Longo: Pioli ‘risking a lot’ by keeping same tactics despite Milan’s recent results

By Isak Möller -

Stefano Pioli is not interested in charging AC Milan’s style of play despite the negative results recently, which was made clear during his press conference today. A risky decision, as highlighted by Daniele Longo. 

Milan will head into tomorrow’s clash against Napoli with two consecutive defeats in the bag, meaning a win is almost a must for the Rossoneri. Despite the struggles as of late, which have been evident to everyone, Pioli is not interested in changing the tactics.

As highlighted by Daniele Longo for Calciomercato.com, Pioli is ‘risking a lot’ in that sense. He was asked if he considers himself ‘arrogant’ during today’s presser but simply replied that he’s confident in his work and tactics.

By not changing the tactics, however, the manager could appear ‘arrogant’ seeing as the results have been negative for Milan lately. Longo also pointed out the obvious defensive struggles, such as ending up in many 1v1s, and this is something that must be sorted.

In short, Pioli’s stubbornness could be his downfall, even if we certainly aren’t at that point yet.

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    1. Why are you supporting and protecting a divination of a failure… Am praying for Milan to lose 4 zero tomorrow.. Am tire of him and his beautiful wife Helen of Milan Krunic

      1. Failure? He got us back in CL, won us Scudetto, got us to semis in CL and we are still in the running for this season’s Scudetto.

        What failure? Losing against big guns? Playing Krunic?

        1. Consistency is a key to either win or lose
          Pioli has no idea about how to operate his game properly. That itself a good reason to let him go

          1. Consistency, are you freaking kidding, Milan has some of the best consistantly best stats under pioli since the mid 90ies as he is one of the milan coaches with the highest wining percentage since capello. You can argue with his tactics or whoever he starts or even if you like him or not but fact is his winning numbers are better than most in the last 25 years, and thats a fact. Last year he fell off a bit even though we performed better in cl than expected,


          2. You ask for consistency go look up
            “List of AC Milan managers” on wikipedia and you will see all coaches in the history of ac milan and you will realize that pioli actually has a pretty high winning percentage and is one of the best n the last 25 years or for that matter the history of the club so whether you like him or not its a fact he has brought consistency in winning percentages except for last year.
            You can argue against tactics, formations, starters etc, but to say he doesnt bring consistency is downright ficticious.

          3. Winning percentage doesn’t tell the whole story. We currently play 38 games per scudetto, in the past we played 34 games and even 30 games, so 4 to 8 less games against mediocre teams which padd the winning rate.
            Also prior to the nineties, a win gave only 2 points. So playing for a draw was more “rewarding” than it is now, teams often pack in defense and don’t try for a win.

          4. Giga94 im not arguing against various aspects like you are pointing out here but you can also argue that we had superior teams in those periods of the clubs history,
            My whole point was that that he has actually brought consistency which the stats prove.

        2. You forget one small detail to the reign of the Lord of Sucksess and that is that he fails to beat big teams….. Inter, Juve, PSG, Lazio, Sassuolo, Liverpool, just to name a few.

          Lets not forget he had a short time at rivals Inter with a star studded side. Look at them Now without Pioli

          1. rivera Overall ac milan has actually done good against the big teams in italy under piolis tenure thats simple facts for all to see but yes not so much against inter and recently against juve but we have overall been better than juventus, lazio, napoli, roma while he has been the teams coach.
            You cant really compare our squads in recent years with those of psg, liverpool or for that matter chelseas and to think otherwise is rather naive for any fan to think so,

            I dont care how he did with the other teams as he has done good and even great for us.

        3. In past seasons I could see defending him. We we’re dangerous on the counter. Very dangerous.

          This year, since the very beginning of the season, heck, preseason as well, we have struggled in the final 3rd.

          All of this because Pioli changed his formation and style of play. He brought in his players he wanted supposedly but can’t score goals consistently. We don’t look threatening or dangerous when in possession. He wants possession and out metrics are off the chart with controlling the game but we fail to create chances.

          In turn, we look shaky on defense because of the high line. Teams now know how to beat us.

          I’ve always said Pioli caught lightning in a bottle winning the scudetto and it was more Inter losing the scudetto than us winning it.

          Maldini was right. He made mistakes but overall, he was a winner and he knew how to assess a situation.

      2. Thank you bro that man and krunic must be wipe I am very surprised by this coach a mediocre player pioli will send us out

  1. If Pioli could just stop being stubborn and do the needful, things will get better. He could have different formations based on the opponent we face.

