Longo: Only final details remain as Cardinale has defined Ibrahimovic’s role

By Isak Möller -

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is now just one step away from returning to AC Milan. He has been in talks with the club owner Gerry Cardinale for quite some time and in recent days, the negotiations have been accelerated. 

Ibrahimovic had a meeting with Cardinale on Monday evening, discussing the potential role he would have. The conversation lasted for two hours and the Swede left the hotel with a smile on his face, clearly pleased with what he heard.

According to Daniele Longo of Calciomercato.com, the role proposed to Ibrahimovic is ‘External consultant’. Even though he will technically be hired by RedBird and not Milan, he will work closely with the team at Milanello and for away games as well, per the report.

Ibrahimovic will have a direct line with the directors of Milan for continuous discussions, which in turn could lead to ideas that can improve the overall structure of the club. It has previously also been reported that the Swede could work with Cardinale on a few other projects as well.

Regardless of the role, Ibrahimovic’s return to the club is really close. Only the final details need to be solved, according to Longo, and then the champion will be back.

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  1. A consultant is one of the most vaguest titles in employment and one of the most memed lol 😂
    This role is the “so what do you do exactly?” Role 😂

        1. Yes, there can be a VP for different sectors (like VP of Administration, VP of Operations, etc.) but I am not that sure for a private owned club like Milan. Depends on the owners and shareholders, I believe Baresi is currently fulfilling the role as the Honorary VP. Let’s say Bayern for instance, they have 2 VPs (If my memory is right). This looks more like a panic employment. Anyway, I am just giving this too much thought. We just want him back as a mentor for the team.

      1. Lol there’s a consultant at my workplace who had a project. Up to now we had no clue what he did 😂😂 usually these guys come in to tell us what we already knew lol 😂

        1. So in my workplace, they were typically hired for short term projects in different sector to assist the employees with their work and man they were pretty much paid 2x/3x what a normal employee earned.

        2. he/she is aligning what you already knew with what the company wants, just in case.. well basically, just your avg spv tho’

  2. It’s weird to me that Cardinale’s ego couldn’t handle Maldini but he’s going to all of this effort to rely on Zlatan, a loose cannon, and I love him for it, to provide the ego and dressing room presence that is now missing.

    1. It wasn’t about ego alone.
      Maldini and the other Italians would always see Cardinale as an outsider, not as an insider.
      Ibra is in the same category as Cardinale and the other Redbird guys. They aren’t Italian like Maldini who may claim to be more Milanisti than the new owners and interfere with the smooth running

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