played in midfield against Juve a few years back in a game that was fundamental to our return to competitiveness.

      He’s an essential part of the current Milan squad, captain and worth every penny he asks for.

      And, like you’ve said, fans should support him.

      1. Well, Pioli wants to play him as an inverted full back BUT he doesn’t have the pace to recover and come back to his position. Therefore he is exposed many times. We don’t need him to do the job of midfielders by sacrificing his own RB position duties.

        Main reason why we have been collapsing in last and this season is because of defensive setup.

        Pioli is trying to play Calabria and Theo as inverted full backs but he is ignoring how vulnerable our CBs are and most importantly we don’t have Kessie’s replacement in starting XI.

        When Theo and Calabria are on midfield, then we have only 2 CBs in the first half of the pitch.

        It was working fine when we had Kessie because he was shielding our CBs.

        Now the only to get back to Scudetto race and stop Inter is by inserting another CB and a DM.

        If we sign Alessandro from Torino and play Fikayo-Alessandro-Matteo as 3 CBs and potentially get another DM (Fofana or Amrabat), then we will be top 4 team in Europe in terms of defensive setup.

        In that case, we can play Theo and Calabria as inverted full backs as you wanted but now – NO. Calabria is not that guy! He is not Neville, he is not Trent Alexander Arnold and he will never be. He may play 3-4 games that will look like art per season but he can’t do it 30+ games per season.
        He simply does not have enough pace to be that guy.

        2 reasons we have in terms of keeping him.
        1 – he and Adli are only players playing for the badge. If there is a brawl on the pitch, only he and Adli are ready for physical fights to defend their teammates.
        2 – he is Italian.

        I love him as our warrior but he is not on that level where you have to give him whatever he wants in order to keep him.

        I respect your thoughts by the way

        1. Thanks and I respect your thoughts too.

          But if Pioli’s tactics aren’t working we wouldn’t be second with more points than the Scudetto winning season.

          This is another myth – that Pioli has been ‘found out’.

          Well clearly he hasn’t been since he has more points than when he won the actual Scudetto.

          Personally I hate the inverted full back thing and has cost us goals but it’s also allowed the team to bypass the press and reduced bottle necks on the flanks.

          Everything in life has pros and cons.

          Calabria has pace. That’s how he’s marked some of the fastest players on the planet out of games.

          He doesn’t ‘look’ fast but his pace, like with most things with him, are deceiving.

          And he gets flack because he lacks obvious strengths that can easily be replicated in a computer game i.e. 90 speed or whatever!

          I’ve no doubt that most of the younger commentators on here sell him in their computer games and replace him with some speedster and then when they come onto this forum they believe that what worked in the computer game can apply to real life.

  17. Wow there is a lot of hate for our captain and the only remaining player da Milan. Yeah good idea let’s get rid of the only player showing grinta and dedication to this club. We can give the armband to Leao and make a formidable PR campaign about Leao the influencer/surfer/rapper/writer/captain.

    1. Don’t forget clothing label owner and fashionista. These are far more important to players nowadays than actually focusing 100% on football. And it rubs on these new fans.

      Football nowadays is a byproduct and these new fans embraced it and resemble it.

  18. I like Calabria but he’s not worth 4M€. (Neither is Origi & RLC). Even 3M€ is a stretch but that really should be enough for a player like him.

    1. Just read that the Napoli captain Di Lorenzo signed a 3M€ per year contract last year. What are Calabria’s merits to get 1M€ more than him? None. Absolutely none. Case closed. 🙂

      1. If you prefer the Napoli captain to the Milan captain then go and support Napoli.

        They’re currently 8th by the way.

        1. Then how about you support Adli, Musah and also Moncada, Furlani who are part of the club you support ?
          Otherwise you can go support Fenerbahce. That twisted logic of yours can work both ways.
          Seriously, stop talking to people in a condescending and disrespectful way.
          We’re all fans of AC Milan, you’re not better than anybody here.

        2. “If you prefer the Napoli captain to the Milan captain then go and support Napoli.”

          LOL. You of all people. 😀 😀 😀
          Gotta admit, you are the funniest guy here. Maybe not in the way you’d like though… 🙂

  19. negotiate for 3m/y, duration 5y w/ optional 3y extended,
    he’s not great, but he’s useful (many positions), play w/ heart & ready to sacrifice.
    Billy/ Ambro kind of player

  20. I wonder if fans of other clubs worry that much about the finances of the club or if it’s just us after years of financial malpractice and bankers mentality? I guess that Inter fans don’t care about the debt and the salaries as long as they can celebrate wins. But we can celebrate the budget, maybe also get a star for it. Forza budget

    1. Not much we can do about it. Sure, I’d love to win trophies even if it meant huge debts that would come and bite in the ass later but it’s not my call. Gotta try and find something to be positive about. And right now that’s the positive budget since we’re not winning anything this year.

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