Longo: Two centre-backs and a right-back – Milan’s defensive plan and targets

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan are expected to reinforce the defence this summer after a season with too many goals conceded, having to resort to outscoring their opponents. According to a report, the Rossoneri already have a clear idea of the mercato. 

In the Scudetto season, Milan conceded just 31 goals thanks to an impressive second half of the season on that front. This campaign, with three games left, they have already conceded 42 goals and that is 23 more than the champions Inter.

As reported by Daniele Longo this morning, a revolution is needed at the back. The likes of Davide Calabria and Fikayo Tomori could both leave the club, while the management has expressed its faith in Malick Thiaw.

The plan, which will also be discussed with the new manager, is to sign two centre-backs and a right-back this summer. Maxence Lacroix (Wolfsburg), Lilian Brassier (Brest) and Tiago Santos (Lille) are all high up on the wish list. Provided that the new manager approves, attempts will be made.

This evening, Stefano Pioli will make some surprising changes to the XI, benching the usual defensive starters Calabria, Tomori and Theo Hernandez. A clear signal that the performances haven’t been good enough lately, now on a six-game winless run.

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  1. Letting tomori go would be a rly rly stupid move. What we need is proper midfield Defence. Tomori is our best Cb wtf why would they let him go. Yh sometimes u need to tame him a bit but when u do he is world class.

  2. Can’t say that any of those seem better than what we already have. This summer we need quality not quantity purchases

  3. A revolution is not needed at the back. We trust gabbia, thiaw, tomori and we should give kalulu one more season without pioli’s medical staff. The reason we are leaking goals is due to the cause of having no dm and pioli insisting on playing a high line with thiaw, kjaer and gabbia

  4. Tomori is now 26 and will turn 27. This summer is the best time to get the maximum for him. There are a lot of good defenders in football today. So I am not worried about letting him go and neither should anyone else. The issue is Calabria, he is a hung of junk. He isn’t built for winning a serie a title again and actually giving Milan a chance at competing for a CL titles. That RB position is such a problem for two seasons now. It seems everyone is blind or they are so stupid for having any Italian player no matter how incapable they are to play the position they are brought in to play.

    I won’t say that Tiago Santos (Lille) is the greatest RB. I think he has more physical characteristics that this team needs. I mean Calabria isn’t even able to convince the fans or the manager that he is more than capable to outperform Florenzi. I mean come on. Wake up. A new RB, an actual back up for LB. Then two CB’s along side a CDM and a striker. That is 6 players.

    The management is capable of doing it. They did a good job for the most part last summer. If there is a 50-70 million offer for Tomori. I would take that and add the transfer fee that will come in from the other players that have been loaned out. Then add the money that comes from qualifying for the CL. That would make the transfer budget beefy enough to make it happen.

    1. Ah the classic, we need a new rb rant, from a basement coach potato… go watch tennis if you don’t players that play for Milan

      1. ??? No better than any of your comments buddy. Relax. We’re all here offering suggestions, opinions and foretellings

      2. Well said. He’s a player who can shut out some of the best left wingers in the game, he works tirelessly and loves the club. He’s no Cafu but he’s far from a problem.

        I’ve always likened him to Gary Neville, not tie her technically, nothing visually spectacular, ut then after a period of time you actually realise he’s consistently pretty darn good

        1. We do not need to upgrade our rb. We have 4 in the club atm, 2 of them haven’t even played this season..

    2. If you are ACM owner , ACM will have revolution squad every new season. Buying are easy , selling are hard. You cannot sell player if no offer coming , that player also must have agree to move out

  5. So they want to let Tomori go, who was our best CB during these last 3 years and had shown a lot of quality, but they trust Thiaw who aside from the last season, was very dissapointing.
    It’s one thing to say they want a new CB, which I’m not against, but to say to get rid of our best CB to get another one is just nonsensical.
    Calabria is actually decent, provided you don’t use him in an inverted fullback fashion and provide him support when tasked to mark dangerous left wingers, plus he is our captain, one of the few who fights for the badge, is Italian,…
    I hope this is the usual rumors that are just here to generate interaction.

    1. Great post mate 👏

      I don’t have any issue with Thiaw, we just need to add another quality CB..Scalvini, Buongiorno for me.

      Either of those with Tomori, Gabbia and Thiaw is an excellent CB line up

  6. Thiaw has played as RB and DM, and Kalulu as RB. Maybe Milan should try them there before the summer transfer window.

  7. Atleast they accepted that Calabria is not good enough to be a starter. Have in the squad as a backup eould be good solution. As for Tomori if a premier league club dont come with a ridiculus bid we should just keep him.

  8. “We concede too many goals. Let’s desperately sell some defenders, anyone clubs are willing to pay for then buy a new defense. That’d work good” – Milan and its fans.

  9. If this is true it’s just more evidence of why Gerry is in this game….

    Had the names Mentioned as replacements been Scalvini, Buongiorno, or Calafiori then there would be some sense to it, but it’s just randoms from second rate clubs…

    Me and many keep saying it’s about selling stars high and buying cheap…please prove us wrong because if this is true then Gerry is only proving us right

  10. Concession of goals is also a result of a lack of DM’s on this team. I would add one quality CB and look for quality DM’s.

    Hell, I would even sign RLC up for DM courses. Better that than him playing AM.

    1. RLC does indeed seem to have the strength and stamina to play as a DM, he can also bully the opposition physically and has good pace which is rare even among the best DMs out there, but can he actually play as a DM ? He is injury prone and the stamina required for a DM is quite important.
      Musah does also seem to have the physical profile for a DM, he does have the strength, pace, stamina and provided he doesn’t try to dribble the entire field, is actually a good ball holder, but so far hasn’t shown a lot of great things. Not entierly his fault though, given he’s been played in pretty much a new position every single game.

      1. RLC is too lazy to be trusted with the DM role. I would try Musah there, but in any case he will need time to adapt, so the coach should be patient.

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