    I strongly believe Pioli is not utilizing the strength of the players at his disposal yet. Reinjder will fit perfectly as No.10 in 4-2-3-1 formation. Take a look at Bellingham at Real Madrid. Ancelloti changed his position from box to box midfielder to no.10 due to his movements. Look at how he has been scoring.

    Yunus Musa will be perfect as standing 4 in double pivotal because of his strength and agility. He could even become better than Kessi. Loftus Cheek or Adli can be his partner.

    Just as Sacchi said, when we play as team, we defeat big team easily. This should be instilled in the players brain.

    1. Why are you supporting and protecting a divination of a failure… Am praying for Milan to lose 4 zero tomorrow.. Am tire of him and his beautiful wife Helen of Milan Krunic

  2. I’ve said this before, but the stubbornness only started after the scudetto. That scudetto, we can all admit, was lucky. Before the scudetto he generally made the right choices. Now, choices like Krunic (the krunic defenders need to just stop, u guys r starting to sound ridiculous) and playing high line against good teams are just obvious wrong choices. Pioli, who I always liked, he seems a decent human being, needs to forget his stubbornness and start make the right choices again

    1. This is 100% spot on. The Scudetto win turned out to be a curse. He became a stubborn man and believed his own hype. Now, he refuses to make any changes and thinks he’s always right. He’s truly become an idiot. Also, his love relationship Krunic started around this time. They need to go public and just admit it. Will Pioli take his last name?

      1. Why are you supporting and protecting a divination of a failure… Am praying for Milan to lose 4 zero tomorrow.. Am tire of him and his beautiful wife Helen of Milan Krunic

    2. I did make a similar comment about the pre-scudetto and post-scudetto pioli.
      Before/during the scudetto, he was actually pretty decent, did take risks with new players, handled rotations more or less well and was more willing to adapt to the teams he faced.
      After that, I think he became full of himself. The fact that he went from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3 (and sometimes 3 at the back) means nothing, he always uses the same overextended highline, with problems to transition when losing possession, problems against teams that sit on the back and/or play a counterattacking style of football and yes, his love with some players (Krunic) and lack of courage to deal with our stars when they are underperforming (Leao, Theo).
      I did defend pioli a LOT during last season, but it’s not the case anymore.

    3. Nope we cannot admit that a 2 year extended run of title winning form that INCLUDED BUT WAS NOT LIMITED TO the Scudetto winning season was ‘lucky’.

      Luck only gets you so far and certainly won’t leave you top after 38 games.

      And fans shouldn’t be downplaying the achievements of their club. That’s what fans of other teams should be doing out of spite.

      1. Well if I can compare this scudetto to one of our previous run (although I’m not sure this the best comparaison since I was too young), I’d say the 2022 scudetto is a bit similar to the 1999 scudetto.
        We wern’t really dominants in the years before (1997 and 1998 although they were WAY worse than 2021) nor after (2000 and 2001). The dominants teams at the time were Juve, Roma and Lazio (Inter was also strong), but we did manage to grab a title. I should note that our coach at that time Zaccheroni, didn’t win another scudetto with us, and it was also after he was gone that we started a great run.

        1. There might be similarities but any similarities would involve speculation….

          There’s glass half empty and then there’s just slagging off a manager and players who actually delivered for you.

          And to be clear, if he gets sacked before
          Mourinho we’re stuck with Conte, so maybe start filling up that glass a bit especially as we’re LEVEL on points with Inter for the past 2 YEARS!

          1. We’re level on points with one scudetto each, but they gathered more titles these past years.
            They might seem insignificant titles and finals, but they were won against US.
            Also the idea of managers and players who delivered for us is not always right. The question is how much more can they deliver ? And as far as pioli is concerned, the problem is not only the defeats, but his statments which makes it clear that he does not understand what is wrong with the team.

  3. Look at ancelotti. He has used this season a 4 1 2 1 2, 4 3 1 2 and today vs barcelona a 4 1 3 2.

    He has moved Bellingham from a box to box midfielder to the number 10 role, the results? 13 goals in 13 games.

    Ancelotti is changing formations and tactics to each opponent he faces and that’s why he’s one of the greatest coaches ever.

    The you have to hear pioli say that he will nkt change because he believes in his tactics. Your tactics havent worked in over a month! We have the potential to be a great team and his stubbornness is holding us back.

