Longo: Milan to decide new manager within next 10-15 days – the latest

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan are currently in the process of evaluating a few key candidates for the post-Stefano Pioli era at the club, a report claims. No decision has been made and the fans will have to wait a little longer for that to happen. 

The Rossoneri have certainly narrowed their pursuit to just a few managers, with Sergio Conceicao, Paulo Fonseca and Thiago Motta seemingly the most concrete options. However, the media has been jumping on several names lately as agents are working hard.

According to Daniele Longo, Milan are currently evaluating their options and a decision should be made within 10-15 days. It will certainly not be a rushed one and even though many agents are trying to influence the race, the Rossoneri directors are working with great attention.

Conceicao has emerged as the top target, per the latest reports, and it remains to be seen what the outcome of his meeting with Porto will be. Motta is also one that Milan appreciate a lot and as he hasn’t signed with Juventus yet, the hypothesis remains alive.

In the meantime, though, we will have to focus on the remaining games and Stefano Pioli has made it clear that the No.1 goal is to defend second place.

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  1. Motta is definitely the best choice, but I don’t understand why some people are so against Conceicao.
    The guy played for years in Serie A, he’s done a tremendous job with all the teams he coached, we know him well after struggling twice against Porto in the Champions League, and he’s particularly good in the defensive phase of the game which pretty much has been our main problem this season.
    This is the list of reasons why he’s a good choice.
    I would love to hear someone show me why I’m wrong.

    1. I don’t get it either – Conceicao or Motta would be top drawer choices from this management. I’d be happy with either.

      1. How did we go from Maldini at the head of our club to these 3 nobody’s with no knowledge of football..

    2. With all due respect off all that only Porto is relevant, no one cares for his other stops or his playing days.

      When he got drawn into a group of death he got rekt in CL too.

      I don‘t want to be too negative towards him but while not anyone can achieve what he did, he sure is no young Mourinho either as some are trying to paint him. Mou was much better at Porto.

    3. Everyone keep wanting Motta!

      Mind you this is Motta first experience as a coach and someone like him can only manage a midtable team like Bologna but not Big and ambitious club like Milan with so many objectives.

      To Winning the league
      To win champions league or get to semifinal
      To make top four
      To win the cup
      To win against all top teams in the league
      Must win the derbies
      Must win all rivalry matches…

      Motta to me seems to be a one season magic and luck.

      Going for him might be a very huge mistake the management will forever regret.

      Conceicao had coached in every competition of European championships he has all the experience required and Milan already have the tools that suited his type of football just 2 to 4 additional players will be needed in vital roll.

      No anything other coaches on milan list matched his success apart
      from Conte.

      Sergio Conceicao, with his extensive experience and success at FC Porto, seems to be a strong candidate for the Milan coaching position. Having been in charge of the Dragons since June 8, 2017, he has won three league titles, three cups, three super cups, and the first league cup in Porto’s history. His primary formations are 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2, which could potentially blend well with Milan’s current squad.

      Conceicao’s philosophy emphasizes a strong defense and a counter-attacking style, which has been effective in achieving success at Porto. His teams are known for their discipline, tactical awareness, and ability to perform under pressure. This approach could be well-suited to the demands of Italian football and the expectations at a club like Milan.

  2. He seems to be a hardass drill sargent type of coach and I’m not sure if that will work with Theo/Leao. Pioli was probably too soft but I feel like maybe Conceicao may be too extreme the other way.

  3. I still find it difficult to accept the criticisms against Pioli.
    What if the management also signed Thurman ahead of Inter back then?
    What if the Management signed Frattesi ahead of Inter back then?
    Pioli used primavera squads more than any coach this season and finished second
    Milan was the 4th highest spender in the transfer market and now finishing ahead of more spenders!
    To me Pioli should stay and the management rather should go for very strong established players then we can tell if Pioli is not up to the task

    1. I agree with you, if you look at it objectively Pioli did absolutely fine.

      The problem are the unknowns and the gras is greener on the other side effect.
      Most players were developed under Pioli, so a lot about their real quality is speculation.

