Longo: Origi could stay at Milan and remain excluded from squad lists

By Isak Möller -

The future of Divock Origi remains a problem as AC Milan have been working on a transfer ever since the start of the summer. However, no concrete offers have arrived for the striker, a report claims. 

Origi is no longer part of the plans of Milan following his disappointing first season at the club, finding the back of the net just two times. However, his exit has not been an easy task for the Rossoneri so far.

According to Daniele Longo, despite being out of Milan’s plan since June, no concrete offers have arrived for the striker this summer. As a result, he could end up staying at the club and remain excluded from the squad lists.

This means that the 28-year-old, along with his entourage, will have to find a new club this summer in order to get playing time this season. Milan are seemingly willing to let him go for a very small compensation and perhaps a club will step forward in the final days of the mercato.

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  1. They should have put him on display during friendly games and hope it could have been good enough to entice another team to talk him off their books. 15 to 20 minutes, then call it a day. Loan out Colombo and consolidate their efforts. Strategic failure. Completely dropped the ball on this. They got rid of CDK too so we really created our own mess here and pushed ourselves in a corner.

    1. We didn’t plan out for all eventualities and made this way harder than it should have been. If they didn’t have a striker in the bag and were unwilling to give CDK a look, knew Colombo would be loaned, nor keep Origi, the priority should have been getting Retigui or the kid that went to Tottenham.

  2. Origiosis: a type of nausea caused by watching a striker get a chance and know in advance that he’s going to screw it up. Similar to DeKetelarrhea but doesn’t involve the bowels.

          1. Are you special? You seem a bit slow or at least on the spectrum.

            I use the trigger warning for you because you get so worked up about things. Which in turn leads to name calling instead of debate.

            Lastly. Haven’t changed my name.

          2. And I know exactly who you are. Thanks for sharing. I’m not getting into this with a compulsive liar. It’s like arguing with Mr. Orange Mugshot supporter.

            Your thoughts are your thoughts alone.

            You need a trigger warning on yourself. You seem pretty upset over something.

          3. Oh and if he leaves this summer will you eat your own words? Or are you just going to vanish, like most hit and run trolls?

          4. I am always willing to be wrong unlike you.

            Unfortunately you will never admit when you’re wrong.

            I truly hope he leaves though.

  3. Origi is Bakayoko.

    We need to see when Bakayoko will find new club. I think he is free agent still.

    Origi have 2 choices either leave now or take Ac Milan money like Bakayoko and then later to say goodbye with play. Who is gonna take player who will not have 1 professionAl game since 2023 untill 2026…?
    Origi last chance is to leave now… winter transfer window is too late for him.

  4. He was free so just accept the first offer that comes from a team that he can come to an agreement with. Even $1 million is a profit. Get him off the books.

  5. Hey , look on the bright side.
    At least the infamous M&M couldn’t sign Renato Sanches last summer along with Origi.
    Imagine both Origi and Renato.
    Dude played 20 minutes for Roma and is already injured.
    Thank you PSG for saving Milan

  6. Personally think he should have been given a proper pre season with the club, but if he’s not in plans at all and there’s no club that can agree a deal then Milan will end up having to pay him a chunk of his remaining salary. Outside the squad he’s not going to find any suitors.

  7. Stay in Milan, exercise every day and collect 4mil a year…. what’s not to like?! FFS…

    Thanks for that Parting gift, Paolo.

  8. Oh no. Lets just use him as 3rd striker. Loan colombo to monza . For 2nd striker just loan lakaka or eikitike because chelsea and psg want to get rid that two striker too . 4m euro nett origi as 3rd striker , weka weka weka . What a luxurious

  9. We’ve managed to turn (another) player who has played and scored in the (better) Premier League and champions league into an outcast.

    The amount of times this happens in modern football is completely unacceptable.

    It’s the clearest indication that these players are not reaching their potential, and we as fans suffer.

    1. I thought you wanted more Italian talent… yet here you are defending a guy who scored 3 goals in the last two years at Liverpool in the League. lol.

      You’re very confusing.

      1. I’m pretty consistent.

        Origi is the latest in a long list of failures.

        It’s Origi today, it’ll be Okafor tomorrow or whoever else I find I am having to defend in year’s time against the very people who were so excited about the signings.

        The point is not Origi.

        The point is that Milan have signed at least one new striker every single season for 15 years. In the full 14 years Benzema was at Real Madrid (where he was signed for 41m) Milan went through (quick count) about 20 strikers…

        TWENTY. In just 14 years. And Real Madrid had one striker (ok probably a few subs).

        This is what we’re up against. Teams that have stability, long term planning, that don’t just randomly replace 50% of their squad every few months. Successful teams built for long term success.

        We have dismantled a title winning side in less than 2 years but half you haven’t noticed because you’re so excited about all these new signings that you will then turn on in a few months time.

        1. Very very confused you are.

          Origi is a long time failure, even at Liverpool. He was on the side lines for two years. You can’t make a point and now are using him to prove some other irrelevant point.

          Ask your hero Maldini as to why a striker who scored three goals in the Premier League in TWO YEARS was even signed? Ask him.

          Nothing was dismantled. The base is still there. Sure Tonali and Diaz left, but nothing else was dismantled. We reinforced the right side big time, because it wasn’t good.

          You’re outrageous, ridiculous and just an all around nasty in your attitude.

          Successful teams by the way, like Real Madrid, sign a lot of players. They always have done so. So has Manchester City. They make many signings, like we just did. It’s called reinforcing to make stronger runs.

        2. Also you keep blabbering about all these strikers lmao. Rest assured other teams have gone through a fair number. Many just get loaned out. Real Madrid does this a lot. They don’t keep the same old players all the time. Benzema is a world class player, and has been for some time. But he was a known quality. We need to spend 50+ million on a striker to get that kind of quality.

