Longo: Chukwueze ‘very close’ as Milan make final evaluations on €30m deal

By Isak Möller -

Samuel Chukwueze is getting closer to a move to AC Milan, a report claims. The Rossoneri have accelerated the talks with Villarreal and an agreement is now in sight, although it would be an expensive deal. 

Milan need a new right-winger as Brahim Diaz has left the club and Junior Messias is expected to leave as well. Chukwueze appears to be the primary target and the Rossoneri’s pursuit of the player has been accelerated.

According to Daniele Longo for Calciomercato.com, Chukwueze is very close to Milan after positive contacts today. In fact, Villarreal have budged from their €35m demand and are now willing to close at €30m plus bonuses. The Rossoneri are thus seriously evaluating whether to close the deal or not.

A decision is expected in the coming hours, per the report, and the signing of the Nigerian would rule out the arrival of Mehdi Taremi (also non-EU). The second slot has officially been freed up by Milan as the Primavera player Kingsford Boakye has left the club (read here).

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      1. Man Messias vs saladmaker is such a paradox. One is older less, resale value, not spectacular or has dangerous moves but actual has output and contributes tangible numbers. The other is younger, can dribble, has some pace, does not fear attacking but has far less output or tangible goals. Ooof 🤦‍♂️
        But yea, Chuk on RW and Leao on LW is major problems for any team. I’ll wait for the official confirmation though lol

  1. Chukwueze is 1000% a better move than the likes of Berardi who’s been threatening to join for the last 3 seasons. Make it happen 🙏.

    1. With all due respect dejan10 chukwueze is the player i want for our right wing but knowing you have been pretty outspoken for years that you pretty much hate berradi and that the italian has over twice as good stats than the nigerian your statement comes off a bit ridiculous even though chukwueze could develope into a real star player for us there is no guarantees there as he also played in a league with overall worse denfenses than in serie a.

      I would nevertheless be super exited to see chukwuese join us as it would give us some extra strings to play on.

        1. He is more of a guarantee for goals and assists but i can nevertheless still understand if they instead moves for chukwueze. He is younger, benfits in regard of salary in regard of coming from abroad really speedy and great dribbler, will give the team a new dimension,
          I never would oppose the aquisition of berradi either as he has pretty much bagged a combined 20 goals/assists for the last decade except one or two seasons.

      1. Sassoulo asking 25m euro for berardi , that price not that big different with villarreal asking for samuel chukwu 30m euro . Young ,have great speed & drible that make management choose samuel over berardi / orsolini

        1. They’re asking 25 million for Berardi? What year do they think it is? 2018? Berardi is just losing all that effectiveness he once had.

          1. He might lose his effectiveness in the coming years but berradis last season is the only one ever topped by chukwueze and thats by far the only one, I do nevertheless support the signing of the nigerian as ive said several times this summer. Chukwueze has less than half the stats than berradi has and even close to only a third of what he has achieved, but they propably would cost roughly the same and due to one being younger it makes sense getting the younger player of the two.

        2. Reccaman i already said i support chukwueze transfer and even mentioned the same things and explained that i would be excited by the transfer but you cant deny that berradi actually still offers more guarantees in outcome whereas the nigerian might not in serie a but there is deffently the aspects that in the event of a sale the club could more easily regain its cash invested,

  2. We’re buying RW, while Pulisic train and play in LW post…. Are Pioli back to 4213 after all these midfielder purchase? Or even worse… Selling Rafa?

    Because Rafa, Pulisic and Chuk for 2 starting spot is too good to be true.

    1. Redbird will definitely sell Rafa – not this summer but likely by next. No way he starts 4-5years.

      It seems Pioli wants the flexibility to play both 4-3-3 (hence all the mids) and 4-2-3-1 – so when in 4-2-3-1 – Pulisic will play behind Rafa, Chukwueze and Giroud and when in a 4-3-3 one of them will be the odd man out. Need to account for injuries as well. So not bad to have some depth and options.

      Get this deal done Georgie boy!

      1. You’re deluded if you think we are selling Rafa. Selling Tomori or Maginan is far more likely. Meaning close to zero.

        1. Read what I said. Not this year of course. But if you really believe he will stay for 5 years it is you that is deluded friend.

          1. I would gladly bet anything you want @Giancarlo that Rafa will not stay (unfortunately) with us for the entire duration of his contact. Name your price buddy lol.

      2. Yup.

        In easy games against serie A fodder, the 4-2-3-1 with this personnel can work wonders.

        In hard seria A or European games, it will def. be 4-3-3 with three of Rijnders, RLC, Bennacer, Musah in the md
        and IMO Rafa as CF and Giroud on the bench

    2. Pulisic can play as no 10 behind the striker the same position Diaz used to play so if Chucz is really coming then Pioli will keep the same formation
      Calabria Thiaw Tomori Theo
      Loftus RYAN

      The bad news is that if they pay so much for him is very possible we won’t get another midfielder (Musah) or striker
      Chucz Giroud. Leao

      1. Pulisic is more of a publicity act for our tour or maybe in long run for the World Cup in USA. He is not here to replace. People need to understand that Leao is irreplaceable and even our new management are dumb enough to sell our best player.

