Longo: Milan prepping four-year deal for Morata – he is the only target now

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan are preparing a four-year contract for Alvaro Morata and he is now viewed as the only striker target by the club.

According to Daniele Longo of Calciomercato.com, the Spanish striker is the chosen one as far as Milan are concerned and they are working hard to close the deal.

Of course, with Morata still at Euro 2024 with the Spain National Team, the deal is not likely to happen within the next few days but Milan would like to get as much of it sorted as soon as possible.

Whilst some reports had suggested that Milan are readying a three-year deal for Morata, this report suggests it will actually be for four years.

The player is said to be very tempted by the idea and that is good news for Milan given he is thought to be the only serious striker target now that Joshua Zirkzee is off of the table. He also knows that he would have to take a drop on the €6m salary that he enjoys from Atletico Madrid.

It would only take €13m for Milan to sign Morata as that is his release clause, and the situation is too advanced for Atletico Madrid to do anything about that.

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    1. Morata at 31 and a history of not being able to score more than 11 goals in Serie A with Scudetto winner doesn’t worth a penny.

      We should have went for Taremi but as always this fruitless management only talk the talk then Inter or Juventus go and walk the walk.

      Still there are many better choices in the market for even less money than 13 million and 5 million salary per year.

      Depay, Martial, Haller or even Shakhtar’s Lassina Traoré

      1. “history of not being able to score more than 11 goals in Serie A with Scudetto winner doesn’t worth a penny. ”

        This. I guess the management will be thrilled to have a striker who can barely score double digits. Even motherfking Cutrone managed to do that on his first season!!! And we’re putting our fate in Morata’s hands (or feet)???? FFS, we’re definitely doomed.

    1. There’s no way Morata is signing on as second choice and Jovic is signing on as third.

      This is the striker for this season. Most reports suggest Jonathan David will be in England, likely at Tottenham.

  1. I’ve never been a fan of Morata so I would be far from impressed if he is planned to spearhead us and even less if offering him a 4 year contract. I will nevertheless welcome any players joining us at least when they arrive and if they show the right mentality to sacrifice themselves for the team but I’ll wait with my final judgment until the mercato is done but this potential deal is not especially promising for me.

  2. Well for 13mil is worth it. Not very pleased with Morata but if there is nothing better on the market then thats that. However since we have a lot more money left now, we should get Chiesa. Cause next time you need a top winger they might not be any avaliable. Same as last year there was pleanty of good strikers but we didn’t do nothing despite knowing Giroud is leaving this year. So now Morata is the best option.

    1. It would soothen me if we actually did acquire Chiesa as well and then moved Pulisic in centrally in the cam role but put ten 15 mil on top of Moratas fee and we surely should be able to find a talented South American instead.

      1. I think they want something more proven. Its a shame we didnt get Scamacca last year. He is exactly what Pioli style needed. And he contributed to 27 goals last year in Atalanta plus he is much younger. Morata main problem is he can’t play as a solo striker. So not sure how will that work out.

        1. Yeah I agree but I’m not especially impressed with the Spaniard but I agree it would have been a smart move acquiring Scamacca last year and even though its probably not feasible any longer I’d like us to still test that idea.

          1. I don’t think thats plausable now. Scamacca is valued at 35mil now and knowing Atalanta they will ask for way more.

          2. I think so too but we can always see what they actually want for him and potentially throw in a few players on top of it to reduce the fee if that should be of interest to them.

        2. Scamacca crumbles under pressure. We saw that both in the Premier League and on the National Team. He does well in Atalanta because that club is basically a protected workshop. Their players rarely find much success elsewhere…

      1. According to Transfermarkt he has played the most matches as a right wing then as a ss and then as a left wing. I’d argue he could be of great use for us, just move Pulisic in centrally and then let Chiesa and Chukwuze battle it out on the right wing. If Fonseca wants to keep Romero and give him a lot of minutes it would be a different matter though.

        1. Sure he played on rw most. Because they forced him to play there. He is a natural lw.
          As far as everything else goes. Puli on Am, meh. We need to buy what we need (St,dm,cb) and ignore everything else. Chiesa stands with everything else. We’d just be giving juve money for nothing.

          1. Before Pulisic joined us last season his stats in the cam role was actually where his stats was the most efficient pr. minutes played and had played roughly the same amount of matches there as on the wings so i think he will do more than fine there, In regard of Chiesa we will just have to disagree as I think it would be a great transfer but we dont have to agree so that is ok.

          2. no seriously. Think about it. He is a good player. A season or two ago id take him in a heartbeat. But now juve is not extending him and want to sell. And this is afer they brought in a coach that plays with wingers.. Sus, right?

