Longo: Outcasts incentivised to leave as Milan outline Serie A squad rules

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan are looking to part ways with the likes of Fode Ballo-Toure, Mattia Caldara, Junior Messias and Divock Origi before the start of the season. As such, they have now made things clear about the squad list. 

Ballo-Toure appears to be just one step away from leaving Milan, with several offers on the table, and Besiktas are pushing hard to sign Messias. For Caldara and Origi, however, it hasn’t been as easy for the Rossoneri.

Origi has expressed his will to stay at the club and prove himself but Milan are set on selling him. As such, according to Daniele Longo, the Rossoneri will exclude the outcasts from their squad list for Serie A. Not just because they aren’t part of the project, but because the Rossoneri must abide by the regulations.

A team can name a total of 25 players in their squad, whereas at least four must have come through the club academy and an additional four through another academy in Italy. Players under the age of 22 are exempt from the rules, and that’s the only way to exceed the 25-player limit.

As a result, Milan cannot afford to include the aforementioned outcasts on the squad list and this has further incentivised them to leave the club (Origi is now considering Saudi Arabia).

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  1. The fact that we could get 15 million for Origi is shocking… but it’s Saudi Arabia.

    With Rebic already departed to Turkey, and Messias on his way out too, we look to be in line with any rule.

    1. That 15mn sounds an incredible deal but Origi initially turned down a move to 🇸🇦 with that sort of money it would fully finance the 🇦🇷 Veliz deal or even a no.6

      What’ll likely happen is similar to Rebic, a 🇹🇷 club gives us a low ball bid but we accept it just to get the flop off our books. Still just to avoid his high wages it will be a worthwhile deal for us.

  2. IF and that is a big IF we make a 15M PROFIT off Origi then it was a fantastic signing by old management. That is good business. Not Onana business like Inter (55M) but good business nonetheless. Let’s hope he goes to SA.

    1. That’s dreamland. If get max 10 and we should buy lotto tickets and thank Maldini. More likely scenario is loan with an option.

      1. Lol. Agreed. Not sure where the 15M came from but….that would be fantastic. I’d gladly take 10 as well. But it’s SA so perhaps they will overpay. We shall see 🙏

    2. It will never be a fantastic signing. Nobody can bank on some random league deciding to go ape sh!t in the transfer market to bail you out of your flops. If we make make a 15m profit off Origi it was a lucky sale by new management.

  3. He is 27/28 he does not deserve a second chance, we all know why he never started for Liverpool, this guy is proof that Maldini did not think signings through and Milan should have never signed him, the pundits in the England could not believe we were singing him, he was constantly put down by pundits just like West Ham did publicly last week.

    1. M&M didn’t think their signings through??? LOL. Ya Thiaw was terrible. Benny Tonali Leao Mike Theo etc…Shall I go on? Lol. But perhaps another way of thinking is that they did think their signings through as they believed he could still be sold for profit if they signed him on a free. And if Origis sales helps us buy Veilz then it was a great signing. Wake up buddy and move on

      1. When it counted, when it was time to consolidate after winning the scudetto, he totally failed in his job, the Milan team had great big holes and he did not manage to plug any of them, yes he got Thaiw but you have to wonder if that was Maldini or Moncada based.

        Sometimes getting to the top is the easy part but staying there is a whole different proposition and that’s when Maldini’s lack of experience showed and he was found wanting but his ego took over and instead of getting assistance he just wanted complete rule.

        Maldini would never have sold Tonali and rebuilt the team the way it has happened this transfer window, the management have shown the rest of Seria A it is possible to bring in quality at a good price despite the distorted market.

        For me Rijnders is a better player then Tonali, though Tonali may have a higher ceiling and most fans would have swapped Tonali for Rijnders, Pulisic, Okofor and Chuck!!!

        So let’s leave Maldini back there and all move on!!

        1. The new guys haven’t proven anything yet. So we’ll have to see. With the results in hand it’s easy to talk. Maldini did something Milan hadn’t done for eleven years in bringing the Scudetto home. He and and the team deserve respect for that. Remember that they did it on a budget also. Fine he made some mistakes that maybe should have been obvious. But again it’s easy to say now. He also brought in many top players that made the team what it is today.

          Of course I hope we get a better season this year. Than last year. But the new guys will have to show what they can do now. We still don’t know how thay will fit into Piolis team.

          1. For me the new guys have proven a lot, they have got in 8 quality signings, probably the best window we had in the past 11 years and they were creative enough to get the funds, something Maldini didn’t.

            As Milan fans we are all excited about next season, the new guys have given us hope, a plethora of attacking players to compliment Leao.

            Milan fans need to appreciate what Furlani and Moncada have done, €150m transfer window, no of us could have hoped for this. No one can predict the future but from where I am standing we look pretty good!!!

            Laeo. Okofor. Chuk

            And plenty of options on the bench,
            Forza Milan

  4. Ho, so some are for Origi to have second chance and many others no…

    The biggest problem why Origi can’t stay is limited number of players to be registered. So, a squad can register of 25 players with four home-grown in Italy, and a further four home-grown in the club’s respective youth academy.
    We are still waiting for arrival of Musah, and new left back. New left back is probably Italian because of this number of 8 Italian players. So Origi can fit only if none of more arrivals get in to the team.
    But, if Milan is going to bring 4 or 5 new players I can’t se where Origi can be used in that situation ?

  5. A second chance?

    Na… no thanks.

    This guy has a 4.5 million euro salary that I can’t believe we even agreed to. He needs to depart. Out of all of them, the most.

  6. Why are there exemptions to the squad rules?

    Clubs are incapable of showing the discipline required to develop youth players so there shouldn’t be any exemptions especially for players under 22 who will just be signed to block any youth products.

    The conversion rate for youth players in Serie A especially is shockingly poor. Even those that perform at a high level and play in European youth competitions don’t make it. And the main reason is because clubs can’t stop signing new players so there’s no time or space or even awareness for youth players.

    There needs to be rules or else what is the point of sport?

    Sport is supposed to be rules based challenge. That’s what makes it “fun”. Why have a sport where you can randomly only use your feet? For a challenge.

    A completely unregulated transfer market just makes the sport of football pointless. Even the US know that sport is different to business.

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