Longo: Milan make first offer for Fofana – answer expected after Euro 2024

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan have made their initial offer of €12m and bonuses to Monaco for French midfielder Youssouf Fofana but an answer is not expected until after the 2024 European Championship.

As has been reported by Daniele Longo on X, Milan have opened official talks with Monaco for the midfielder who only has one year left on his contract.

The expectation coming into the transfer window was that it would take €20-25m to sign Fofana, despite him certainly being worth more money. For that reason, this first bid is unlikely to be accepted but it should get the ball rolling.

As well as the offer to Monaco, a contract offer has been prepared for the player himself. It is expected to be a four or five-year deal which would see Fofana earn €3.5m per season. He would be one of the most important players in the squad with a salary like that but not in the top bracket.

There has been no response from Monaco yet and Milan may not get one until Euro 2024 is over. Fofana is part of the France squad that will play their semi-final against Spain this evening, knowing that either England or the Netherlands await in the final.

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  1. Team discount on the move again! Where is this budget of 60-70 mils when all the players we target we trying to get them for 10-15 million or on loan ??

  2. All other interested teams were waiting for Milan’s first low ball offer so their offers now will look much better.

    Thank you stingy Cardinal from all the European football community.

  3. Why didn’t you guys state it in the article what the bid was (12m) or was it so measly it would be too embarrassing to write and make management look bad?

  4. God must be crazy.. milan offer 12m+ bonuses reached when they win UCL or serie A.. haha.. more funny from the american burger… Hahahaha

  5. After 2 monthes of trying to get a reduction, when another team will jump on the occasion and pay Monaco 25M€ and get Fofana, we will get articles and comments saying he is wasn’t an important target, that we have better than him, than this or that…. and we’ll end up getting our players in august when everyone was done with their transfer window.

  6. These managment are jokers

    re trying to buy a Camarda or Pobegba for 12miilion .. Hahahahaha

    Monaco will refuse and they will settle for no name DM or Yazici

  7. This Milan managment has no ambition. Gery is a cult. He bought out ibra so that, ibra will put his face on all the bullshits. Furlani is just a puppet and Moncanda, what a fraud. His best achievement is Musah. Clowns and clowns all over.

    1. Which club who values a player for around 20M€-25M€ is gonna accept 12M€ ? Did this ever work before ? Why start with an offer so low and very likely to be refused ? If they’re serious about this player why make it difficult and encounter the risk of dragging the operation for monthes and losing him to another club.
      What did happen to our 80M€ budget ? Oh right, we’re trying also to get a discount on poor man’s Calabria for 15M€. What did happen to the “surplus” of opting for Morata ? Why are we so cheap ? I thought we’re financially good ?

      1. A club that’s has no leverage.
        What if Milan has an agreement with the player and the player only wants to join Milan. That’s called leverage especially when the player only has 10 months left on his contract.
        With such a short time left on his contract, Monaco can not sell him to a club where he doesn’t want to to go.
        They can either accept the offer or lose him for nothing.
        But that’s an initial offer.
        People or businesses are financially good because they are cheap, not because they overpay and throw money around to show others that they are financially good.

        1. That sure went well with Zirkzee (or Taremi in the past), this “X player only wants Milan”. Players can change their mind if they see that Milan isn’t going to budge or if another club comes in and convinces the seller, the agent,…
          Fofana is currently being valued between 20M€ to 30M€ according to various sources, 12M€ is frankly insulting.
          Milan could have started with 18M€ increasing the chances to get the player as soon as possible, avoiding another club hijacking the transfer, starting training early, and not lose a target in the end of the transfer window. And we experienced all of those, yet insist on going slow.

    2. When you go to a car dealership and try to haggle out of the sticker price, it’s wise.

      But when Milan try to haggle, fans come down hard calling the management cheap because the don’t pay the sticker price on a player. LOL!!!

      1. It’s one thing to start with 18M€ or even 16M€, but starting with barely half the price doesn’t make sense, isn’t going to be accepted and is going to waste time for us. In the past we already WASTED opportunities because we started too low.
        Also we’re currently targeting 3 players (Royal, Fofana and Morata) each for less than 15M€, plus Rabiot who if we want to count him is probably around 27M€ if we assume a 3 year contract for 9M per year. What happened to our budget ?

        1. Rabiot isn’t sustainable nor logical. And it doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you come to an agreement at some point. I think it will be around 18mil plus B’s.

          1. I named the targets regardless of whom I agree with or not. I already said in the past we need a CDM which is neither Rabiot nor Fofana.
            It does matter where you start, because the sooner you get the player, the sooner he can join the training camp and you minimize the risk of another club hijacking the transfer and/or finding yourself in a situation where you have to do an emergency signing. We already experienced those 3 problems I named and we still continue with the same slow approach.

        1. No but you negotiate the sh|t out of it. Don’t you? I always do. If you pay sticker price on a car then you’re a First World Baller, Shot Caller. 20in Blades on an Impala.

          1. Bro u probably didn’t realize but the example I put there is exactly the same as what we bid on for the player, just times 2 (40-24, same as 20-12). And even you said NO lol 😂😂😂 so u basically admitted that you yourself know that’s waaaaaay two low for an opening bid. Practically disrespectful. Like Giga said, if it starts at 18 that makes sense but 12 ???? Come on buddy.

    3. Nothing wrong.

      If we don’t have the intention to secure the deal quickly and let other teams have the chance to overrun us.

  8. Talk about running with rumors. That’s what the crystal ball folks do on here. Also, every team out there lowballs to start with. Fofana’s contract expires in a year I believe. He’s not even available to discuss anything because he’s with his national team and no one wants to disrupt his playing time while at the Euro 2024.

    So anything here is moot and a rumor. I think we will move for him (for 20 million) after the Euro 2024 is concluded, or earlier if his team falters before then (I have France as a favorite).

    1. He can’t, but his agent can. That’s why they paid for right. Thuram’s value was RUMORed for 20-25mil and that’s exactly how much Juve paid. The difference is that they only took less than a week to conclude the transfer and we never heard them offered 1/2 of the RUMORed transfer value.

        1. Amassing 40ish minutes in total with France, sure he’s a key part. I wonder how Juve could conclude a deal with Douglas Luiz despite he’s being in Copa America. There must be a mafia kind of business going on.

          1. 🤣🤣🤣 i swear this comment section gets ridiculous by the day
            Can’t negotiate but has an agent lol. Ok 👌

          2. At first they said we haven’t signed anyone as the window was not even opened yet. And now because of Euro. What else after that?

  9. Haggling is fine, but too much of it and some teams might find it offensive and disrespectful. We all know 12M won’t even be considered, even if it’s just to get the ball rolling. Hopefully, Monaco don’t feel it that way and block us from sending another bids out of spite.

  10. So… Starting at 12M€ and then they’ll start the famous “waiting game”. That’ll last until Fofana has signed for some other club. Then Milan will slowly start looking for plan C or D.

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