    4 seasons of playing a 4 2 3 1 and now he refuses to play it. We had much success with that formation with average players and now when he can put reijnders or pulisic in the number 10 role and have leao and the firing again he refuses. We have a midfield injury problem and you can put musah in the double pivot who can probably be just as good if not better than Kessie there and you refuse to dk it.

    I truly don’t understand his stubbornss and now he’s being called out for it and he makes the excuse that we switch to a 4 2 3 1 when we defend! We need that formation tk attack because we are too predictable in a 4 3 3 and have no creativity. Whether you win or lose tomorrow it doesn’t change the fact of it. You have great players at your disposal, put them in the right positions and watch this team flourish like the great ancelotti!

  4. Pioli pray harder that you didn’t loose this match because your suffering Acmilan players we are not used to this 4-3-3 is it by false return to the 4-2-3-1 and qualify us for the group stage every club has his own formation his traditional system inter Milan plays 3-5-2 it works for them mancity and Tottenham plays 4-2-3-1 but in Acmilan it’s always different our coach don’t want to implement tactics to win rather giving us a frustrating results and urgings us not to complain is a lie things is up side down in Acmilan this is not the Acmilan of last two seasons and last season something have to be done by tomorrow otherwise Acmilan kindly get a new coach before Acmilan will humiliated by the rest of the clubs in the champions league period

  5. Is it stubbornness OR a simple lack of ability to change tactics??? I hardly think he is that stupid that he refuses to change out of being stubborn. It’s simply ability. After all it was his decision to switch from the double pivot to a 4-3-3. He has not shown during the course of his career that he can adapt tactics IN-GAME. That is the problem. You can switch formations and tactics prior to a game BUT what matters is what you do DURING the game. Great coaches have the ability to adjust In GAME TACTICS – Pep, Klopp, Carletto to etc…Unfortunately Mr Pioli does not – and until he learns that – we will never take that next leap in quality.

  6. I differ in my opinion, it’s a new formation he’s working on, and it could take a while to gel. I feel he has that strong conviction on how he wants to play, let’s be a bit patient because this is still a work in progress, it could be to get us to next level. Come to think about it, 4-5-1 is a defensive approach. Lastly, don’t let’s forget about a decade of non-performance, not even EUROPAEUROPA, quality wise, how many of our players would fit into that PSG side?

  7. Use the same tactics, against any team, and hope for a miracle.

    That was someone’s comment on this web a while ago, and it seems like that hasn’t changed.

  8. Same tactics and the opposing team has prepared a counter, stupid coach. Hopefully Milan will lose against Napoli and be eliminated in the UCL group stage, so that Pioli will be fired..! Because he won’t resign

      1. Good. I’ll take Conte over this bald clown. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, but I’ll take it over what we are currently.

        1. So now you rate the man who Pioli actually beat in last year’s champions league above him….

          Reality really has no place around here.

          1. Agree Maldinis Heir and we would also quickly be stuck with a rather wage heavy coach when he soon gets a tantrum because he cant have the players he demands.

            Absolutely agree with your last point as well, people doesnt give a damn about facts around here they just want to complain excessively.

  9. This coach is clueless, tactically. His formations don’t make sense, his team selection doesn’t make sense, even his subs don’t make sense. We’re currently playing the ugliest football I’ve seen in years.

  10. Pioli’s time is done. He reached his peak with the scudetto and he’s clearly on a downward spiral. The man is all out of ideas and is losing the plot.

    He was helped enormously in the title winning season by Ibrahimovic’s leadership and moments of magic by certain players (Leao, Theo) to win games that we really struggled in. We have failed to convince in so many games under him with this slow and unimaginative style of play he gets the team to produce.

    Comparing him to the great AC Milan coaches of the past is a joke. Italian football was much stronger in the Sacchi, Capello, Ancelotti days and the poorer quality of the teams these days has made it easier for Pioli to get results with but even then he makes life very difficult most of the time and against bigger teams we just look weak.

    The Genoa game being a prime example, as we should’ve been able to see that game out quite comfortably but it was an absolute nightmare. His instructions, tactics, game plan, substitutions, make the team nervous and disfunctional.

    Also, the champions league semi final run was not that impressive! Thumped by Chelsea home and away, scraped past Tottenham and were seriously on the back foot against Napoli.

    We must thank him for what he has achieved and swiftly move on from next season as changing halfway through the season would be a bad move.

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