Longo: Milan and Atalanta to define €26m loan move for De Ketelaere today

By Isak Möller -

Charles De Ketelaere is expected to say yes to the loan move to Atalanta, per the latest reports. The youngster is thus getting ready to pack his bags and will be hoping to revive his career with the Bergamo side. 

According to Daniele Longo of CM, Milan and Atalanta have scheduled a conference call for later today in which they will discuss the details of the operation. The salary dilemma has been solved, as the Bergamo side will cover De Ketelaere’s entire salary.

The loan will cost Atalanta €3m and there will also be a €23m buy-out clause in their favour. Milan will not have a buy-back clause but at the end of the loan, should the Bergamo side decide to exercise the clause, then they will make a small capital gain.

De Ketelaere is open to the move and his ‘yes’ is expected to arrive already during the day, as the report concludes. Milan decided to accept the loan formula as no permanent offers have arrived this summer, forcing them to evaluate this option.

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      1. Then don’t give them. CDK, we should play more hard ball and stamp our authority on outgoing transfers, all too often we back down and let players to leve and just swallow losses.

        We should get Scavilini or Kooperminers or cash so we can get other players, we really need to re think our strategic moves with sales.

        And if you. Must persist with a loan then have a buy back option or obligation, they could just use him to plug holes and then send him back to us and. Hugs value would then have dropped considerably, we really need to think things through.

        1. WTF are you talking about? Milan is desperate to offload CDK and this is the best offer that has come in. Why do people think that transfer dealings are always one-sided? “YeAh LeT’s JuST GiVe ThEm A bAg oF PeAnUtS AnD A kISs On tHe cHeEK FoR sCaLViNi Or KoOpMeiNeRS, aTaLaNtA wiLL jUsT SaY yEs.” They’ll just give us their most valuable players in exchange for a flop. FFS.

        1. Your an idiot – if you think that is the reason they fired Maldini. Wait it’s @bb we are talking about it so yes you are an idiot!!!! LOL

          1. An idiot is someone who cannot understand the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Also, where did I claim it was the only reason? And in addition to that, it was made with “tongue-in-cheek” but like you would understand that either even if it bit you in the *ss.

            How about you write an essay again on how Milan management is clueless & PATHETIC and how what the club does is EMBARRASSING. Also, remember to mention how Cardinale is cheap and the Tonali-money goes into the owners’ pockets. We all love to read your fairytales. 🙂

  1. I certainly don’t think he was given enough time and yes I believe we may regret letting him go ..
    I think he is a huge talent ,but somehow lacked confidence… not surprising as the criticism he received …..I think he will develop into an outstanding player …Wish him luck .

  2. How much cost De Ketelaere Ac Milan ?

    Deal was 35 million plus percent of future sale. He has contract 5 years with almost 3 million gross in salary.

    So, in first year Milan lost at least 10 million. Now he goes for loan so Milan will save 3 million of gross salary, and ammortisation for this year will be less of loan amount that Milan will get from Atalanta. So Cuple of million in this year.

    It is obvious that Milan goal is to cut off loses o Charles, because if Atalanta pay 23 million in next year, Milan will lose the difference from future resale that needs to pay to Club Brugge, because in next year Charles ammortisation will be 21 million at least.

    So with this deal Milan did not make the money, but cut the losses on bad Charles deal.

    It is reasonable why Maldini lost his job, when you compare how many players management bring from only 1 sale of Tonali.

    1. That’s not the way they count capital gain.

      Capital gain didn’t count gross salary but only the transfer fee, and amortisation also only count the transfer fee.

      For example with 32m fee that translate to 6.4m per year, so after 2 season the value reduced to only 19.2m. So if the fee will be 23m they indeed make small capital gain (3.8m)

      1. If we don’t let him go now and he stays another season, any chance of a capital gain would vanish. Best to let him go now on this deal.

        1. I also wanted him to go. It’s a shame, he has talent but his mentality is mediocre.

          But still I hope he will find better career after he left us, unlike JPH, to name one.

          1. Question, how was the future sale clause written?

            By that I mean. Was it % of the next fee or the next fee above 35mn? Sometimes it’s written that way I believe it was same with Paqueta, Lyon signed him for about €20mn but only owed us % of profits above the 20m. Ie if they sold him for less than 20mn we would get no payment.

            Was it the same for CDK?