    3. Its called depth… When we win the scudetto we also have Kessie, Tonali, Benna to rotate for 2 starting spots… Now we will have 3 wingers in nearly same quality so Pioli can have many options… Also with pulisic Pioli can change 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 easily…

    4. I think Pioli wants more versatility in the line up and wants to be to change the formation just by waiving his hand or with one sub.

    5. Last year we had huge problems when Leao was missing due to injury or rotation. Pulisic and Chuku would solve that issue, as we would have 3 high level wingers to rotate vs. 1 only last year.
      A team like Milan should have at least 3 high level wingers if we play with 2 of them every match. Then the 4th one can be a player like Saleasmaker that is verstatile and does his job.
      The problem I see with getting Chuku is who is available as n9 for 20-25mln fee max. Taremi is an extremely underrated player and would have been perfect for the way we play.

  3. Btw don’t get too excited yet as longo as been incredibly unreliable in recent times, sky sport who equally aren’t exactly reliable have reported that we are pushing for him BUT, the demands have not been lowered, let’s stay tentative to the situation but so far all that is conclusive is there a push from Milan

  4. Lol people making judgements off today’s friendly where we didn’t even have Leao and several others. Pulisic wasn’t bought as a winger nor does he play as a winger.

    We are playing 4-3-3 and he’s likely to play deeper.

    Chukwueze is going to fill in as a RW and Leao RW. And no we aren’t selling Leao. I know some of you want doom but doesn’t seem to be happening. Lol

      1. In a 4-3-3 formation.

        Front 3 would mainly be

        I don’t see us signing a CF in this transfer season.

        I hope we can try for Kessie and Dominguez one or both on loan and send Pobega out on loan. Our midfield will be highly stock with quality.

        1. Yeah man, I miss Kessie. I wish Barca can send him back since he gets almost no playing time there. I also heard he’s getting a little unhappy with his lack of play time. He rejected interests from Inter because he wants Milan if he goes back to Italy.

    1. You obviously can’t read kid. Nobody said we are selling Leao this season. READ. For the record in case you haven’t been following this chat I have been one of Rafa’s biggest advocates and I hope we never sell him. BUT he will be sold eventually and he will not stay for 5 years. Why? Redbird will cash in and he will want to eventually make more money than we can pay him. Also I highly doubt Pulisic will “likely to play deeper” – in a 4-3-3 that means he’s a mid?? Never happen. False 9 perhaps but he won’t be in a mid 3 in a 4-3-3. 4-2-1-3 he’s our starting ACM. Your all over the place friend lol

      1. I didn’t ask your FOOLISH reply to me. We aren’t selling him for the duration of his contract. He’s not going to get cashed in. Pulisic isn’t that young. You don’t know what you’re talking about and talking out of thin air. You’re the one that’s all over the place. Do you even follow Milan or know anything about the players? You’re ridiculous.

      2. Pulisic isn’t anyone’s replacement. This is your own error in judgment. Go take your know-it-allism somewhere else and go practice your crystal ball nonsense to someone else who cares enough.

        1. ” Go take your know-it-allism somewhere else and go practice your crystal ball nonsense to someone else who cares enough.”

          NO ONE cares what he thinks. It’s all nonsense all the time.

  5. Patiently waiting for fabrizio Romano to post about the whole chukwueze situation…only then i can start rejoicing…can’t wait for “HERE WE GO”

  6. Milan may still struggle against the low block in the league but having Leao and Chuk on the wings will give them a killer counterattack in more open CL games.

  7. I’d prefer they spend the money on a centre forward. We can’t rely on Giroud for the whole season and Colombo is still too raw.

  8. Exciting times at Milan! For the first time since the mid 2000’s they COULD challenge for the Champions league title! BUT the question remains what to do with Giroud now? And how will the formation set up

  9. I really attract know-it-alls on here. Including one with a crystal ball imaging who we are going to sell or not. What lunacy. People with no real business sense at all. Leao makes more money staying with us then leaving because he’s a commercial powerhouse. Even from a business standpoint, it would be dumb to sell him.

  10. Cant expect every club to budge and sell players for 20 mil. 30 mil is still cheap for that type of quality player. Prices are insane right now. Premier league clubs inflate the market like hell (Saudi clubs too). Newcastle just bought Harvey Barnes for 45 milion euro, Aston Villa is about to pay 50 mil for Moussa Diaby. If we want a high quality right wing player (or striker) its gonna cost 30 mil at least. If we want something cheap, then we have to settle for someone like Isaksen.

    1. True, but Moussa Diaby is worth every penny, I think he’s cheap anyway.
      I remember clamouring for him to partner Leao on the right but was valued around 80m at the time.

      Very very solid player, together with Wahi would have been quite some addition.

  11. Sadly we cant spend that much on a player. I think Chukwueze will do great in 4-3-3 with Loftus -Cheek just next to him, pushing forward from his mezzala role and giving support. Finally we can have a right flank closer to the left flank level.

    Would also be very interesting if we can sign Singo from Torino and pair him with Chukwueze. Suddenly we have real pace on that side too.

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