Longo: Taremi talks ‘like an amusement park’ – how the ‘confusion’ was created

By Oliver Fisher -

The pursuit of Mehdi Taremi was never going to be easy but AC Milan thought that they were on the home straight after yesterday’s negotiations.

Calciomercato.com describes the talks between Milan, Porto and Taremi as being ‘like an amusement park where you go from one emotion to another in the space of a few minutes’.

On Tuesday night Milan reached an agreement in principle with Taremi over a three-year contract and sent an offer of €14m plus €1m bonuses to Porto. At that point, all parties seemed willing to close.

After hours of negotiation, Milan then offered €15m plus €2-3m in bonuses, and Porto were willing to accept. There was ‘great satisfaction at Casa Milan’ mixed with caution, given that Porto are a tough nut to crack especially so late in the window.

Porto president Pinto da Costa then changed the cards on the table: he wanted to reshape the bonuses and payment methods. In these hours of uncertainty, different intermediaries are also starting to enter the scene and only ‘generate confusion within the negotiation’.

What filters from the Rossoneri is that there are no problems with Taremi but all the other issues need to be resolved. The negotiation will continue indefinitely throughout today, with more difficulties than yesterday.

Giorgio Furlani, Geoffrey Moncada and Antonio D’Ottavio are not giving up and will do everything possible to give the Iranian striker to Pioli.

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  1. “Taremi to Milan has fallen through. Negotiations interrupted between the parties. Milan is already looking for alternatives”— Here we go again.

  2. What a mess.

    I had three priorities:

    – RW – so we signed erm 3;
    – CM – so we signed erm 3;
    – CF – well we do have Okafor….

    But really a CF was key and if we miss that then we’re relying on a 37 year old Giroud and a CF is really the key difference maker especially and you can’t beat the likes of Cremonese, Lecce, Spezia, Empoli and that costs you 15 points or the difference between 4th and nearly 1st.

      1. I actually asks for those signings back in like March or something….

        Plus to get the squad down to 23 from 30. We currently have 30 (again).

        Man City have 23.

        But hey “long season’, “depth”.

    1. Not signing a proven striker in their prime might be to leave the space open for Camarda (in few years). If Taremi do not come, it means Colombo stay, he can be a wildcard.

      1. That would be awesome.

        Unfortunately for Camarda to stand a chance we need to sign someone whose about 28/29 now and then not sign another striker for like 10 years.

        But teams always sign strikers. It keeps the media and fans happy. So a striker is the hardest position for a youth team player to break into. Full backs seem to be the easiest position given we’ve managed to produce a few of those over the years.

        Look Okafor could do a job. I mean it’s not exactly the best confidence booster for a player or any other human being to constantly be looking to bring in someone else when they’ve only just arrived!

  3. Taremi is off.

    I think if we cant get a new striker now, we will wait and see until January.

    In case Okafor and Colombo will play good for us so we don’t need new striker.

    But can also look for alternatives – Zapata anyone? Or maybe try Ekitike again.

    1. Does that mean we’re going to spend the next few months speculating about the January transfer market?

      Can we ever focus on the actual football?

        1. Do Saudi’s have transfer windows?

          I mean why try and limit the excess?

          Maybe they should get rid of windows in football full stop. Turn into FIFA trades or whatever the crazy kids like to do.

          1. Closes on the 20th apparently – it should be the same window across the board imo – come up with a window and everyone sticks to it..

  4. If we cant sign a no 9, its all depends on Pioli’s ability to integrate false 9 in the team. Good news for okafor and chukweze if pioli can adapt. might have to sacrifice few games to get the tuning right. false 9 drop the forward behind so we need fast attacking from wing and midfield, which we have now. Interesting to see waht pioli will tweak to his formation

  5. I don’t know but from the very beginning Taremi didn’t convince me and i believe that Okafor and Colombo can cover Oli’s position. or we can reformulate attacking formation with 2 attackers like 4-3-1-2.

    1. Nah, it will be absolute disaster for rafa and chuk. Rafa wasn’t good as ACM, trequartista or ST. Moreover, changing game plan drastically won’t good for the whole team

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