Longo: Fonseca one step away from Milan – how much he will earn

By Isak Möller -

Paulo Fonseca is now just one step away from joining AC Milan, according to a report, and the contract is ready to be signed. At the start of June, the manager should be announced by the club as Stefano Pioli’s replacement.

After the 3-3 draw against Salernitana last night, the last game of the season, Pioli said goodbye to the fans during the ceremony on the San Siro pitch. It was an emotional evening, in other words, but now Milan will have to focus on the future.

According to Daniele Longo of Calciomercato.com, the Rossoneri have chosen Fonseca as their new manager and he’s just details away from joining. The final detail to solve is the contract length: it will either be a two-year deal with an option for a third, or a simple three-year deal.

The Portuguese manager is expected to earn €3m per year, which is about €1m less than what Pioli currently earns per year. It’s a pretty good deal for Milan, in other words, but it remains to be seen if the move will be successful.

As the report concludes, the entire management is convinced about the appointment of Fonseca: he has experience in Italy and abroad, he has an attacking style and he’s used to working with young players.

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    1. Welcome a board zorro guy.

      Fonseca the zorro guy: “fans will be get entertain and exited with my attacking football or my zorro mask. Come to the stadium, you will see zorro in action.”

      Monsieur moncada: “milan will be great again with my compatriot frenchman or player from french league.”

      King zlatan: “you need to have desire for great change and be creative. Look at my self, i was lion before, now i am a kitten.”

      Furlani the banker: “who cares about trophy when we can get profit. We can proudly said, we are profitable club.”

      Big boss cardinale: “it will be boring league if we win scudetto again, let others win for a while. Qualify for champion league, and that’s enough.”

    2. So it’s really happening? People wanted Pioli out, next year Pioli will look like Pep compared to this guy
      Basically they want manager that will develop young players so they could sell them

      1. Pioli already looks like Pep, they are both bald.
        If Pioli wasn’t winning anything and wasn’t developing players than why are you out here crying after him?
        Some people act like Milan just lost some great coach. We couldn’t beat Salernitana this season with Pioli. Only Udinese and Sassuolo were the other 2 teams that didn’t win vs Salernitana. One is relegated and the other might get relegated today.

  1. I want to see Curva Sud’s attacking style when this is announced. Dismissing Pioli would have been okay ONLY, and ONLY, if a top-class coach would be hired. NOT Fonseca.

    1. these scumbags dont give a sh*t. Wanna see them after they fail the mercato – especially as I see they waiting for Euros to finish to try to buy someone with 50% rise in price

    1. Sarri is a hard sell with a system that not many buy into. Motta, Conte, Conceicao were all better options IMO. Maybe even RDZ just from a sentimental point of view… Fonseca just doesn’t compute.

  2. 1m more cheapy than Pioli. Thats the gesture from the management. Milan no debt, lot of revenue but cannot use that money. Will bonera one step away from milan ?? Hes more more cheapy i guess. Only 1m / year. So 2m left can be use it for the american burger. Haha… Get it done bro !!

  3. I would rather see lopetgui then this…
    But honestly isn’t there a manager that tasted gold and can bring us success??
    If we really want a Portuguese one can’t we afford amorim?

  4. I’m not even mad at Fonseca, I mean he’s taking an opportunity given. What’s he supposed to say? No thanks I think Milan deserves someone beter?

    It’s the clowns running this club because going after a coach like Fonseca shows lack of ambitions and strategic decisions to take this club a step further, to elevate. Instead decisions taken are more in line with the likes of Fiorentina and Atalanta. And even they seem to have at least a more clear plan than us.

    1. Pioli was a wild gamble with a wild payout. Who knows, with Fonseca if we keep expectations subdued, he too may overdeliver.

      Hard to take positives from this appointment.

      1. That’s fine acm1899. But a wild gamble out of the banter era and a wild gamble when you have a foundation are two different things, would u agree?
        I’m with Ted too, I’m either here nor there….we all don’t know how things can turn out but can only hope for the best

        1. Oh 100%!

          We’re in a stable enough position to not have to gamble. That’s why it blows my mind that the algorithm comes up with Fonseca.

  5. So many great options this year. It’s a rare year there’s this many good available coaches: Conte, Motta, Conciecao, De Zerbi, Sarri. But we are going with Zorro. Please RedBird leave this team asap. They are a disgrace to this club.

  6. So they choose him coz he’s a yes man, wont complain if key players got sold and his salary is lower than pioli’s lol..

  7. I hope this is not gonna be an ‘animal farm’ experience for us…the Giampaolo thing was a bad period for us, don’t wanna ever go through that again. Sarri is available, immediately, and he is an upgrade…

  8. I’m at a total loss as to why we are hiring this guy. We are hiring a guy who gas come 4th and 5th in his past 2 seasons in Ligue 1 !!?? A guy who couldn’t break into the top 4 with Roma !!?? What are yge management seeing that we aren’t, yes he is cheap but surely they can see this is a massive risk….it is utterly bizarre, especially considering who is available: Sarri – serie A winner, Conte – serie A winner, Conceicao – multiple league/Cup winner, Xavi – la Ligua winner, Not to mention the exciting young managers such as De Zerbi and Motta…..but no we go for Fonseca !!!!????

  9. I don’t understand how fans forced the management to move away from Lopetegui and now they are pleased with this low budget Zoro

    It feels like the fans are now scared to see the next candidate and ready to settle on this underwhelming option.

    What a disgrace. Talk about a management that kills fans enthusiasm and ambition.

    Cardinal out
    Furlani out
    Zlatan out

    1. The fans never had anything to do with it. RedBird isn’t swayed by fan opinion. Otherwise they would have never fired Maldini.

      Lopetegui was never a concrete option, just speculation. That’s why he renewed with West Ham so quickly, I think.

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