          2. There are 2 type of clause, the one which we get some % from sales and the one which we get some % from profit of sales. The former is rarely used, I gues this one os the latter, just like Paqueta.

    2. Please be reasonable.. Sometimes people need more time to get familiar with there new environment and get things right. If Pioli was a good coach as such he should have at least win one or two trophy’s in his years of experience.

      If Maldini didn’t believed in him, he would have been long gone by now coaching lecce or smaller team. Please can you tell me a young talented player pioli as coaching and brought into spotlight in his career?

      Now his feel like a special one..
      Milan will regret give CDK away. This is the same thing played when hakan change is mind to play for inter..

      1. Yep. Pioli has brought into the spotlight several young players. Leão at age 20. Tonali at age 19 in a most important position. Kalulu. Thiaw. The fact that he didn’t play Vrnkx, Adli or others is more likely because they stink. It did take 6 months to get Thiaw on board but he was a 19-year-old German second-division player. Pioli gave him some time then brought him in and then he blossomed into a starter. So, you were saying?

        CDK is a traffic cone. He is not ready for a great team like AC MIlan. He doesn’t have the mentality and grinta required of a Milan player. He is a flop, period. Other youngsters who took a while to develop never had a first season as bad as CDK’s. Pioli gave him chance after chance. Started him in some games. Gave him sub minutes in others. He ALWAYS failed to make an impact except for one miserable assist in a whole season.

        If he develops at Atalanta, good for him, but he is a flop with Milan and the sooner we get rid of this glaring signing mistake, the better. 3M, his full salary, option to buy for 23M. I think it’s fair. I hope he does well at Atalanta so that they don’t ship it back to us, next year. Obligation to buy or counter-offer would have been good but Atalanta were not willing to accept these terms, so, we had to take what they were offering in order to offload the clueless traffic cone. It seems like they may still accept a clause with percentage of future sale.

        CDK being clueless and lost and mentally weak is NOT Pioli’s fault, who gave him plenty of opportunities and issued supporting statements each interview, until the point when Pioli had enough and decided that CDK should not be part of our project.

        It’s the fault of people who thought that his Belgian league success would transfer well, to the much tougher Serie A. Well, it didn’t. It’s time to cut the losses and run for the hills. I wish him well but I’m certainly relieved to see him go, and hopeful that they won’t send the traffic cone back to us if he flops there too.

      2. Oh, so Pioli never won a trophy? What exactly to you think winning the Serie A entails??? And he won it with a team that was way weaker than Inter, on paper. Next season, UCL semis. Not bad for the little talent he was given to work with (including the traffic cone known as CDK).

        So, you’re comparing Hakan’s impact with CDK’s (non-existing) impact? LOL

  3. 26M let’s fight for ALEJO VELIZ first. Giroud is fading away, Colombo is promising but not yet there. We can get koop in Jan. Meanwhile let’s use Musah.

    1. Veliz no longer an option. Rosario Central is in talks with Tottenham and will likely accept their offer, especially because Tottenham are willing to pay the full asking price and are promising to loan him back to Rosario until December when their season ends, like they want to do.

  4. You Guys will regiret selling cdk away.because you guys where the one who where saying. there should sell rafa leao in is first season. Impatient lab.

  5. Should be given another season. Leao and Tonali were atrocious in their first seasons. Leao for more than one. If CdK has a good season in Bergamo then Pioli has alot of explaining to do.

    All of the signinings have been gambles so far. All may come good, which would be great, but doesn’t take away the fact that each signing is a cointoss. Replacing quality with this many unknowns historically has been a terrible strategy.

    Chukwueze looks maybe the best but it does not change tha fact that we are flipping 8-10 coins this season.

    From a probability standpoint-
    The odds of all 10 coins coming up heads is 1/1024.

    In context, a human is 10x more likely to die in a fall. 1/98

    Forza Milan
    Sempre Milan
    Redbird? We’ll see.

    1. Not true at all. Don’t compare CDK to Leao. Leao has freakish athletic ability and talent that CDK has never and will never possess. You could see Leao’s explosiveness and potential even at the beginning, it was just a matter of being consistent and playing hard for 90 minutes. And Tonali was never this bad either.
      CDK does not have the same upside, and he has shown absolutely nothing. Not even brief moments of brilliance that would give you some hope. He is mentally checked out, hanging his head and feeling sorry for himself.
      He may do better in Atalanta, but that doesn’t mean he would’ve done so here. He was given plenty of chances. Time to move on.

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