            Feels more like a landmine than a great buy.

            As for Puli, his heatmap shows that he didnt play AM all that much. Maybe formations have him down as AM, doesnt mean he plays one on field mid game

          3. To be fair two years ago Chiesa was far worse than the last season and even if he had had a slump in form it doesn’t mean a transfer still can’t be good. But that isn’t the case here as i already mentioned his form was better in the just finished season than two years ago. Add to that clubs and players sometimes make new choices and sell off players or players demands to leave nothing new under the sun there,

            Pulisics heat map might show him drifting out more widely but that also offers some opportunities in regard of overlaps in between leao and him.
            I stand by my words and I would be stoked to see Chiesa join us and in fact far more than any players we are rumored to be interested in.
            Will it happen, probably not though.

      2. He can play both, RW and LW. Pulisic can be moved to the AM position so we can strenghten that position as well. Also as mentioned in the Scamacca case, we need to take chances when they arise. Im not sure for how long Leao will stay but from all the rumors if the right offer comes the management is ready to sell.

        1. Maybe puli can play am effectively or maybe he can’t. From what I’ve seen he doesn’t have that creative spark for it. We’re better of playing 433 than doing a 4231 experiment with player’s that don’t fit those positions again

          1. Well we played 4231 untill now and since we are looking at Fofana i think that we will continue with that formation. But if we switch to 433 then yes he wont be needed at the moment. However i just read that we are looking at Gudmundsson who is simmilar like Chiesa but is older and not as good according to me. So again if we are looking at Gudmundsson that points me out towards 4231 again rather then 433. As for Juve not extending Chesa, he is the one who don’t want to stay in Juve, they offered him a contract.

          2. we’re also “looking at Yazici.. This is all just media noise.
            Gudmundsson might make sense ‘cuz his salary is waaaaaayyy lower than of Chiesa and we could make a deal with genoa. Think they’re interested in Colombo? Or pobega, not sure who really.. anyway i dont think its true. If we go by media Milan has been looking at dozens of players in the last few weeks/ or a month, yet we only signed Jimenez

  3. A player that failed to score more than 11 goals in 4 season with Juventus in his prime.

    I would go with Depay, Martial or even Boulay Dia. There is no way Milan can reach top 4 with a striker that literally struggled and mocked in every team he played for.

    All of you welcoming the idea of Morata are just compromising after seeing the initial list of targets evaporating. This is the same story in evey critical position that this management tried to cover and the fans fall for it over and over again.

    Morata is not “Mister X”, he is another Kalinic and his stats shows is it all.

  4. At 31 he is good replacement for Giroud but not enough to propel us to the scudetto or far in Europe. We need another CF. Dovbyk so far is a one season wonder, would be interesting to see if he can do that again next year.

    Jonathon Davids would be smart signing, he scored 20+ goals in Belgium before going to Lille where he had two 20+ goals seasons. Good age, good profile for us to take a risk on. With Morata and Davids we will have depth. Not quite Laturo, Thuram, Taremi level like Inter but good enough to compete.

  5. Management only needs to secure top 4. This is a “probably going to get us top 4” signing. We really should be expecting this at this point. Building a team to win titles is quite secondary. That being said, we did win with Giroud and Morata has almost the same stats on average as Giroud in totality (goals and assists per season) so who knows. We’re hoping on the coach to make the difference at this point

  6. What if we end up swapping Maldini for Petagna who’s currently at Monza

    He’s not improved a lot, but
    – he’d be a lot more physical than any of the other strikers that we have (looking at Morata, Jovic and Okafor),
    – would not count towards the lists as a home-grown player,
    – Is a classic center forward for a two striker formation as I’m not convinced that Morata + Jovic or Morata + Okafor is a good pair in a 2 striker formation against a closed team.
    – might even perform better when he comes back to Milanello….

    Dunno, maybe that’s a bad idea and it’s the romantic in me wanting Petagna to succeed 😀

    1. He can succeed outside of Milan all he wants. Don’t lose your marbles, Bob. We’re passing up on Maldini who’s a more promising striker because he isn’t up to par at Milan, but you want Petagna back?

      Awwww Sweetheart…..

  7. His best season was actually last season with Atletico. It’s arguable he is going through his prime now.

    He could be doing better with Spain though, having only one goal so far against Croatia in the Euro 2024.

  8. Morata has, what, 3 more years in him? They don’t all age like Giroud. That leaves us another 3 years to find a permanent striker?

    I’m not a fan of this kicking the can down the road strategy…

    1. Morata had one of his best seasons this prior. Look I’d like someone younger too, but if we can revamp our midfield and defense that would be more preferable.

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