      Maybe a new coach will be a step forward, maybe without Pioli we will struggle to get top 4. Time will tell.

  4. 4 years of Pioli: 3 champions league qualification, 1 scudetto, champions league semi final.

    1 season of Motta achievement is not enough for conviction of his capability

    Sacking Pioli will just be like how we sacked Allegri in the past who then went on to win almost 5 trophies for Juve plus 2 UCL finals
    Pioli has done what was requested of him

    1. Pioli’s accomplishments were great. Pioli’s limitations are painfully obvious too. Gotta take both into account. He can’t elevate Milan any further.

      1. Does he need to at this stage though? Untill we get the stadium we are pretty much capped at that level anyway. He offers huge stability and with seasons like this he will get the occasional scudetto over the years.

        Without the leverage of a stadium or a sugar daddy we are dimply too weak to win CL or be serial champions.

    2. You serious? It’s time for Pioli to leave. Have you not watched any games this season? His subs are horrible and always too late, plays a box to box mid as the trequarista, his inverted fullback tactic is stupid and never works and plays a 505 formation. You Pioli lovers sure are delusional.

  5. I don’t expect this from you @kaka!
    Give us name of coach you think will take us to the very high level with same type of players Milan management is providing Pioli ?
    Some of we milan fans never learn how past.
    If we bring new coach and we end up just like how we sold ibra and T33 and then put the blame on Allegri….what happened afterwards?
    Selling Tonali who’s the main central project for Pioli, allowing Chalhanoglu and Donaruma go on free and still maintains a top 4
    We also leaned of a very perfect dressing room harmony

    All I am saying is our management are also loosing the battle when it comes transfer market to Inter and Juve and all we say is Pioli is not good enough ? I don’t accept that criticism

  6. After Allegri we had almost 6 or 7( if someone can remember me exact figure) different coaches and missed out on UCL for almost 7 years (can’t remember the exact amount of years) if I am to critique then the Milan management should take 70% of the blame for allowing inter dominance! Cos this is the main bone of criticism against why many of us wants Pioli Out? But let’s look at it from how Milan is scrutinizing their budgets compare to Inter!
    This season Pioli even risked a 15 year primavera against Fiorentina when we were just a goal ahead.
    Look at defending champion Napoli….how many coaches so far?….. and that’s how it’ll continue for them until they get stability in maybe 5 or even 7 years later…..
    The bottom line is Inter did a good job in the transfer market and we had almost 78% parts of our 2023/2024 campaign marred by long time injuries and here we are finishing second!
    Let’s be grateful and be patient and rather criticize our management for top class business in the transfer market

    1. Wise words, people ignore history at their peril.

      Also to add something, some fans blame Pioli for the injury crisis (especially compared to Inter) … which may or may not be a valid thing to blame on Pioli. That said, many of these fans are drooling over De Zerbi who had crazy amount of injuries in his team… and that I can’t understand.

      Also if the physical coach needs to be replaced, why fire Pioli as his boss as well. Using that logic we should fire Furlani as well, since he’s Pioli’s boss

    1. then tell us which coach you think realistically milan can afford and who will use this our squad to defeat Inter? we complained about Pioli substititions…..all in all we are finishing second with a good budget and with no debt….and all the names mentioned i can’t see any of them very convincinly better than Pioli to be honest….Concecao coaches the best team in a weak league and what do you expect?
      Motta first and only achieving season (not sure if he can on consistent level)
      De Zerbi hasn’t coached any top class club(not sure if he can withsatnd Milan pressure)
      also lets look at the mistake of Bayern Munich when Nagelsman was sacked now they are to part ways again with Tuchel just because they do not appreciate Naggelsman just as we do not want to appreciate Pioli
      i would have throw my support behind Flick former Bayern coach if he were to be considered

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