          AGAIN NOTHING WAS DISMANTLED. That’s in your own sorry head.

          And now you’re saying Okafor is next lmao. You really don’t have any clue what you’re talking about. I’ve been a Milan fan a lot longer than you.

          I’m not turning on anything. You disgusting person.

        3. Sorry, what was dismantled?!?!?!

          Kessie chased money and left of his own accord. Even if he’d stayed last season, he would probably still be in Saudi now (I’m not criticising him, he is free to chase money if that’s his MO)

          Ibra got old

          Madrid decided they wanted their player back.

          Tonali is a shame but he provided the money for the rebuild that last year showed we desperately needed. If you think persevering with last seasons squad would have seen an upturn you’re mad. I don’t know how much you watched us play last season but apart from a few highlights we were awful to watch even when winning.

          Saelemaekers, Messias and Rebic are are just natural squad turnover. Pulisic and Chuk massive upgrades on the right, and yeah Okafor hasn’t proved anything yet but Rebic has spent the last two seasons not proving anything.

          Adli and Origi weren’t part of the title winning team so are not part of that argument.

          We get it, you hate modern football and you’d rather no one ever transferred anywhere and we should just hold our breath and pray Messias becomes a worldie. But this idea that we have wantonly dismantled something that was beautiful is very romantic but slightly deluded.

          1. Some of those were unavoidable, but the majority were avoidable.

            We’ve signed at least 10 new players. Newcastle, who exist in modern football, signed 4.

            I don’t have an issue with transfers. Personally I think we should’ve signed a CM, AM and RW and that’s it, but too many transfers are disruptive as has been shown on countless occasions including on numerous occasions with Milan.

            But this is not just about the constant change, it’s also about the hundreds of players who just get written off. We have a top player who has played and performed at top clubs and apparently we’re just going to let him rot? We seriously can’t find any other use for him?

            It’s just a waste of talent and it keeps happening. This season it’ll be Origi, next season it’ll be someone else.

          2. @Maldinis Heir yeah you can sign 1-4 players if you already have a proper squad… But this team doesnt have that… Most of them are deadwood, even some of the starting eleven are miserable thats why massive change is needed, just like what city and chelsea do in the past… After having the proper squad you can sign less and less just to replace or to improving the squad…

  10. Not a smart decision to exclude him from the squad BEFORE you secured a replacement. If we can’t sign anyone we may need him. Giroud cannot play every game and Okafor is a winger. Let’s hope we get someone but unless a player is a cancer in the locker room or you have an imminent transfer ready and you don’t want them injured, banning a player before you have a replacement isn’t the wisest idea as you are still paying him and his value only decreases with more time in the stands. Bit of a mess

    1. LOL And here we go again. Okafor can play as a CF, and is a proven more effective one. You’re just like Maldini’s Heir. Totally wrong as always.

      Origi is simply a bad player.

      1. Here we go. Not sure how I’m compared to another member of this chat. Another extreme position taken by this kid. I say kid because it’s obvious you are young and think you know everything lol. Your the kid who makes 20 posts per article trying to make a point and when you can’t (which is often the case) you just insult people and throw a fit – just like a child LOL. Your in for a rude awakening son when you grow up – that’s not how the world works.

        Now re: Okafor. Many (including the experts) have said Okafor is a winger. IN FACT – He has never played as a #9 exclusively for any club and has never scored more than 14 goals in a season. His Redbull Salzburg goal total in all comps over the past 4 years were 4; 6; 14; 10. Hardly a poacher. IN FACT – Moncada and Furlani seem to believe that as well considering they are looking for a #9 – otherwise they would have simply said we are set with Okafor backing up Giroud – but they have not – and are looking. So this FACT completely destroys your own feeble attempt to make a point that Okafor is a CF/striker. So by your logic you now know more than Moncada and Furlani???? LOL.

        Everyone on this chat knows what type of person you are. Keep up the insults kid they will get you far in life LOL

    2. Yep . Iron arm path usually wont work against player example arsenal exclude ozil from squad but yet ozil stay until his contract expire and get highest salary in arsenal . Another example Real madrid benching isco,bale,mariano but yet that three player stay till their contract expire. ACM can still use origi as 3rd striker even if they sign new striker to compete with giroud , origi are not toxic causing problem for team or management

  11. LOL You’re at it again! Just counting the Premier League you know how many times he played in the last two seasons, smartypants? 15 times. He has had 3 goals in the last seasons at Liverpool. Whose smart idea was it to sign him? Oh yes, the one you love.

    He got out done by Messias.

    This guy had zero potential.

    In all competitions, he had 36 starts at Liverpool in the last two seasons. We gave that many to him in one season.

    He had his chances and was horrible every time.

    Surely a guy who had 3 goals in his last season at Liverpool wasn’t worth it.

    1. This was for Maldini’s Hair Piece.

      Endless insulting of our team.

      And endless praising as someone as useless as Origi, who has been an outcast at Liverpool for the last two years he was there.

  12. Some guts this person has claiming I’ll “turn on” these signings, when they already are looking so good.

    Maldini’s Heir. Go to Sempreinter or something because you’re more suitable for that. You talk like an Interista. Disgusting behavior and we’re all tired of it.

    1. Hey maybe you have Aspergers or something like that. Your mom should get you checked out.

      Year App G A Min/Goal
      18/19 22 8 2 96
      19/20 42 6 4 237
      20/21 17 1 2 536
      21/22 18 6 4 100
      22/23 36 2 1 593 – Milan

      For a backup striker those aren’t bad. However, I will agree that we were taking a chance on him. We didn’t have the money to spend on signing quality with purchases, so we had to attract players on a free.

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